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National Public Radio: “In Yellowstone Park felt strong tremors”






“The messages our listeners in the States of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, felt the tremors that different intervals are repeated for more than an hour. Especially notable fluctuations are observed in areas adjacent to Yellowstone national Park. Eyewitnesses claim that you can see animals and birds, EN masse leaving the Park district. Residents worried and asked authorities to tell what’s going on.” – reports a leading American “National Public Radio”.

“We contacted the United States Geological survey (USGS), whose representative said that until you can thoroughly answer these questions, as the continued monitoring and analysis of incoming data. Also, the USGS noted that the number of data associated with Yellowstone can be classified in order to ensure national security. People are being asked to keep quiet about the earthquake already reported in the White House. We continue gathering information and as they arrive we will inform the residents of the state.”- the statement reads NPR.


Word – ancient viruses on the planet !

Слово – древнейший вирус на планете

In this essay, I would like to share with you the concept of the universe. Perhaps it sounds too ambitious, but it’s just my speculation, my understanding of the process under the nickname of “life.” I’ve been trying to understand the puzzle of what is happening and too sure what our eyes see – nothing more than an illusion. To this conclusion I have brought the description of the facts in the previous articles, for example, the impermanence of the universe.

Start like to many well-known term “In the beginning was the word.” To draw an analogy of the term with the launch of the program on any PC, the fact of creation of the world can be reduced to writing and running the program. This program is incredibly versatile, complex and thought-out – it is impossible to understand the idea and appreciate all sides, we have a chance to snatch only a grain of truth in the plan.

We are the particles of the program, which has lived and developed by our thoughts and energy. We are like batteries that feed the structure of the universe and do not allow the sun to fade. Initially, human life on this planet was ideal, disease, warrior, inflation and all that we are now seeing the window. The world has changed significantly, when the program started to introduce the virus. Like the original “word”, which gave rise to all, the malicious code is in the form of the same words, but with a negative message.

Perhaps you’ve noticed how you can influence a person with words. When the child’s upbringing by various methods appear completely different product. Immediately I want to recall the experiences of Japanese scientists on the water, under the influence of abusive and negative words in general, the structure of the water begins to break down and distorted. Do not forget about how we are trying to stultify the use of information on television and radio waves. Under the influence of a variety of information in the human body can create positive or negative background for life. Sometimes it is much easier to endure physical injury than those that gets people perceiving words / information from such wounds can not buy medicines at the pharmacy.

The energy structure of each person has a certain matter, which in the course of life grows and creates the personality of what it fills itself. In order to more clearly present the process, I would call the human hive, and the bees – the matter that is created by words. Initially, the “bees” – an ideal product that has a set of very useful programs. But once a person is born, his hive begins to be subjected to constant attacks from other “bees” that carry malicious code in the form of various temptations, negativity, anger of others, jealousy and a host of other things that are trying to penetrate into the essence of the person and make it a byproduct of the system . Over time, the original clean source of human vitality are increasingly infected with the negative impact of the environment and other people “hives.”

Originally, this planet was not exposed to any kind of evil is somewhere in the sky or under the earth – it does not matter, there was not a war. As we have too many clean energy, which is not indifferent to the different creatures in the universe. And apparently, some of them could find a way to use our unconscious body to steal this energy had to do was right to infect the entire system.

Thus, the word and thought – two cornerstones that are the founders of our lives. You can afford to go too far and imagine that there is no reality, and all around – nothing more than the thoughts of people realized that every day send requests to the source of everything, and he in turn – sends the finished code.

I quite difficult to present all aspects of the process by means of a Word, because not all of that, I think, is the place to be – it is ready to put on the word.

Author: Andersen

«UFO» sucked the water out of the lake in the US !


The intruders took a picture of a pilot flying alongside aircraft
The pilot, who asked to remain anonymous, shared his observations with the famous ufologist Uaringom Scott (Scott C. Waring). And he too denounced them to the general public.

Photo taken by the pilot. Lined by ufologists.

«Летающая тарелка» высосала воду

The pilot of a small aircraft for local airlines on approach to the aerodrome of Nevada saw a saucer-shaped object hovering over the lake Scotts Flat Lake – an artificial, but very beautiful body of water, created by the dam. From object to the lake stretched a kind of translucent spoke.” Looking closer the pilot realized that spoke” – water. He tried to contact the UFO on the radio, but he did not answer. And soon, just flew away. Spoke” is broken up in the air. It was in mid-May.
Spoke” water becomes visible in the enlarged image.

«Летающая тарелка» высосала воду

UFOlogists believe that the pilot found the aliens steal the water for some of their needs. This is usual for them. But then you have to assume something else: that the aliens do not just suck up the water in the “bowl” and immediately it somewhere teleported. Since the water in the lake was much less even the coast a little bare. So much in the “plate” would not climbed. One word, fantastic. But the picture that had to do the pilot, visible and “Dish” and “spokes” of water.
It looks like a UFO in the enlarged view. Not very clear.

 «Летающая тарелка» высосала воду

 Scotts Flat Lake Lake is located at an altitude of 940 meters in the reserve Tahoe National Forest of Nevada County, California, about 10 kilometers from the city of Nevada (Nevada City). It occupies an area of 340 hectares. These sometimes come locals barbecue and swim.
Scott asked Uaring colleagues say that there are no other witnesses to the incident? It turned out that there is – there is a “bowl” and from the shore and from boats. Someone even photographed. Ufology is now busy investigating.

Prior to the visit of a UFO in the lake water was higher.

 «Летающая тарелка» высосала воду

NASA: kilometer asteroid threatens Earth !

Giant asteroid flying toward the Earth and will be held at a record close distance to it in the coming days, according to The Mirror, with reference to forecast NASA.

According to experts, the width – about a kilometer, and length – about 990 meters.

The object was naming “2014-YB35”, and is forecast to sweep close to Earth on Friday. It moves at a speed of more than 23,000 miles per hour. The asteroid will fly about 2.8 million miles from us, it’s just a tiny distance in astronomical terms

In that periodically pass by the Earth small meteorites, there is nothing unusual, but the asteroid so large – it is very rare, and it is a very serious threat, according to experts.

Any of its effects on our planet would cause devastating changes in climate, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Bill Napier, a professor of astronomy at the University of Buckinghamshire, said the publication of The Express, that this time there is a “real risk” of negative consequences of the asteroid impact.

НАСА: Километровый астероид угрожает Земле

Experts warn that it is only a matter of time when the Earth will encounter with an asteroid that can change life on our planet.

Object “2014-YB35″ was first seen at the end of last year, and now astronomers are particularly closely watched its movements this week.

If he hit the ground, its debris would fall into the atmosphere and led to such climate changes that would make the planet uninhabitable. The smallest of the consequences of such a possible collision – the destruction of several cities.

Puzzles harder than the Egyptian pyramids !

Загадки похлеще египетских пирамид

In the world there are many mysteries which are unique and unexplained its origin can surpass even the famous Egyptian pyramids. Another thing is that the world knows about them much less, if at all does not know, at least, this statement is quite true to the average Russian.

It is true today thanks to the Internet, you can “see” almost (theoretically) in every corner of our planet and see things from that being said, my heart stops or crawl. For example, here are these giant blocks someone did (obviously man-made creation) five thousand years ago. One such unit weighs more than 1,200 tons. This is not a cement not at all clear to us building material. And in our time, a relatively advanced civilization is simply no such technology capable of lifting these blocks. And to make such artificial boulders until we can not.

Strikes and the fact that these units have existed for five thousand years and not be destroyed. What are they made? It’s not even a natural stone, and some man-made building material. That would solve its structure and build of a material modern houses and other structures. Build for the ages! Rather, at the Millennium

And it is not surprising if the desire of mankind to penetrate into the depths of space, when the earth itself has so many mysteries? This is equivalent to, as you are not guessing a crossword puzzle, toss it and start to unravel next. Some children’s attitude to everything. Not by chance one of the great noticed that humanity is still in its infancy

Nostradamus Predictions for 2015.

Scientists have deciphered and published predictions of Nostradamus for the coming 2015. If they do not make a mistake, the astrologer predicts world series quite frightening events that eventually will be able to turn the whole world.

1 (555x350, 20Kb)

Natural disasters, according to scientists expect Italy and America. In Italy, the eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius happen. In America, the strongest earthquake to happen, which will lead the country to a humanitarian catastrophe. Economic crises threaten Germany and France.

There is a verseknown Frenchman predictions and words that in 2015 may be an attempt on the heads of the four major states. And the whole world expected military conflicts. Even the sun will be up against the Earth. Due to the luminary outbreaks planet is exposed to radiation, which is why people will die at a young age.

Changes are coming in the social sphere. For example, in some countries, the birth of children can take under strict control, as is now happening in China. To have a child in such countries need a special permit. However, not everything is so terrible. In addition to crises and conflicts Nostradamus, according to the transcripts, prophesies incredible world events and the long-awaited scientific discoveries.

Most inexplicable prediction for the fact that the dead will be resurrected. With regard to the world of finance in 2015 should disappear taxes. Will be completely erased the language barrier. Not only between nations. People learn to talk to animals. Opening the same, that will shake the world of science – the creation of the elixir of youth, which will help people to extend the life of up to 200 years.

However, it is worth noting that scientists and researchers are not the first time they see the predictions of Nostradamus’ prophecies about the incredible, moreover, unlikely events and discoveries. But after some time, a new generation of researchers reveals a new understanding of poems known astrologer.



The Earth is about to commit a roll !

Земля готовится совершить кувырок

The position of our planet in space may change at any time

Where dense and where empty

NASA scientists unveiled images of Antarctica from space. Compared them with the same. And assure that ice in the Southern continent increased. The analysis shows that since the early 70s of last century, the ice cover was growing here at a rate of 18,900 square kilometers per year. And now reached a record area of 20,140,000 square kilometers.

Glaciation of Antarctica – a consequence of global warming, which can not be denied – explains the researcher Claire Parkinson (Claire Parkinson, a senior scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center). – There is no paradox here is not – Earth a single organism and processes are interconnected. Somewhere global warming climate change in one direction, and somewhere in another. That ice: at the South Pole is growing, and the North disappears. Over the same 40 years the amount in the Arctic Ocean declined at a rate of 53,900 square kilometers per year. Total: decline for the entire planet at the poles only 35,000 square kilometers.

And yet, what kind of mechanisms involved in the rapid accumulation of ice at the South Pole, scientists have not yet figured out. What and recognized.

Equilibrium under threat

Obviously, if the amount of ice at the North Pole decreases and increases in the South, the planet – at least the mantle becomes heavier at one end and the other lighter. Some scholars who hold to put it mildly, an original look, this redistribution of weight scares. After all, they believe a violation of the pole balance – a kind of “polar skew can lead to the fact that the Earth will make a somersault. That is, the axis of rotation is displaced a certain number of degrees. And this supposedly already happened in the history of our planet – has led to the Flood.

On the other – at least half-witted version – somersault makes not the whole ball, but only its lithospheric shell. Once upon a time, according to supporters of this version, similar to the shift that occurred as a result of polar bias”, move the green and blooming Antarctica from temperate latitudes in the place where she is now. And frozen continent.

According to rumors, the hypothesis of a roll supported as much Albert Einstein himself. And even explain the phenomenon of the interaction of centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the Earth, and asymmetric masses of ice.

As a nut in space

However, it is possible that no asymmetry in the polar case. And it is not global warming, therefore. And the reason for a roll in the very essence of our planet – is that it rotates while in weightlessness.

The story, though still a Soviet cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Janibekov being on the orbital station Salyut-7″ in 1985 watched flying in zero gravity while rotating nut. Noticed that after a while she turned around 180 degrees, then again and then tumbles into one side or the other, continuing to fly.

Vladimir sake of the experiment ran plasticine ball one “pole” which was heavier than the other there astronaut attached a small sinker. And the ball started to tumble.

The effect of turning a body rotating about an axis which does not coincide with the principal axes of inertia, called “Dzhanibekova effect.”

There are very serious scientists who believe: Earth is exposed to Dzhanibekova effect.” And from time to time she tumbles. Since moving in an orbit in weightlessness, rotates about an axis which does not coincide with the principal axes of inertia. A may not be the same as the processes in the interior of and on the surface.

Serious scientists believe that the Earth can not kuvyrnutsya. And if it could, it is not more than once every 50 million years. Opinion frivolous: it tumbles every 12-13 thousand years.

It is better to be right were serious.


In Antarctica, really blossomed gardens

The result of years of research scientists in the USA, China, Japan and the United Kingdom became a map of Antarctica specifically what is now located under the multi-kilometer thick ice. It turned out that it was not a single continent, and an archipelago with mountains and deep canyons.

Now here is cold, as on Mars – the temperature sometimes drops to minus 90 degrees Celsius. On top of the area – the ice at 3 km thick. But it was not always so. Another 34 million years ago the continent was free of ice. On the slopes of the mountains blooming meadows and gardens. As it is now in the European Alps.

But something happened. Maybe the one with the most somersault?

Researchers have found a place from which a small glacier, located on the highest peak (2,400 meters), began to grow. Gradually, he covered the entire Antarctic. Hidden under a layer of ice many lakes.

Zaygert Martin (Martin Siegert) from the University of Edinburgh (University of Edinburgh, Uk), who took part in the expeditions, sure: in the valleys of the Alps to the Antarctic still preserved frozen plants. Even small trees.

Experiment “Universe-25”: as a paradise became hell !

For the population of mice within a social experiment created a haven: unlimited supplies of food and water, lack of predators and disease, enough space for breeding. However, the entire colony of mice died. Why did this happen? And what are the lessons of this should bring mankind?


American scientist ethologist John Calhoun held a number of fascinating experiments in the 60-70 years of the twentieth century. As an experimental D. Calhoun invariably chose rodents, although the ultimate goal of the research has always been predicting the future for human society. As a result of numerous experiments over the colonies of rodents Calhoun has formulated a new term, behavioral sink» (behavioral sink), indicating a transition to destructive and deviant behavior in terms of overpopulation and overcrowding. His research, John Calhoun acquired a certain fame in the 60s, as many people in Western countries, is experiencing a post-war baby boom, began to think about how overpopulation affect public institutions and for each person in particular.



His most famous experiment made us think about the future of an entire generation, he held in 1972 in conjunction with the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). The purpose of the experiment Universe-25″ was to analyze the effect of population density on the behavior patterns of rodents. Calhoun built a paradise for mice in the laboratory. Was created by a tank the size of two by two meters and a height of five feet, where guinea could not get out. Inside the tank to maintain a constant comfortable temperature for mice (+20 ° C), was present in abundance of food and water, created numerous slots for females. Each week, the tank is cleaned and maintained in constant state of cleanliness, had taken all the necessary precautions: eliminates the appearance of predators in the tank or the occurrence of massive infections. The experimental mice were under constant supervision of veterinarians, their health status is constantly monitored. System for ensuring food and water was so thought that 9500 mice could eat at the same time without experiencing any discomfort, and 6144 mice consume water, and without experiencing any problems. Spaces for mice was more than enough, the first problem of lack of shelter could only arise when the population of more than 3840 individuals. However, such a large number of mice had not been in the tank, the maximum size of the population at levels 2,200 mice.
The experiment started with a moment of space inside the tank four pairs of healthy mice, which took quite a bit of time to get used to, realize what a mouse in a fairy tale they get, and start multiplying rapidly. Calhoun called the period of development of phase A, but since the birth of the first Young began the second stage of B. This is the stage of exponential growth of population in the tank under ideal conditions, the number of mice doubled every 55 days. Starting with the 315 days of the experiment the rate of population growth has slowed considerably, and now the number has doubled every 145 days, which marked the entry into the third phase C. At this point in the tank were about 600 mice, formation of a certain kind of hierarchy and social life. Become physically less space than before.
There was a category of “excluded”, who were being driven into the center of the tank, they often become victims of aggression. To distinguish a group of “outcasts” could be bitten by the tails, tear out hair and traces of blood on the body. Les Miserables consisted primarily of young individuals, who did not find for themselves the role of the social hierarchy in the mouse. The problem of lack of appropriate social roles was caused by the fact that under ideal conditions the tank mice lived long aging mice do not make room for young rodents. So often aggression was aimed at a new generation of individuals born in a tank. After the expulsion of the males were broken psychologically less showed aggression, unwilling to defend their pregnant females and to perform any social roles. Although they attacked periodically or on other individuals of the society “Les Miserables”, or on any other mice.Female, preparing for birth, became more and more nervous, as a result of the growth of passivity among males, they become more vulnerable to random attacks. As a result, the female began to show aggression, often fighting, protecting offspring. However, paradoxically, aggression was not directed only at others, not less aggressive show in relation to their children. Often females killed their young and climb into the top slot, becomes aggressive and hermits refused to reproduction. As a result, the birth rate has dropped substantially, and the mortality rate of young animals reached significant levels.Soon the last stage of the existence of the mouse paradise D phase or the phase of death, as its called John Calhoun. The symbol of this stage is the emergence of a new category of mice, known as “beautiful”. These include males, showing uncharacteristic behavior for the species, refuses to fight and fight for females and territory, shows no desire to mate prone to passive lifestyle. “Beautiful” only ate, drank, slept, and purified their skins, avoiding conflicts and perform any social functions. Like they got the name because unlike most of the other inhabitants of the tank on their body were no signs of brutal battles, scars and hair torn out, their narcissism, and narcissism have become legendary. The researchers also struck by the lack of desire in “beautiful” to mate and reproduce, among the latest wave of births in the tank “beautiful” and single females who refuse to breed and runs in the top slot of the tank, became the majority.
The average age of mice in the latter stages, the mouse was paradise 776 days, 200 days exceeds the upper limit of childbearing age. Mortality of young was 100%, the number of pregnancies was negligible, and soon was 0. Endangered mouse practiced homosexuality deviant and inexplicably aggressive behavior under conditions of excess of vital resources. Cannibalism flourished while plentiful food, females refused to educate the young and killed them. Mice rapidly died out in 1780 on the day after the start of the experiment died last occupant mouse paradise.”In anticipation of such a catastrophe, D. Calhoun using colleagues Dr. H. Marden held a series of experiments in the third stage of death phase. From the tank were removed a few small groups of mice and relocated to an equally ideal conditions, but also in terms of minimum population and unlimited space. No overcrowding and intraspecific aggression. In fact, the “beautiful” and female lone were recreated the conditions under which the first 4 pairs of mice in the tank exponentially multiplied and created a social structure. But to the surprise of the scientists, “beautiful” and single females did not change their behavior, refused to mate, reproduce and perform social functions related to reproduction. As a result, there were no new pregnancies and mouse died of old age. These same results were observed in all groups resettled. As a result, all the experimental mice died while under ideal conditions.

John Calhoun created based on the results of the experiment the theory of two deaths. First death” – is the death of the spirit. When the newborn was not particularly find a place in the social hierarchy mouse paradise,” that there has been a lack of social roles in ideal conditions with unlimited resources, there was an open confrontation and young adult rodents, increased level of unwarranted aggression. The growing size of the population, an increase in crowding, increased levels of physical contact, all of this, according to Calhoun, led to the emergence of individuals capable of only simple behavior. In the context of an ideal world, the security of the abundance of food and water, the absence of predators, most individuals only ate, drank, slept, looked after him. Mouse – a simple animal, for him the most complex behavior – is the process of courting the female, reproduction and parental care, protection of the territory and the young, participate in the hierarchical social groups. From all of the above broken psychologically mouse refused. Calhoun calls a similar rejection of complex behavioral patterns first death” or “death of the spirit.” After the onset of the first death, physical death (“second death” in the terminology of Calhoun) is inevitable and is a matter of a short time. As a result of the “first death” a significant part of the population the whole colony is doomed to extinction even in a “paradise”.
Once Calhoun asked about the reasons for the emergence of a group of rodents “beautiful”. Calhoun drew a direct analogy with the man, explaining that a key feature of the person, his natural destiny – is to live in conditions of pressure, tension and stress. Mouse, give up the fight, choosing unbearable lightness of being turned into autistic handsome”, capable of only the most primitive functions of the absorption of food and sleep. Of the total complex and requires hard handsome” and refused, in principle, become not capable of such a powerful and complex behavior. Calhoun draws parallels with many modern men, capable of only the most routine, everyday actions to maintain physiological life, but the spirit was dead already. Resulting in the loss of creativity, the ability to overcome and, most importantly, to be under pressure. Refusal to accept numerous calls an escape from stress, from a life full of struggle and overcoming – a “first death” in the terminology of John Calhoun, or death of the spirit, which is inevitably comes the second death, this time the body.Perhaps you have a question, why the experiment D. Calhoun called “Universe-25″? It was the twenty-fifth attempt scientist to create a paradise for mice, and all prior resulted in death of laboratory rodents
Author: Vladimir Shevelev


Every year in the waters of the Caspian Sea disappear hundreds of people swimmers, divers, poachers, fishermen. What happens to them a complete mystery. There are no witnesses. However, sometimes the waves bring to the shore terribly disfigured corpses, or fragments thereof, like a giant meat grinder shredded


What kind of horrible attack kills accidents? Some argue that the blame for this shark. In summer 1998, the detainee poacher, a miracle survivor, told one of the authors of this book as follows:

It happened near Fort Shevchenko. My friend and I went out to sea on our favorite place spearfishing. About 10 o’clock in the morning he got up and dropped anchor. My partner stayed in the boat, and I put on scuba gear, took the gun and went into depth. Less than five minutes later, a few meters away from you saw a gigantic body of beluga. Thought, here’s production! In her belly selective thirty pounds of caviar will. But to shoot her, alas, recklessly. Too great. Fish in more than five meters long and weighs more than a ton in general. Anyway, that try to harpoon a whale. Seeing eye, but the tooth is itching to do.

I sailed away from the fish, even inadvertently sadanet tail. And he’s such a beluga that could easily spread our boat to pieces. Per person, it never attacks, dangerous only for its size.

Calmed down let them go home. Floating on – nothing noteworthy. Sweep past the mask only small silver kefalki. And suddenly I see from the depths of the haze right at me rushing healthy cigar-shaped body. What is it ?! Shark! And her intention is clearly not good. First, fear gripped the whole body, I do not remember how to shot her in the head. And she did not even react. It’s all over!” – I understood. And suddenly felt a jolt and severe back pain. Further I do not remember.

Then team-mate told me that he had seen all of the boats. Monster clung to my legs and pushed to the surface. I miraculously wriggled out of her jaws. Friend grabbed me by the arm, pulled into the boat, started the engine and pulled to shore. At the hospital, I stitched bleeding and received a blood transfusion. I miraculously survived, but, you see, his right leg amputated to the knee.

Curiously, the poachers did not believe. Think that they are trying to cause me to compassion, to avoid punishment.

In the Caspian Sea can still catch enormous belugas. Can they attack people? Usually beluga feeds on fish, but there are cases where in the stomachs of the Caspian beluga found even pups (pups) seal.

Scuba for a snack!

But the tragic incident that occurred soon changed point of view, even staunch skeptics. In the morgue corpse brought fans of easy money. Corpse, or rather, what‘s left of it, was caught in the juice and identified. It was a hunter black caviar, not again draws for poaching.

Full body view was terrible. Flattened into a pancake face, torn flesh to the bone. On the body showed signs of a plurality of teeth. How, strong jaw were attacking creatures can be judged from the unthinkable Warped diving.

Durable steel air cylinders French company «Beuchat» crumpled like a paper cup, and Prokushev! Wetsuit turned into rags. The pathologist who conducted the autopsy concluded that the diver attacked a large sea creature. Most likely – the shark.

Unknown to science beast?

Shark? If such a tragedy happen to a person, for example, in the Pacific Ocean, no doubt would be left – it’s her teeth thing. But in the Caspian Sea sharks are not found! How could they take here? In the past, they certainly lived in the waters of the sea. Vacationers often find teeth predators in coastal sand.

But it remains must be millions of years. Is it possible that some creatures managed to survive to the present day? Unlikely. But then, perhaps, in a giant enclosed sea lives are not yet known to science monster? The answer can only give a special scientific research.

This mystery was trying to uncover the legendary Cousteau team, which arrived in July 1998, in Russia for the filming of a new movie. French ship Alsiona” (robbery in Astrakhan local Brigand more than 15 thousand dollars) long ply the waters of the Caspian Sea

But while a deadly predator remains unknown, and all travelers in the Caspian Sea is better to be overcautious. Any mistake can cost a life.

In 2012, in Dagestan on the Caspian Sea were found the remains of an unknown substance. At first glance, one could say that it is a mammal, he had long hair on the remains of skin and skeleton looks like a skeleton of a leopard or leopard. But the leopard or leopard such long hair do not. This story, apparently, and not continued and remained a mystery creature.

Maybe it’s Runanshah?

Runanshahom Iranians call the mysterious inhabitants of the Caspian Sea, poluchelovekapolurusalku (the word “runanshah” means “lord of the waters“). Jafarov researcher from the Institute of Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences claims that in the age of fifteen he saw Runanshaha off Lankaran, during a night of fishing.

This humanoid creature swam among the shoals of fish and waved controls the movement of the jamb. Terrified screaming teenage creature dived and disappeared. Jafarov later, he said, to meet again with this amazing creature.

Runanshah lives in water, but sometimes it is seen and lying on the beach. He looks like a man of medium height, stocky build, with a pale, bluish-silver color of the skin and green as seaweed hair. Runanshaha person, though similar to a human, still has some differences – for example, there are no ears, chin, nose and large humpback, eyes big and round. Hands end only four fingers, between which stretched membrane. Feet shorter than a man, and end with something like flippers.

If you believe Samed Jafarov, in addition to numerous stories of eyewitnesses, there is even a photograph taken on board the fishing trawler Baku” (master of the vessel Ghafar Hasanov, was able to photograph Runanshaha, sailing a parallel course). Iranian specialists did not cast doubt on the existence of a “master of the waters“, for them it is the same real being, like, say, or sturgeon Caspian seal.

Iranians still believe that frequent sightings Runanshaha related to two factors: the pollution of the Caspian oil production and water intensive awakened” underwater volcanoes of the Caspian Sea – in fact people mermaid likes to clean water

Generational theory: the world is approaching the tip of another global crisis !

 Generatsioonide teooria: maailm läheneb järjekordse globaalse kriisi tipule

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Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe has become known for his theory in terms of generations, the mood of the population of certain repetitive cycles. Comparing the history of the theory of these cycles can be noted that the US and the rest of the developed world is increasingly growing in the middle of the global crisis, which reaches a dangerous peak in about fifteen years.
In the book The Fourth Turningwrote the authors of the crisis prompted by the amount of precipitation may be something quite ordinary, such as elections or halvaendelist as the economy crashed. This, however, leads to spark a chain reaction in which the basic elements (debt, the disappearance of the middle class, global unrest) connection and lead society to the brink of rupture.
fourth Generatsioonide teooria: maailm läheneb järjekordse globaalse kriisi tipule
Masse led by an invisible government

Strauss and Howe said that the world is a major problem is that those in power to think linearly, making decisions based on their own interests, but in the belief that their actions do not have consequences and that their position does not invalidate anything. In fact, the history and the people running the mood in circular cycles, forming a pattern of a certain regularity. Those who have not taken the time to examine what the consequences of this behavior led, are now struggling with understanding the changes.

Linearly thinkers are accustomed to human advancement can be controlled by various measures, which are described by Edward Bernaysi book “Propaganda”. Namely, the organized habits and opinions of the people conscious and intelligent manipulation of an important element in democratic society. Those who run this mechanism, constitute an invisible government which actually prevails throughout the country. Prevail over the people and their opinions and shape the tastes of the people whom they themselves have never heard of, but who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. This type of control is, however, important to keep a large group of people working together as a functional society.

History repeats itself, the 80-year cycle

However, now come to a new level of cycling history, with the last 70 years, the plan will be worked cracked. Through the media lying, cheating, propaganda transmission, easily available credit, the so-called cheap oil, endless commercial expansion, effortless marketing, ongoing war, the banks and large corporations, elected politicians, high-class in favor of the tax system, and lobbying by the staff of the oligarchs benefit of written laws all of these have been created check the commoners and enrich the modern aristocracy, at least for the 2008 economic crisis. Linear thinkers in government, commerce, banking and the media confirm straightforward triumph of progress, while allowing recovery from the crisis, but in reality, they deliberately ignore the evidence of the history of the situation from a different evolution because they recognize how vulnerable their positions of power.

StraussHowe theory is that history repeats itself in cycles of about 80 years a new crisis comes about 60 years after the previous approach, the crisis peak occurs around 80 years after the last peak of the crisis. Each such a turning point, however, swept away the last of the existing social order. According to this theory, the US kriisitsüklid occurred as follows: first crisis was the American War of Independence (1775-1794 took place, was the peak of the crisis year of 1781), secondly, the US Civil War (from 1861 to 1865, the peak year 1863); thirdly, the Great Depression and World War II (1929-1946 , culminated in 1944), and the fourth global economic crisis (2008 to about 2029, presumably peak of 2025).

Misleading the People’s total

In September 2008, the global economic crisis that started two decades, probably noted the length of the episode begins, whose harsh conditions become progressively worse, the closer we come to the tip of the crisis. This time, most of those in power are trying to implement all kinds of fiscal measures, valeinformeerimise organizing campaigns to keep the attention of the people dispersed and confused houses. Already have managed to convince a large part of the public at 0% interest rates, while the addition of 1 trillion dollars (per year), the already large national debt of the United States, allowing the Federal Reserve to buy Wall Street 3 trillion dollars in debt. It has, however, created a high level of inflation, energy, food, health care and student areas and the real wage decline. All of these changes are advertised as the necessary steps to normalize the situation, but in fact serve only benefit from them the most affluent.

The current state of the US economic, financial, political and legal system indicates a malfunction and does not remember a strong structure to be working properly. This fact, however, masked, and the crowd’s attention is diverted humblest problems – as long as that is not noticed how the state vaesub corporations and bankers skeemitamiste through.

Those in power have no way to sell their arguments on the development, even if the enormous amount of evidence suggests the opposite. In order given to the public’s attention to other issues such as the massacres between the parties nääklused and the constant threat of terrorism in the unseen. A large part of the population is not interested even in these issues and happy to hold it is sufficient mass culture – different contents empty televised fancy celebrity”, independent thinking and discussing foreign films cinema, an obsession with social media, the importance of rapid and short-term rewarding for fast food, etc. The world is filled with trivial problems, unintelligent käpiknukkude, clock propaganda and mindless consumption.

The problems get worse in the world

All of these measures to calm the crowd, however, at some point begin to crack. History repetition of cycles can not be stopped – the people will wake up and demand change that is reshaping the current social and economic environment.

Strauss and Howe wrote his theory in 1997, based on centuries of generations, based on the analysis of non-events, but the mood of crisis in generations, the basic elements. Even before the 2008 economic crisis in the beginning, it was clear that these basic elements – the debt, the disappearance of the middle class, and global unrest and there were ägenemas. Mass media tend to ignore these problems, showing them smaller than they actually are, but if you do a bit of research, it is clear that the problems get worse. Are struggling with debt in the United States, China and several European Union countries, trying to cope with the ever-growing credit debt, student loans, housing bubbles and oil prices.

The disappearance of the middle class does not come as a surprise, given that unemployment is a major problem in the developed countries, and more than 50% of the world’s assets is only 1% of people in. The US is a major problem in the militarization of local police stations, officials preparing for massive unrest, which alienates communities of their rulers, and the so-called defenders. Global anxiety are good examples of Hong Kong, the Middle East and held in Ukraine, as well as the direction of Japan’s more aggressive foreign policy.

Propaganda will not be able to change the course of history

Propaganda can be formed opinions, but can not change the course of history or facts. US national debt has reached a record 17.5 trillion, an increase of 2 billion a day. Consumer debt has risen to new heights, reaching 3.2 trillion. Global debt level exceeds 230 trillion dollars, accounting for 313% of the global GDP. Most of the focus of launching huge corporations earn profits. If countries are trying to solve their debt problems, allowing bankers, politicians and government bureaucrats to determine more debt, reducing interest rates to zero and to enrich the oligarchs, it all ends in disaster. People suffering must be interrupted at some point, and this may occur if the crisis worsens and people are discovering how their assets, hopes and dreams are destroyed.

Given the high percentage of the population is unemployed or working in low-paying part-time job, it is easy to understand how you can grow discontent with the current system. This is how the situation is managed anti meeleavaldamisega, 2011, showed us the Occupy Wall Street protests. Instead, in order to initiate a dialogue with the protesters, the search for solutions that would help ease the situation and take account of their voice, instead of protesters began to oppress the help of the police forces. At the same time it was shown in the media as protesters näotuid, riotously vain young people who just want to cause chaos. In the later stages of the mass media of the United States came into force at the Occupy protests in complete silence – Contribute to the fact that if they do not talk about, it is believed that no protest is taking place, and the whole business will sink into oblivion.

Fight terror waged by the people behind the mask luuratakse

In addition to public voting irregularities Edward Snowden revelations have also shown that the government does not respect people’s right to privacy, at least not if they can justify the violation of privacy, national security issues. If real, these alleged threats to people is, it let everyone decide on their own, but it is certain that the alleged terrorist threat to fight under the guise of a militarized local police forces to monitor citizens’ reluctance to come into, the spread of ideas and potential leaders of the protest.

Global unrest has reached a new level when you look at Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong, Egypt, Spain, Greece, France and Turkey jerkily demonstrations. It is also lokkamas violence in Ukraine, Iraq and Syria. A number of armed conflicts can be blamed on the decisions of the US armed with various dictators who were useful to them at some point. There are also problems former CIA plans that have undermined the influence of various democratically elected governments. Rampant violence, however, reap the benefits of the war industry and banks can be enormous income from the sale of weapons of war will be financed through borrowing. Contributing to the war is therefore practically equal to the national debt slavery arms and dependence.

What is not discussed in the mass media

The mass media do not talk about how the United States has historically been an armed terrorists who are killing in Syria now massively both soldiers and civilians. It also ignores the fact that, under the reign of Hussein’s Iraq was a modern, stable, non-religious, the oil-producing country, which was not of Al Qaeda or crazily violence. All that changed when the US invaded a sovereign state valeettekäänetel, wasted 1 trillion dollars in state assets, killed more than 100,000 Iraqis and left tallermaaks religious violence in Iraq. Also, do not talk about how the Libya deposed former dictator auxillary leaving the country into chaos and civil war.

The world has reached a point where the heads of the various decisions have an extremely sensitive topics (debt, the disappearance of the middle class, and global anxiety) to high pressure. If the crisis worsens and reaches its peak, the world can be thrown into chaos, which hopefully will not be completed using a nuclear missile of a button. Sooner or later, the debt bubble burst in the world, which leads to the property, labor, rights, and loss of confidence. This process is triggered by the massive civil unrest, which has been quietly preparing for the years of decline of the middle class and the destruction of the current structure of society.

Where in the world are exacerbated by resource wars, religious extremism and the spread of nationalism, the global war becomes an increasing probability. Where would our world and society at the heart of this crisis is moving, it is not yet certain. This could result in a crash if the progress, but it is certain that cooperation, sharing of responsibility, bold positions of peace and co-existence, and inspired leaders are essential to survive the upcoming challenges.

Sources: The Burning Platform (longer article in English, we recommend you read!), Wikipedia.

In December, the six days of the Earth was plunged into darkness !

1 (448x252, 16Kb)

A six-day planet Earth was plunged into darkness, reported on the official website space agency NASA. Complete darkness is expected in mid-December from 16 to 22. The upcoming phenomenon scientists have named the strongest magnetic storm over the past three centuries.

During this period, 90 percent of the sunlight is blocked. The anomaly is associated with the release of the plasma on the sun spots with AR2192, which for a long period of time has a powerful impact on our planet.

Residents of almost all corners of the world will be able to watch the Northern Lights. The sky will be painted in the most incredible colors.

The head of NASA, Charles Bolden long doubted whether to publish a message on a six-day darkness. After much thought, the scientist came to the conclusion that to do this, after all, it is necessary to avoid public panic and chaos.

These days, you may have problems with communication and internet network. Also, people in the world are calling to stock candles because power outages are not excluded.

Paralympic events to investigators: Alien gene in people living among us today !

LindaMoultonHowe2010Photo200dpi Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
Linda Moulton Howe (72) from the USA is an investigative journalist who has for the past 35 years dedicated to investigating paranormal phenomena; He has published a number of books and made ​​a documentary, “A Strange Harvest(a strange catch). Animal distortion investigative films from 1981. Howe won an Emmy award for the film. Since 1999, he has been lucky Earthfiles news portal, which reflect the most intriguing news every month by the US Coast To Coast AM radio broadcasts, and Dreamland. Linda Moulton Howe brought to you in the August report, which speaks of humanalien hybrids who allegedly moving around among us.
In the autumn of 1979, I worked for the CBS station in Denver, Colorado. We drove his team Dulce’isse State of New Mexico, where rantšoomanik Manuel Gomez was discovered that his animals are camouflaged. All moondamised took place within one year, all the dead animals, there were no traces of blood, and there were around most of the footprints. But for some strange animal was discovered in a field at a circular trace that looked as if they were two golf balls repeatedly thrown off in parallel with the soil. Dulce’i natives of the region, Jicarilla Apache, pointing fingers toward the sky and said that it is a “star peopleof our ancestors, that they are the ones who masquerade as animals. At the same time, the first time I heard that somewhere Dulce’i bore located in a huge underground bases where the gray aliens (grays) carry out genetic tests and research.

The Sirius Mystery.

Three years earlier, in 1976, published the morning land of culture and Sanskrit language Investigator Robert KG Temple his now classic book “The Sirius Mystery(the Sirius Mystery), which raised the question of whether the Earth has been visited by intelligent beings from the planet, which is located in the Sirius star system? Sirius is twice as massive as our Sun, and is located only 8.6 light-years away from Earth, making it the brightest star in our night sky. Its name comes from the Greek word seirios”, meaning glimmer or glow.

Temple spoke of the work of the French anthropologist who had lived in the years 1915-1930 in West Africa, Dogan tribes who were drawings of Sirius. Next to Sirius was also another letter, which was small, but very heavy and white in color, thus forming a binary system. Dogan claimed that this letter is less visible from Earth as it orbits around the star Sirius, which takes 50 years. They added that the gods who had created them, came from Sirius. Exactly 50-year elliptical orbit Sirius’ companion was discovered in 1862 in the United States in Massachusetts.

Sirius A and B (bottom left), the Hubble telescope photo

1 siirius Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
I never knew that in the year 2014 appears out of the military Piper, who brings together the stars Sirius A and B, the second binary Zeta Reticulon 1 and 2 in the both kaksiktähesüsteemist was humanoidide emigration to Mars in our stellar system, followed by one more panicky by migration, this time on the planet the earth. Or that the original Zeta race Reticulist or Sirius B began to shape the environment of our planet Earth and Earthlike life of an upper genetically altered. And that is why they are the ancestors of Mesopotamia known Annunaki. Annunaki created two different tulnukahübriidi one tall, pale skin and bright eyes; another short, gray skin and dark eyes with vertical pupils like a cat.

These longer, more fair-skinned hybrids began manipulating DNA hybrids are already emerging to create up moving primates who do work for them on earth. They are hybrids of gray began to reign, who was assigned to work in underground caves Ducle’is.

This is a brief summary of what the US Air Force eruleitnantkolonel told UFO investigators in an interview with Anthony Sánchez January 8, 2010. After that, the Colonel agreed to make two lie detector tests, both passing through successfully. In 2011, Sanchez disclosed the colonel’s sensational revelations in the book UFO Highway: The Dulce Interview Human Origins The Blue Beam and HAARP Connection” (UFO Road: Ducle’i interview people in the home; HAARPi and Blue Quick links).

ufo Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
Most people view this as a fairy tale, others can be mind-boggling number of military officers gathered facts. For all but Sanchez got the start in 2006:

20062007th years, I worked as a large computer company in Silicon Valley, my responsibility was transferred to 300 remote management. I was interested in the UFO phenomenon, and I thought a blog on this subject. Has been in contact with me, a man who looked me all sorts of things on UFOs and soon realized that this man knows himself something more. I learned that he worked Moffet Federalna Airfieldil (Military Airport in California). But one day he just disappeared. I learned that he had deserted from the army, and also that he had seen under a false name. He fled to the authorities for failing to progress their secret projects at work. I got to know more about all this later in the year when we finally met.

Anthony Sanchez.

2 anthony sanchez Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
How did you get to meet a year later, when he hid himself in the army for?

He took me to wirelessly connect himself and explained why he flees. I realized that her life will be something very serious, and that he just wants me to talk about it. It was all related to weapon system with one that contained the ingredients of alien technology, as well as possible the aliens themselves.

What weapon was involved and what parts of the system, namely the boiler came from aliens?

He said that the project, on which he worked, was named LEONID (Low Earth Orbit Nanosatellite Defense Interceptor). Most intriguing for me was nanosatelliidid, which move in flocks and are able to fold themselves if something should go broke. Their ingredients include artificial intelligence. These satellites provide low Earth orbit, such as telemetry, mobile droonidele guidance system (guidance system). Some years ago, sent a Boeing 287 days in orbit an unmanned spacecraft X-37 program, the contents of which were kept secret. To my knowledge, the X37B was carried into orbit with the same nanosatelliidid that contain alien technology.

How big are they?

These nanosatelliidid is about half the size of a Rubik’s cube, ie 3,8cm x 3,8cm. This alien is a stealthtechnology microfiber / Shuttle Hybrid, which the board is controlled by a laser weapon system.

3 picosatelliit Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
Note: Acronym LEONID not give the results by searching the web. But in the last five years has been a lot of talk about nanotechnology and pikosatelliitidest. Nanosatelliidid weighing up to 10 kg and 1 kg pikosatelliidid. Therein lies the true beauty of this technology. We can make them tiny, and still use them scientifically very successful – NASA Ames Research Center Astrobiology expert named Orlando Santos.

Weapon system for which it is intended? Who is supposed enemy?

That’s the most interesting, because the colonel told me that they (nanosatelliidid alien technology) is designed to shoot down hitting things that come from outer space.

Does he also states that it is the target of the cosmos?

Yes! His exact words were: “Our planet has aliens who do cooperate with the Chinese secret. And coming up with a space war. “The US has hired a whole team of different suppliers who are developing technologies for future space war.

What they look like aliens who are playing together with the Chinese?

They look just like us.

What do you mean?

They are alien and human hybrids who live among us. Never existed in the group who nimetiti predecessors” who came to our solar system. They settled on Mars, if in the meantime there was some kind of disaster. They were forced to go underground, where they lived for thousands of years, after which they came to Earth. But the earth did not fit their genetics, so they started their own genetics to change them out, and eventually bred their descendants (Mesopotamian Annunaki), who came to Earth effects to the environment.

4 Sumeri Inanna Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
Anthony Sanchez believes that the Sumerian Inanna is a forerunner inhumanoid created by the Annunaki, who are genetically bred specifically except that he would be able to cope with the Earth’s environment. Early in the history of Mesopotamia worshiped Inanna first Urukis).
5 Annunaki Shamash Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
On the right is a tall humanoid Annunaki Shamash, or the same; In Babylonia, the Sumerians called him the Sun-god Utu. On the left side is smaller humanoidifiguurid who belong to the category of alienhuman hybrid.

6 Akhenaten Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni

Akhenaten, and their three children Neferiti long koonuspeadega. Egyptian 18th Dynasty pharaoh Akhenaten was who apparently died in 1336 BC or 1334 BC.

Over time, they were forced to cross the descendants of the people. These alien and human hybrids exist among us today. They carry a genetic component, which confirms their alienorigin. All humans are not so alien source is acknowledged.

This may cause a bit of confusion because of all the modern people are genetically modified (already evolving primates with DNA has been manipulated, but not necessarily created hybrids alien genes). This information was given to me. That’s why we are seeing a very sharp development of our evolution when we compare with the other animals on this planet. Around 250,000 years ago, genetically modified us that we could walk upright on two feet, to be intelligent and make them work for the aliens. Before that, we were not able to work. They also created a separate servants Annunaki race gray or Igigid.

7 hallid Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
Illustration based on a photo by Colonel Anthony Sánchez showed the 2010 interview. See page 49 of the book “UFO Highway“.

NOTE: The term Igigi comes from the Sumerian mythology, the gods came from the sky that means. Some sources say Igigit” as a synonym for Annunakidele,” but one were sold under the Igigid younger gods, who earned the Annunaki. Then there was a quarrel and exchanged Igigid people off.

Sumerian paradise myth has been described as a garden Athrasise where the lower class of deities (Igigid) is put to work, digging water deities parents (Annunakidele). Igigid was not happy with it, and there was a quarrel, finally decided to replace Igigid people.

This alieninimhübriidide group, of whom I speak, are direct descendants of annunakide, who in turn created the forerunners. Around 250,000 years ago, died predecessors and out of the Annunaki and their hybrid descendants of whom Colonel named Austra Albusrassiks, began to evolve on Earth. People are genetically modified, and they began to serve both the gray and annunakide descendants (AustraAlbus).

How do we define AustraAlbuseid physically?

They were the first Annunaki inimhübriidid, but Predecessors did not want to initially create these hybrids at all. When the predecessors began to modify their own genetic mix that their descendants can cope with the Earth’s atmosphere, then they were not going to be crossed with themselves to lend to people or the people of the DNA. It was not until much later, when the Annunakide descendants are still dying off, realizing that they need to incorporate people with a genetic component in its own genome, that they may survive. And these people today is the alieninimhübriidid. They are the descendants of Annunakide perhaps AustraAlbused.

8 marsi nägu 1 Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
9 marsi nägu 2 Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
Whether it is a forerunner in the face on Mars?

Photo photographed by NASA’s Viking 1 Orbiter spacecraft in the 1976th

What do they look like?

They look exactly the same as you and me. The only difference is that they carry the genetic code, which indicates their alienorigin. And they are extremely cautious so as not to interfere with the people in your bloodline. They have very strict protocols about how they are allowed to procreate.

Are we talking about the royal bloodline families, and systems?

Absolutely! Royal blood lines and elite blood lines.

Do they also have specific physical features?

Not to my knowledge. They have been very successful teem anywhere on the planet. There are both Chinese, Latin Americans and Europeans, who are strictly controlled vereliinidesse. They belong to different groups such as the Illuminati and secret societies.

If Austra Albus are among us and they have a nonhuman genes, then why do we see so many here on the planet devastation of war and violence? What is really happening here, where supposedly everything is gray so uncoordinated and Austra Albus, moreover, also has a higher genetic mix?

It all works kastisüsteemina. Rikkuritest an elite group who originate alienhuman hybrid lineage has long manipulated the events on this planet and that is why we are in this situation today. We can see the top of society, and environment destruction. This is all deliberate. The purpose of this group is to reduce the population of 500 million people.

Initially, people had to coordinate the gray, but today the situation is reversed. Those people who are doing alien force cooperation, coordination own halls. It all takes place Dulce’i bases.

Thus, our war industry, the military and the government itself will cooperate with gray. From there is from our high level of advanced technology.

Do you know how big they are underground bases in New Mexico Dulce’is?

It is a multi-tiered base, which covers an area of ​​over one hundred thousand square meters.

What were the reasons conceded livestock (cattle mudilation)?

It is in their food. They take animals from breasts proteins. Grays have created a specific mammal that produces a protein contaminant free, which they consume söögina. These cutouts concentrated to a powder which is mixed with cow’s milk. They have created a range of protein-producing animals, so that they themselves can survive.

10 moondatud loom Paranähtuste uurija: Tulnuka geeniga inimesed elavad meie seas tänaseni
For what reason are held kidnappings, which seem to focus on specific lines of blood?

Austra Albus needs clean blood to the glands and secretions from women in modern humans. They will be given the pedigree of people that are purposely them (Austra Albus) was created. This will help them retain the ability to withstand Earth’s atmosphere. Modern human pineal gland and the pituitary secretion acts as a potent drug that will help them (Austra Albus) stay mentally stable in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Thus, animals and Homo sapiens is like a drug and alien gray Austra Albuse the bloodline?

Exactly so! In order to preserve the genetic line, not skin color this has nothing to do with appearance.

Sources: Coast to Coast, Earth Files, EF 2

Pictures: earthfiles.com

Edited by Bob Wilcoxx

The secret of immortality !

Do gerontologists have a joke “It’s easy to invent an elixir of eternal youth, but it will take forever to check its operation.” Mankind has long searched for a recipe for immortality. The set of healers and alchemists offered drinks recipes and potions that can support a man eternal life. The composition of the elixir of youth were gems and precious metals, rare herbs and poisons. People fought for the opportunity to prolong youth, to preserve the health and beauty as long as possible. But the secret of immortality to anyone and never opened
With rare exceptions, people want to live a long time, and even better – forever. Be an old man in this people usually do not want to and if you do not dream of endless youth, then at least the relative rejuvenation. Old age is the enemy, and the enemy must be fought. Various methods of struggle invented throughout human history, but as deliverance from suffering senile perceived as a miracle, and that means from age looking for the most in the world of magic and alchemy.

According to one legend, the goddess of the dawn Eos fell in love with the grandson of the king of Troy Typhon and kidnapped a young man before the Trojan War. Goddess begged Zeus immortality for her lover, but I forgot to beg for him to eternal youth. Not helped by the divine nectar, which the goddess nursed Typhon. Her favorite old, became weak and eventually dried out.

There are legends that the beautiful Cleopatra is used for their milk baths asses. Even the great physician Avicenna was obsessed to find a means to prolong life. Despite numerous drugs by them, Avicenna died at the age of 57 years. In many recipes included elixir of youth human blood.

-т Авиценна-68х52(МЫЛ)-1000x1000
Portrait of Avicenna

So in ancient Rome old broke into the arena where gladiators fought to anoint his body with fresh blood of wounded soldiers. But there were quite terrible cases. Hungarian Countess Bathory Elzbieta to preserve her youth, took baths of blood girls, but it did not help gas chamber a term reserved for her, she died of old age. However, even such criminal methods did not stop those who dream of eternal youth.

Most of our contemporaries are sure that the search philosophical stone medieval alchemists associated with their desire to transform any metal into gold. But in fact, the real goal of the alchemists was the creation of the philosopher’s stone by a so-called “golden drink” that cures all diseases and gives eternal youth.

Alchemist and physician Paracelsus believed that sulfur can extend human life to 600 years. Despite the fact that, according to rumors, Paracelsus was able to invent a “stone of immortality,” the laws of nature he could not cheat he died at 47 years of age.

Searchers elixir of immortality stirs thought that this drug has been known only from the time the recipe was lost: because Adam was able to live to 930 years, and Methuselah lived 969 years – so it is possible to open it again.

Russian scientist and Nobel laureate Ilya Mechnikov argued that the nature of man meted live at least 150 years. The main cause of the aging man he considered a gradual accumulation of products of putrefaction in the intestines. Ilya Mechnikov was the promoter of the use of fermented dairy products, especially yogurt.

The idea of personal rejuvenation was possessed and the ruling elite young Soviet power. Lenin’s personal physician Abram Zalmanov, the invention is applied his method kapillyaroterapii”, the essence of which is that with the patient in the hot steaming bathrooms with a solution of turpentine, stimulate microcirculation. This “Turpentine” method, in consequence, became widespread in the West.

By decision of Stalin in Moscow in the early 30s was established Research Institute, whose staff worked on the problem of individual immortality “father of nations”. And when Bohomolec academician, who led this research institution, died suddenly at the age of 65 years, Stalin was furious that his hopes deceived.

Alexander Bohomolec argued that the natives of the Caucasus live the longest, since he always remembered who stands behind him

In the XX and XXI centuries, began an unprecedented rise in gerontological science. High hopes pinned on scientists stem cells and the enzyme telomerase. In January 1998, the world got the news that American physicians have learned to enter into cells telomerase gene. Publishing many media were full of headlines like “Inventing tablets of old age“, “cure for aging is accessible to everyone,” etc. But experiments diminished level of euphoria among scientists they failed the success achieved in a single cell to transfer the entire human body. It is known that research in this area all the same continue.

Scientists have turned their attention to the properties of stem cells to develop into any cell in the body. But this idea is not new. Back in the 30s, the Swiss physician Paul Nigansom applied the method of cell therapy. He used in his work on the rejuvenation of tissue extracts of newborn animals. Patients Swiss doctors were Winston Churchill, Somerset Maugham, Charles de Gaulle, Pope Pius XII, Marlene Dietrich. It is believed that due to cell therapy Charlie Chaplin became a father at the age of 75 years.

Currently, scientists are developing ways to stem cells to treat a variety of diseases. For example, placed in cardiac muscle after a myocardial stem cells proliferate therein and acquire the properties of the surrounding cells by replacing the damaged tissue. It is a property of stem cells in the body to replace the damaged and used for rejuvenation. Anti-aging treatments are gaining more and more popularity, though not fully aware of the consequences of such operations

Despite the many publicized discoveries in anti-aging, scientists are unanimous in the opinion that in the near future will not be able to invent a pill of immortality.” One can not but agree with the opinion of the French researcher A. Cadastre, who said: “Art prolong life – the art of not cut it.”

But humanity still has a chance to extend its life until at least 200 years. And it confirms the age of many centenarians.

The Soviet Union was known long-lived Azerbaijani Shirali Muslim (1801-1973). He was born during the reign of Emperor Alexander I. lived a long 168 years, from them 150 years he herded sheep. On the day of Shirali held on 15 kilometers. At 136 years old, he married a third time, and from this marriage he had a daughter. Shirali became not only longevity, but also the oldest in the history of his father.

Shirali Muslimov

When medical examination longevity in 1973 revealed that the main indicators of the body matched healthy young man: blood pressure 110/60, heart rate was 74 beats per minute. This man never felt the weight of its years, was always cheerful and considered his life happy. And the care of his life was calm and without pain.

I must admit that we know very little about the real way to rejuvenate the body. It is considered that a person has the chronological age (ages) and biological age (changes in the body due to which death occurs). At birth, the human process of destruction and recovery of the body are in balance. With age, the process of destruction is more effective than the recovery process a person ages.

Chronological age is not subject to adjustment it moves with the inexorability of the clock. Biological age, depending on many factors, can keep a chronological age or overtake it. Scientists believe that it is possible not only to slow down aging, but also reverse the process – to achieve rejuvenation.

Remember the practice of yogis, prolonging active longevity and achieve rejuvenation of the body. Or the ability of a low calorie diet, reduces the number of free radicals, slow the aging process and much more. There are more than 200 theories of aging. Scientists have made ​​a number of factors that affect the rate of aging (accelerate or retard it).

Their conclusions are as follows:
In humans lies system capable of slowing aging;
There are a number of reasons (known and unknown experts) that prevent the body to function properly;
The rate of aging and human health are strictly inverse relationship;
– Control, normalization of immune function, as well as the overall management system of human health can lead to rejuvenation.

The lack of specific methods and recommendations for rejuvenation of the body means that a lot we do not understand or know. Science does not stand still, and, of course, hope that she is on the verge of great discoveries in the field of aging properties and assist people in preserving, as much as possible for a long time, the active phase of life.

“It’s easy to invent an elixir of eternal youth, but it will take forever to check its operation.” So that humanity forward forever to invent and test the elixir of youth.

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10 reasons why the Ebola does not lead to the end of the world !

Did you hear? Apocalypse is coming. They say that in the United States, Europe and the UK are born stories about the virus, which is older than the “black death” and the Spanish flu. Ebola kills most horrible way and is going to kill all of humanity. Is this true? No. The threat of Ebola ridiculously inflated. It was a dangerous and destructive to the African continent, but in the rest of the world it is the media to blame for the fact that the virus had too many honors. Let’s face it.

It is almost impossible to catch


When in 1918 an outbreak of the Spanish flu, Spanish flu, it hit almost a third of the world’s population. Thanks frighteningly effective propagation velocity, the virus was extraordinarily dangerous for the human race, about the same as in the movies about zombies. The question is: Can the Ebola as well?

In any case. In contrast to the Spanish flu, Ebola, it is very difficult to catch. For this to happen, the infected fluid should get in your body through a cut or one of your holes. You can wash your hands in the blood of infected and well washed, and anything else you will not.

And what about ordinary liquids, which we share every day, such as saliva and sweat? According to the World Health Organization, the live virus has never been in the pot. As for the saliva, it becomes contaminated by the most severe stages of the disease, that is, you have to kiss in French terminally ill patient to get the chance of infection. By mosquitoes and other biting insects virus is also transmitted.

In fact, Ebola so difficult to catch, that you can sit on a plane next to an infected person the entire flight and did not become infected. In one case, an infected vomited on the plane, but no one else got sick.

The speed of transmission of the virus is incredibly low


Studying infectious disease doctors define the factor, which is called the basic reproductive value (R0). If you just, R0 tells us how many other people can infect infected person. In HIV is set to 4, which means that one HIVinfected person is expected in the “ideal” case infect four people in a single life. Super-type measles viruses have a value of 18, which makes them extremely contagious. In Ebola maximum 1.5-2. That is, if not isolate an infected person, it is unlikely to infect more than the other two.

Mathematically, even a relatively low prevalence may lead to widespread infection, if left unchecked. But in the civilized world the current Ebola R0 is less than unity. Because the virus is spread through bodily fluids, it feels better in places and cultures with a low level of health care and where burial rituals involve very close contact with the body. In countries with decent health infrastructure did not find the virus development. It can be easy to stop the insulation, technically just close the door.

The virus is not transmitted by airborne droplets


All the fears about Ebola is based on the fact that he can gain the ability to be transmitted by airborne droplets. Scientists assure us that this will not happen, but we know that viruses mutate. Technically, this is possible?

Technically, it is possible that the sandwich will become president. Although theoretically Ebola certainly can mutate, he must break all the laws of the transmission of viruses. According to WHO, there is no evidence that Ebola has a chance transmitted by airborne droplets. No virus in history to acquire this way of spreading so quickly. Even the super-fast mutating viruses like influenza and HIV never changed methods of distribution, and so do the Ebola (remember her R0).

It is highly unlikely that Ebola is transmitted through coughing and sneezing in the style of the flu. Ebola does not breed in large numbers in the lungs and throat, so he has little chance. The virus does not use cold as a platform for development. In addition, respiratory pathogens spread around the world for weeks or even days. If Ebola learned to fly, we would have learned.

If Ebola virus mutates, it will become more moderate


Although it seems illogical, most viruses wants you to live. The most successful precisely not kill viruses within 12 hours. For example, there is a virus HSV-1, which quietly resides in a latent state in the body, allowing it to infect 90% of Americans age 60.

Compared with Darwinian monster like that, Ebola ridiculously pathetic. He kills their hosts so quickly that he did not have time to spread. This is wrong in every way natural selection.

Much more likely, as a result of a successful mutation virus will become softer. Ebola is it will be an evolutionary victory, because it can spread to more people. For us, it will mean that the virus would be less dangerous.

He does not have an incubation period


One of the worst viruses is their ability incubation period: the time between when you pop onto it and when symptoms appear. During this time, the disease like flu can still be contagious, since the virus is easily sweeping the planet, and you do not even know about it. Fortunately, not as Ebola.

According to WHO, patients with Ebola can not share the disease until symptoms seem. Even if you split the game and a cup of vomit with his best friend a day after he picked up the virus, you will not become infected. This is extremely useful in combating disease. Since most people tend to notice that their friends are sick Ebola, they make the right conclusions and do not behave as usual.

As an added bonus: the virus ceases to be contagious after the symptoms disappear, so catch it from the survivor is also impossible.

Until now, the number of cases is extremely small


Remember the swine flu? In 2009, we were sure that this flu outbreak is going to annihilate all life on Earth. We did not even notice at first flu spread around the world, but abroad they are sick, 60 million people. How much this time ill people to experience such a storm in the media?

Around 8,000 people worldwide. Although it is 8000 – it’s too much and badly for all parties involved, it demonstrates how phenomenally Ebola spreads slowly. In some countries had only one case of Ebola, and that all were alive. In the United States, for example, a total of only three people ill. It is known that in Russia there is no one.

In comparison, for example, the bubonic plague struck seven people annually. But we are still far from being able to Black Death” pandemic repeated her exploits in Europe.

We have experienced similar


In 2008, Michelle Barnes off the plane from Uganda, not knowing that it was a passenger. Her body hid deadly Marburg virus, a close relative of Ebola with almost the same symptoms and the rate of spread. Over the next few days began to show symptoms, and these days Barnes in contact with almost 260 people. Guess how many of them are laid down in a bed with Marburg?

Not one. Barnes survived and did not infect anyone else. She did not even know she had a viral infection.

In the Netherlands, another woman was in the same part of Uganda, in which Barnes met Marburg. Again, no one got sick, despite all the warnings of local authorities.

And it’s not just a fluke. Literally every single case, when reported in the west of Marburg, death and infection rate were not significant. In a flash, 1975 in Johannesburg, only three people were infected and one died. Even the famous outbreak in 1967 in Frankfurt and Belgrade claimed the lives of seven of the thirty-one patients. And that was when we knew almost nothing about viruses, and medical procedures are less stringent.

Our infrastructure is very good‘ ”


What is common in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, in addition to outbreaks of Ebola? The answer is: very poor medical infrastructure. In all three countries, health care is nothing more than the result of black humor. Patients are often placed in twos and threes on the bed. Water and electricity is not enough. Preventive health care in general is not, and do not treat patients if they can not afford the necessary drugs. In Liberia, many hospitals do not have protective equipment and protected personnel. In such circumstances – of course even lame Ebola virus finds its way.

Compare medicine there, and in the West are two different things. In Germany, for example, there are seven hospitals specially equipped to deal with Ebola. The health care system in the UK in general is so good that the government thinks that the total number of cases will never be double-digit. In the United States subject to the measures to stop Ebola. People just have nothing to fear.

We are about a vaccine


In 2005, a virologist Heinz Feldman has created a vaccine that stops the spread of the Ebola virus in macaques before or after infection. Since at that time no one was interested in funding after the Ebola vaccine to human trials is not reached. However, in 2009 it experienced the German workers who accidentally pricked a needle infected with Ebola. The vaccine did not cause her any harm, and possibly saved her life.

This is not the only treatment for Ebola, which are now being tested. According to Professor Jeremy Farrar Tropical Medicine, there are several potential candidates, all of which can provide some protection against the virus. By ordinary standards, of course, they are not ready for people. But if the question arises of choosing between an untested vaccine and a high probability of death as it happens in people suffering in West Africa people make a very definite choice.

The threat caused by just panic in the media

You probably can not wait to find out why we hear so much about viruses that hit a small number of people. Why do newspapers publish stories and resources about how doctors all over the world deliberately lie to us and try to make money, and that the world is threatened by the cover. There are a number of reasons, and one very simple: People hawala. (Pardonte).

Look back and look at any history of the pandemic in the last ten years. It becomes apparent that only negative media coverage of the event. During the SARS epidemic, Daily Mail blew tabloid headlines SARS may become more serious AIDS”, predicting more than a billion infections. Nevertheless, in 2004 there was not a single case. When there was the swine flu, several articles were that it can kill up to 120 million people. In the UK, the effect of the panic was worse than the flu. By the summer of 2009, only 30 people died, but the panic caused by the media seriously tainted the health sector.

After all, if the media will continue the policy of intimidation, it may prove to be right. The virus can really devastate the whole Earth in the future. But it will certainly not Ebola. Soon everything will calm down and forget.

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Funeral America approaching Yellowstone supervolcano willing to split the American continent

Похороны Америки приближаются: Йеллоустонский супервулкан готов расколоть американский континент: Earlier this year, suddenly began to shake West USA scientists recorded more than 60 aftershocks amplitude of up to 4.8 on the Richter scale. It woke Yellowstone supervolcano erupting, according to scientists, every six thousand years. In the American media immediately started talking about the imminent catastrophe.

“The land will be split into the western part of America”

This phrase from the predictions of famous American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, which he announced at the beginning of the last century. Of course, you can have different attitudes to this horror story, but now, it is known that almost all the predictions come true Casey. The truth, however, is not the case, and that the observers have noted the outcome of the Yellowstone National Park animals these living barometers, which clairvoyants on the drum with their predictions and scientists with their predictions. Not a secret that long before the coming volcanic eruption or an earthquake shatters all living things, scattered or hiding in burrows. Witnesses even filmed on camera fleeing from bison reserve.
The reality is that a supervolcano and so delayed eruption: the last time he raged 640 thousand years ago. Even those who do not believe in mysticism and predictions, it would be difficult to argue with the exact calculation, which provided more mathematics in the early 2000‘s: the explosion of the caldera (volcano) could take place in 2012 and 2016, the first years! Scenario awakening any volcano is always the same: first, the land issue not understood, but it is perceptible and audible hum. Then, the surface begins to tremble, all life disappears, and finally, the land rises slightly recently noticed already volcanologists scientists carrying out careful measurements close to all awakened, or is about to erupt volcanoes congregating. Rising from the depths of the earth, the magma presses on the surface, as a result, the land seemed inflated inside before bursting. By the way, in recent years, the Yellowstone caldera has risen by almost two meters.

In the journal Science recently published results of volcanologists that the soil in the national park rises with catastrophic speed. And it is true that over the past four years, the figure was 180 centimeters, while in previous years it did not exceed 7.4 centimeters per year. And for the past century Volcano rose” only 70 cm.
In the American media who attended the situation, was published a number of alarming predictions and gossip. Rose was slight panic. However, the United States government quickly “found a way” to do as we did back in the good Soviet times imposed censorship (read: ban) on the publication of the Yellowstone. But sewing, as you know, in a bag you can not hide. At least, the experts recorded in the early 2000s, a sharp rise in temperature of the water in Yellowstone Lake and the soil, opening fissures and powerful emission of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide – the very volcanic gases, which are contained in the magma. This directly indicates that the magma has risen to the surface, and waiting in the wings. About the same (about clear evidence of late-stage volcanism) said and the emergence of several new powerful geysers.

Around the world will not find it

But it will not Aetna or any other vulkanishka. If Yellowstone blows, it really bury the entire American continent. And Icelandic Eyyafyadlayokudl or his fellow Grimsvotn seem just a cracker. Because supervolcano, scientists project that will split America apart, rise tsunami that flooded almost all of Japan, east coast of Eurasia and parts of Europe and Africa. And wash away from the face of the earth all the island states. Magma, pent millennia, spill a few tens of kilometers into the atmosphere. Instantly perish all the surrounding towns. Rest of the population is waiting for a nuclear winter that would last several years. After the explosion supervolcano eruption trigger hundreds of other volcanoes around the globe, including underwater. And this will cause a number of new tsunami. And as a result of magma splash over America formed a giant ozone hole, which will cause more death and all life from radiation. Predict even a pole shift – and that, you know, lead to global catastrophe and generally unpredictable consequences. Scientists claim that the population on the planet will be reduced by two thirds.
Many people now refer to the information about the upcoming disaster, as a horror story. However, mankind persists in doing everything possible to bring this nightmare: pierces the ground with their drills and pollutes everything that comes their way, killing animals and devastates the world’s oceans, disrupting the food balance. And there, here we change the climate, blocking the river and causing (distilling) rain forests are cut down, the lungs of the planet, depriving all living usual habitat. But there are people who believe that the Earth it is a living being, which is no longer able to tolerate these abuses, and sooner or later will stop this human arbitrariness. Only one question when will it happen? Very much it would be desirable as long as possible to extend our relatively peaceful existence.

:В начале этого года неожиданно затрясло запад США – учеными зафиксировано более 60-ти толчков амплитудой до 4,8 баллов по шкале Рихтера. Это проснулся йеллоустонский супервулкан, извергающийся, по оценкам ученых, каждые шестьсот тысяч лет. В американских СМИ тут же заговорили о неминуемой катастрофе.

«Земля будет расколота в западной части Америки»

Это фраза из предсказания известнейшего американского ясновидящего Эдгара Кейси, которое он озвучил еще в начале прошлого века. Разумеется, можно по-разному относиться к этой страшилке, но сейчас-то известно, что практически все предсказания Кейси сбылись. Правда, однако, не в этом, а в том, что наблюдатели отмечают исход из Йеллоустонского национального парка животных – этих живых барометров, которым по барабану ясновидящие с их предсказаниями и ученые с их прогнозами. Не секрет ведь, что задолго до предстоящего извержения вулкана или землетрясения все живое разлетается, разбегается или прячется по норам. Свидетели даже засняли на камеры бегство бизонов из заповедника.
Реальность такова, что супервулкан и так задержался с извержением: последний раз он бушевал 640 тысяч лет назад. Даже тем, кто не верит в мистику и предсказания, трудно будет поспорить с точным расчетом, который предоставили математики еще в начале 2000-х: взрыв кальдеры (вулкана) может состояться с 2012-го по 2016-й годы! Сценарий пробуждения любого вулкана всегда один и тот же: сначала земля издает непонятный, но вполне различимый и слышимый гул. Затем поверхность начинает дрожать, исчезает все живое и, наконец, земля слегка поднимается – последнее подметили уже ученые-вулканологи, совершающие тщательные замеры рядом со всеми проснувшимися или вот-вот собирающимися извергаться вулканами. Поднимаясь из недр земли, магма напирает на поверхность, в результате, земля словно надувается изнутри перед тем, как лопнуть. К слову, за последние годы Йеллоустонская кальдера поднялась почти на два метра.

В журнале Science недавно опубликованы результаты исследований вулканологов о том, что грунт в национальном парке поднимается с катастрофической скоростью. И это правда: в течение последних четырех лет этот показатель составил 180 сантиметров, хотя в предыдущие годы он не превышал 4-7 сантиметров в год. А за весь прошлый век вулкан «вырос» всего на 70 см.
В американских СМИ, которые озаботились сложившейся ситуацией, был опубликован ряд тревожных прогнозов и пересудов. Поднялась было легкая паника. Однако, власти США быстро «нашли выход», поступив так, как делали у нас еще в добрые советские времена, — наложили цензуру (читай: запрет) на публикации о Йеллоустоне. Но шила, как известно, в мешке не утаишь. По крайней мере, специалисты зафиксировали в начале 2000-х резкий подъем температуры воды в йеллоустонском озере и почвы, открытие расщелин и мощный выброс в атмосферу углекислого газа и сульфидов водорода – тех самых вулканических газов, которые содержатся в магме. Это напрямую свидетельствует о том, что магма уже поднялась к поверхности земли и ждет своего часа. Об этом же (о явных признаках поздней стадии вулканизма) говорит и появление нескольких новых мощных гейзеров.

Всему миру мало не покажется

А ведь это вам не Этна или любой другой вулканишка. Если рванет Йеллоустон, он реально похоронит весь американский континент. И исландский Эйяфьядлайокудль или его собрат Гримсвотн покажутся просто хлопушкой. Потому как супервулкан, по прогнозам ученых, расколет Америку на куски, поднимется цунами, которое затопит почти всю Японию, восточное побережье Евразии и часть Европы с Африкой. А также смоет с лица земли все островные государства. Магма, сдерживаемая тысячелетиями, выплеснется на несколько десятков километров в атмосферу. Мгновенно погибнут все ближайшие города. Остальное население ждет ядерная зима, которая продлится несколько лет. Ведь взрыв супервулкана спровоцирует извержение сотен других вулканов по всей планете, в том числе и подводных. И это станет причиной целого ряда новых цунами. А в результате выплеска магмы над Америкой образуется гигантская озоновая дыра, что повлечет еще и смерть всего живого от радиации. Прогнозируют даже сдвиг полюсов – а это, сами понимаете, приведет к глобальной катастрофе и вообще к непредсказуемым последствиям. Ученые утверждают, что население на планете сократится на две трети.
Многие и сейчас относятся к информации о предстоящей катастрофе, как к страшилке. Однако, человечество с завидным упорством делает все для того, чтобы приблизить этот кошмар: протыкает землю своими бурами и загрязняет все, что попадается под руку, убивает животных и опустошает мировой океан, нарушая пищевой баланс. То там, то здесь мы меняем микроклимат, перегораживая реки и вызывая (отгоняя) дожди, вырубаем леса, легкие планеты, лишая все живое привычного ареала обитания. А ведь есть люди, считающие, что планета Земля – это живое существо, которое уже не в силах терпеть эти издевательства и рано или поздно прекратит этот людской произвол. Вопрос только один – когда это произойдет? Очень уж хотелось бы как можно дольше продлить наше относительно спокойное существование.


В противостоянии с США Россия возвращает себе роль сверхдержавы ! / In the confrontation with the United States Russia is regaining its role of a superpower !

В противостоянии с США Россия возвращает себе роль сверхдержавы

Отношения РФ и США наладятся не скоро, уверен автор статьи в иранском издании Iras

Для восстановления своего положения сверхдержавы на международной арене Россия реализует две стратегии.

Первая – это стратегия многополярности для оспаривания международного положения Соединенных Штатов. Вторая – это энергетическая стратегия.

Рассмотрению этих двух стратегий и посвящена настоящая статья.

В 1944 году, на завершающем этапе Второй мировой войны термин «сверхдержава» использоваться по отношению к двум государствам – США и Советскому Союзу. Из-за этого в биполярной системе международных отношений во главе двух блоков Запада и Востока оказались два государства, занимающие ведущие позиции в политике, экономике и военной сфере.

В 1991 году с распадом СССР и крушением коммунистической идеологии внешняя политика России поблекла на международной арене, утратив всякую инициативу, поэтому Соединенные Штаты стали единственной сверхдержавой в целом мире.

Девяностые годы прошлого века отмечены острыми политическими и экономическими кризисами в России, ситуация в которой была усугублена крайней нестабильностью и общественными волнениями. По этой причине у страны не было возможности играть заметную роль в международных делах, а экономическая слабость лишала ее всех шансов в соперничестве с Западом.

В тот период Россия фактически утратила свое международное влияние, и причины этого были самые разные: развал целой империи и возвращение к границам XVII века, экономический спад и социальный кризис, экологические катастрофы, ослабление государства и армии, рост преступности и коррупции, шаткая экономика и высокая инфляция.

Однако, начиная с 2000 года, и особенно с приходом к власти Путина Россия заняла реалистичную позицию по вопросам внутренней и внешней политики и стала добиваться восстановления своего положения сверхдержавы на международной арене.

Сейчас вопрос заключается в следующем: какую стратегию реализует Россия для возвращения утраченных некогда позиций?

Для ответа на этот вопрос необходимо отметить, что в последние годы для достижения этой цели Россия придерживается двух стратегий. Во-первых, это стремление к многополярности и вызов положению США в международной политике. Во-вторых, это реализация определенных мер в энергетической сфере.

Стратегия многополярности является ответом на политику экспансии и однополярности, проводимую Соединенными Штатами. Энергетическая стратегия служит осуществлению национальных интересов России во всем мире и особенно в странах Европы и Азии.

Российская стратегия многополярности

В настоящее время Россия строит свое внешнюю политику на принципе многополярности. Она делает это с учетом международного положения США и в целях обеспечения собственных интересов в плане безопасности.

Судя по официальным заявлениям представителей российского руководства, русские добиваются проведения независимой внешней политики, направленной на создание многополярного мира, в котором Россия должна занять свое место и тем самым сузить гегемонию Соединенных Штатов в международных делах. Чтобы этого достичь, Россия, решив свои наиболее острые экономические проблемы и улучшив собственное финансовое положение, опирается на военный потенциал.

С момента прихода к власти Путин анонсировал три основополагающих принципа своего курса: модернизация экономики, достижение видной роли в процессах мировой конкуренции и восстановление положения России в качестве новой крупной державы.

Тактика и конкретные шаги российских политиков доказывают тот факт, что они крайне недовольны односторонними действиями Соединенных Штатов. Явно с 2007 года, а тайно еще раньше, Россия, поверив в собственные силы благодаря достигнутым успехам в разных сферах геополитики и геоэкономики, проводит политику «прямого сопротивления» американскому волюнтаризму и гегемонии.

Россия при Путине официально не признает однополярный режим как упорядочивающий принцип устройства мира и считает, что он противоречит ее национальным интересам.

Например, в своем весьма резком выступлении на Мюнхенской конференции по безопасности в 2007 году Путин бросил вызов односторонней тактике США и попыткам этой страны установить в мире режим однополярности. Еще тогда российский президент заявил следующее: «Режим однополярности не только не приемлем, но и его установление в нынешних условиях невозможно в принципе».

Он опроверг утверждение о том, что в современной международной обстановке существует «один центр власти, один центр принятия решений, один хозяин и одно правительство», и ясно определил намерение России добиваться установления разумного баланса интересов всех игроков, присутствующих на международной арене.

Другими словами, режиму однополярности, сложившемуся после окончания холодной войны, так и не удалось окончательно закрепиться. Наступательная политика в энергетической сфере с акцентом на собственное положении энергетической сверхдержавы, масштабная программа модернизации армии, крупные поставки вооружения другим странам, несогласие с установлением систем противовоздушной обороны в Восточной Европе и отказ от Договора об обычных вооруженных силах в Европе (ДОВСЕ), установление новых систем противоракетной обороны в Ленинградской области, поддержка ядерной программы Ирана, участие в сирийских событиях и помощь правительству Башара Асада и, что самое главное, отношение к последнему кризису на Украине – все это является ясным доказательством попыток России повысить свой статус в решении международных вопросов, результатом которых и стала напряженность в отношениях с Соединенными Штатами.

Российское руководство убеждено в том, что установленный США однополярный режим существует лишь временно, он неустойчив и действует несправедливо, поэтому последние события в мире, новые коалиции государств и появление таких держав, как Китай, Индия и Россия, бросают вызов этому режиму. Сторонники этой точки зрения считают, что сложившийся империалистический режим не отвечает современным международным условиям, и довольно скоро в мире установится новый баланс сил.

Таким образом, усиление напряженности между Россией и Соединенным Штатами убедило русских в том, что данный процесс может не только еще больше ослабить американцев, но и привести к их международной изоляции. Российское правительство, ссылаясь на современные события в мире и ослабление США из-за их неверной политики в последние годы, считает нынешнюю ситуацию вполне подходящей для превращения своей страны в крупную мировую державу, или, выражаясь иначе, межрегиональную силу, способную влиять на международную систему и принимаемые в ее рамках решения.

Россия решительно добивается нового распределения власти в мировых делах. Возрастающее стремление этой страны к новому разделению власти основывается на прямом несогласии с американской однополярностью и представлении о том, что управление международными делами едва ли возможно без участия российской дипломатии. Путем создания коалиции с такими державами, как Китай и Иран, Россия пытается положить конец волюнтаризму и политике силы Соединенных Штатов на международной арене.

На данном основании Россия позиционирует себя в качестве крупной державы и постоянно в разного рода обращениях по тем или иным международным вопросам критикует США за их однополярность, гегемонию и вмешательство во внутренние дела других государств. Президент Путин пытается позиционировать свою страну как державу, играющую мировое значение и активно участвующую в урегулировании глобальных проблем.

Между тем, Соединенные Штаты стремятся лишить Россию права участвовать в решении международных вопросов. Если Россия вновь окрепнет, влиянию и интересам США в соседних с нею регионах будет брошен серьезный вызов. Декларативные и практические меры России с целью постепенного изменения существующего положения и достижения более высокого уровня в решении судеб мира порождает у американского руководства чувства тревоги за собственное лидерство в международных делах после распада Советского Союза и все больше заставляет его оценивать ситуацию как фактическое сохранение статус-кво, поскольку Россия постепенно набирает силы, а США слабеют. Именно по этой причине США стараются создавать как можно ограничений на пути развития России.

Энергетическая стратегия России: энергоресурсы как рычаг политического давления

Суть внешней политики России при президенте Путине заключается в конкуренции за возвращение своей роли сверхдержавы. По мнению российского лидера, распад Советского Союза в 1991 году был самой большой трагедией ХХ века, поэтому он добивается восстановления позиций России, которые она имела еще в советскую эпоху. В этом ключе энергетическая стратегия России направлена на восстановление ее статуса сверхдержавы.

Обладая самыми большими в мире запасами газа и нефти, Россия на международной арене смогла продемонстрировать свою силу в противостоянии Европейскому Союзу и США. Используя скрытую политику угроз в энергетическом плане, кремлевское руководство полагает, что у Запада, который крайне нуждается в российских энергоресурсах, нет никаких шансов. Поэтому энергетика стала для России мощным рычагом контроля политики Европейского союза и стран на Ближнем Востоке и в Центральной Азии.

Свою энергетическую стратегию Россия разработала летом 2003 года, когда Владимир Путин отвел ей центральное место в российской дипломатии. Тогда в целях сохранения за Россией лидирующих позиций на мировом газовом рынке были предприняты меры для предотвращения диверсификации энергопоставок, особенно для европейских стран.

Запасы нефти и газа играют ключевую роль в возвращении России главной роли на мировой арене. И в Кремле, и в политических кругах других стран существует представление о том, что благодаря своим огромнейшим запасам энергоресурсов Россия способна вернуть себе позиции сверхдержавы. Не вызывает никаких сомнений тот факт, что Россия уже стала сверхдержавой в плане энергетики.

Сейчас эта страна относится к числу самых крупных поставщиков природного газа, а за период с 1998 по 2004 года российский экспорт нефти составил почти 48% от общего объема мировых поставок этого сырья. В настоящее время Россия поставляет на мировой рынок 22% природного газа и четверть от 40% газового импорта в Европу. Нефтяные поставки этой страны составляют 12% от мирового объема, в то время как в Европе доля «черного золота» из России составляет 22%.

Кроме того, Россия контролирует поставки нефти и газа из Туркмении и Казахстана. Таким образом, ее нефтяная дипломатия, в первую очередь, завязана на европейских странах, потому как экономически они сильно зависят от российской нефти. Европа осознает, что это является ее слабым местом, и поэтому ищет альтернативные поставки энергоресурсов.

Активность российской энергетической дипломатии ощущается и в Азии. В этот регион Россия поставляет всего лишь 3% своей нефти. Тем не менее ожидается, что к 2020 году этот экспорт может увеличиться до 20%. В связи с этим Россия пытается не ограничиваться привязанностью только к одному потребителю (имеется в виду Китай), а расширить круг покупателей своего топлива за счет Японии и Южной Кореи.

Итак, Россия превратилась в энергетическую сверхдержаву, поэтому она использует свою энергетическую стратегию для подъема собственного национального духа. Ее руководство заботится о сохранении территориального единства своей страны и предотвращении внешних угроз, в том числе и военного характера.

Для этого усилия Москвы направлены на то, чтобы использовать энергетический экспорт в качестве инструмента политики. Так, враждебные страны наказываются отказом осуществлять поставки в них российских энергоносителей, в то время как сильные дружественные государства наоборот получают всяческую поддержку, а их компаниям позволят инвестировать в развитие российской нефтегазовой отрасли.

Многие арабские страны тоже используют энергоресурсы в качестве инструмента политического давления, однако они бессильны в плане достижения своих целей и, в частности, не могут добиться поражения Израиля. Вместе с тем энергетика играет отрицательную роль в деле становления сверхдержавы. Дело в том, что зависимость от энергоресурсов обычно ведет к незначительному экономическому росту и политической нестабильности.

Однако здесь надо отметить, что в этом плане Россия отличает от других стран. До 1991 года эта страна была военной сверхдержавой, и после распада Советского Союза она частично сохранила его оружейный потенциал, включая ядерный арсенал и современные технологии. Кроме того, Россия, как и прежде Советский Союза, продолжает поставлять оружие в другие страны. Таким образом, потенциал этой страны основывается на огромных запасах энергоресурсов и советской военной технике, что и подкрепляет представление о ней как «энергетической сверхдержаве».

В настоящее время вместо подразделений Красной Армии для давления на Украину, кавказские и среднеазиатские республики используется энергетика, природный газ и связанные с этим компании. Россия способна изменить сложившуюся ситуацию на евразийском пространстве только за счет энергетики. Эта страна приобретает свой новый потенциал для «мягкой силы» и увеличения политического и экономического влияния благодаря огромным запасам нефти.

Начавшееся с 2000 года увеличение цены на нефть и газ привело к экономическому росту России и осуществлению важных реформ в этой стране. Как результат, российское руководство пересмотрело свою внешнюю и внутреннюю политику. В современной международной ситуации нефть и газ сделали Россию настоящей державой и соперником Соединенных Штатов. Энергетические компании России при поддержке национального правительства работают по всему миру. С 2000 года российские нефтяные и газовые гиганты, такие как «Лукойл», заняли видное место в энергетической сфере стратегически важных регионов Ближнего Востока, соседних государствах Восточной Европы и даже в США.

Россия обеспечивает половину поставок газа в Европу. Так, например, в 2006 году Германия на 40% обеспечивала себя поставками российского газа, Греция – на 84%, Австрия – на 78%, а страны Балтии и Финляндия – на 100%.

До прихода Путина к власти иностранные аналитики говорили о слабости и деградации российской экономики, а правительство этой страны обвиняли в коррумпированности и непрофессионализме. Тогда Россия была поверженной страной, не способной установить внутренний порядок. В 90-х годах прошлого века никто не думал, что эта страна когда-нибудь сможет вернуть себе положение сверхдержавы.

Улучшение экономической ситуации началось в 2000 году. Именно после этого благодаря политике российского руководства начала реализовываться идея «России как энергетической сверхдержавы». В рамках данной идеи мощь страны стала трактоваться как использование нефти и газа в качестве орудия усиления собственного влияния на соседние страны и на мировой арене в целом.

В результате этого в 2000-х годах с ростом мировых цен на топливо энергоресурсы стали базой развития российской экономики и сильным инструментом внешней политики и дипломатии. На саммите «Большой восьмерки» в 2005 году Путин заявил, что Россия, будучи к тому же и ядерной державой, обладает самым большим потенциалом в нефтегазовой области и лидирует на мировом энергетическом рынке. И действительно, Россия стала крупным производителем и экспортером нефти и природного газа и обладает наибольшими в мире запасами нефти и урана.

Словом, в 2003 году энергетическая стратегия России недвусмысленно заявила об энергоресурсах как политическом инструменте, а в доктрине 2009 года подчеркивается, что энергетическая тематика является новым направлением внешней политики этой страны.


Итак, в своей статье мы коротко рассмотрели стратегию многополярности и энергетическую стратегию, которые применяет Россия в целях восстановления собственного положения сверхдержавы на глобальном уровне.

Как было отмечено, именно с приходом к власти Путина в 1999 году и улучшением ситуации в экономической, политической и военных сферах эти две стратегии оказались во главе угла российской внешней политики. В нашей статье мы рассмотрели стратегию многополярности и оспаривание Россией положения США в качестве гегемона на международной арене.

Испытав сильное унижение в постсоветский период, начиная с 2000 года русские, урегулировав свои внутригосударственные проблемы, вознамерились отомстить США и ограничить сферу интересов этой страны в геополитически важных регионах, таких как Кавказ, Западная и Центральная Азия.

Сделав ставку во внешней политике на стратегию многополярности, в последние годы Россия пытается играть активную роль в международных делах и проводить политику, совершенно не зависимую от Запада и США. С 2000 года Россия всевозможными способами старается нивелировать роль США в решении политических вопросов разных регионов мира и по некоторым из них занимает весьма принципиальную позицию, действуя вопреки воле американцев.

Протесты по поводу размещения систем противоракетной обороны США в Восточной Европе, война в Грузии, поддержка ядерной программы Ирана, поддержка правительства Башара Асада в Сирии, несогласие с военным вмешательством западных стран в эту страну и, наконец, последние события на Украине отчетливо демонстрируют решительную позицию России, направленную против Соединенных Штатов.

Принимая во внимание все эти шаги российского правительства, многие политологи и специалисты по международным отношениям говорят об окончании периода однополярности и начале новой холодной войны между Россией и США.

Подводя итог, можно прогнозировать, что Соединенные Штаты продолжат попытки сохранить нынешнее положение и собственную роль лидера и экспансиониста в мире, а Россия будет предпринимать усилия для изменения существующих условий и установления многополярной структуры в международных делах, бросая при этом вызов империалистическому строю.

При этом существует целый спектр тем, связанных со стратегиями безопасности, который свидетельствует о серьезном соперничестве между США и Россией. Сейчас основная часть международных проблем, в которых проявляется конкуренция между Москвой и Вашингтоном, касается стратегического паритета, проекта установления систем противовоздушной обороны, региональных кризисов в Афганистане, Северной Корее и Сирии, геополитического соперничества в плане расширения НАТО, нынешней дестабилизации ситуации на Украине, а также такого ряда вопросов, как соблюдение прав человека и предоставление политического убежища Эдварду Сноудену.

Таким образом, в настоящий момент все эти проблемы наводят на мысль о том, что российско-американские отношения наладятся еще далеко не скоро. На пути сближения двух стран постоянно находятся определенные негативные моменты, которые препятствуют их развитию.

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Relations between Russia and the United States will improve any time soon, I’m sure the author of the article in the Iranian edition Iras

To restore its position in the international arena superpower Russia implements two strategies.

The first – a strategy to challenge the multipolarity of the international position of the United States. Second it’s energy strategy.

Consideration of these two strategies are addressed in this article.

In 1944, at the final stage of World War II, the term “superpower” used in relation to the two states the United States and the Soviet Union. Because of this, in the bipolar system of international relations at the head of two blocks of East and West were the two states, which occupy leading positions in the political, economic and military spheres.

In 1991, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the communist ideology faded Russian foreign policy in the international arena, having lost all initiative, why the United States became the only superpower in the whole world.

Nineties of the last century were marked by severe political and economic crisis in Russia, the situation which has been aggravated by extreme instability and social unrest. For this reason, the country has not had a chance to play a prominent role in international affairs, and economic weakness deprived her of all the chances in the competition with the West.

At that time, Russia has virtually lost its international influence and the reasons were different: the collapse of the whole empire, and return to the borders of the XVII century, the economic recession and social crisis, environmental disaster, weakening of the state and the army, rising crime and corruption, a shaky economy and high inflation.

However, since 2000, and especially since Putin came to power Russia took a realistic stance on domestic and foreign policy and began to seek recovery of its superpower position in the international arena.

Now the question is: what strategy implements Russia to return lost items once?

To answer this question it is necessary to note that in recent years to achieve this goal, Russia holds the two strategies. Firstly, it is the pursuit of multipolarity and challenge the position of the United States in international politics. Second, is the implementation of certain measures in the energy sector.

Multipolarity strategy is a response to a policy of expansion and unilateralism by the United States. Energy strategy is the implementation of Russia’s national interests around the world and especially in Europe and Asia.

Russian strategy multipolarity

Currently, Russia is building its foreign policy on the principle of multipolarity. It does this with the international situation and the United States in order to ensure their own interests in terms of security.

According to official statements made by the Russian government, the Russian press for an independent foreign policy, aimed at the creation of a multipolar world in which Russia should take its place, and thus narrow the hegemony of the United States in international affairs. To achieve this, Russia, deciding their most pressing economic problems and to improve their financial position, based on military capabilities.

Since coming to power, Putin announced the three pillars of its course: the modernization of the economy, achieving a prominent role in the processes of global competition and the restoration of Russia’s position as a major new powers.

Tactics and specific steps of Russian politicians argue that they are extremely dissatisfied with the unilateral actions of the United States. Apparently in 2007, but secretly earlier, Russia, believing in their own power thanks to the achievements in the various fields of geopolitics and geo-economics, pursuing a policy of “direct resistance” to the American hegemony and voluntarism.

Putin’s Russia does not officially recognize the unipolar mode as the ordering principle of the world and believes that it is contrary to its national interests.

For example, in a very dramatic speech at the Munich Security Conference in 2007, Putin challenged unilateral tactics the United States and the country’s efforts to establish in the world unipolar mode. Even then, the Russian president said: “The regime of unipolarity is not only acceptable, but also its establishment in the present circumstances it is impossible in principle.”

He denied the allegation that in the current international situation, there is one center of authority, one center of decision-making, one master and one government,” and clearly defined Russia’s intention to seek to establish a reasonable balance between the interests of all the players present on the international scene.

In other words, the regime of unipolarity, formed after the Cold War, and was unable to finally gain a foothold. Offensive policy in the energy sector with a focus on their own position as an energy superpower, large-scale program to modernize the army, large supplies of arms to other countries, opposition to the establishment of air defense systems in Eastern Europe and the rejection of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE), the establishment of new systems missile defense in the Leningrad region, support for Iran’s nuclear program, participation in events and help the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad and, most importantly, with the last crisis in Ukraine – all this is clear evidence of Russia’s attempts to raise its status in international affairs, which resulted in and became the tensions with the United States.

The Russian leadership is convinced that the United States established a unipolar mode exists only temporarily, it is unstable and unfair acts, so the recent events in the world, the new coalition of states and the emergence of powers such as China, India and Russia, are challenging the regime. Proponents of this view believe that the established imperialist regime does not meet current international conditions, and pretty soon the world established a new balance of power.

Thus, the increased tension between Russia and the United States convinced the Russian is that this process can not only further weaken the Americans, but also lead to international isolation. The Russian government, referring to the current events in the world and the weakening of the United States because of their wrong policies in recent years, said the current situation is quite suitable for the transformation of the country into a major world power, or to put it differently, inter-regional power capable of influencing the international system and taken in the framework of its decision.

Russia strongly seeking a new distribution of power in world affairs. The increasing desire of this country to a new power-sharing based on the direct disagreement with American unipolarity and the notion that the management of international affairs is hardly possible without the participation of Russian diplomacy. Through a coalition with such powers as China and Iran, Russia is trying to put an end to voluntarism and political forces of the United States in the international arena.

On this basis Russia is positioning itself as a major power and constantly in all sorts of appeals on various international issues, criticized the United States for unipolarity, hegemony and interference in the internal affairs of other states. President Putin is trying to position his country as the powers that global significance and is actively involved in the resolution of global problems.

Meanwhile, the United States seeks to deprive Russia of the right to participate in international issues. If Russia is again stronger, influence and interests of the United States in its neighboring regions will be seriously challenged. Declarative and practical measures Russia to a gradual change in the status quo and achieve a higher level in deciding the destiny of the world gives rise to the American management of anxiety for their own leadership in international affairs after the collapse of the Soviet Union and all the more makes it to assess the situation as the actual maintenance of the status quo, because Russia is gradually gaining strength and weaken the United States. It is for this reason that the United States are trying to create as possible limitations to the development of Russia.

Russia’s energy strategy: energy as a lever of political pressure

The essence of Russia’s foreign policy under President Putin is in competition for the return of its role as a superpower. According to the Russian leader, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 was the greatest tragedy of the twentieth century, so it is seeking recovery of Russia’s position that it had in the Soviet era. In this vein, Russia’s energy strategy aims to restore its superpower status.

With the world’s largest reserves of oil and gas, Russia in the international arena was able to demonstrate its strength in opposition to the European Union and the United States. Using a hidden policy of threats in terms of energy, the Kremlin leadership believes that the West, which is in dire need of Russian energy resources, there is no chance. Therefore, energy has become a powerful lever for Russian control policy of the European Union and countries in the Middle East and Central Asia.

His Russian energy strategy developed in the summer of 2003, when Vladimir Putin took her central place in Russian diplomacy. Then, in order to maintain the leading position in Russia in the global gas market measures have been taken to prevent the diversification of energy supplies, particularly for European countries.

Oil and gas reserves play a key role in the return of Russian leading role on the world stage. And in the Kremlin and in political circles in other countries, there is the idea that, thanks to its huge energy resources, Russia is able to regain his position as a superpower. There is no doubt that Russia has become a superpower in terms of energy.

Now this country is one of the largest suppliers of natural gas, and for the period from 1998 to 2004, Russia’s oil exports amounted to almost 48% of the total world supply of this raw material. Russia currently supplies the world market 22% of natural gas and a quarter from 40% of gas imports to Europe. Oil supply in this country is 12% of the world total, while in Europe the share of “black gold” of Russia is 22%.

In addition, Russia controls the supply of oil and gas from Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. So its oil diplomacy, primarily tied to the European countries, because the cost they are heavily dependent on Russian oil. Europe is aware that this is its weakest point, and therefore looking for alternative energy supplies.

Activity of Russian energy diplomacy felt in Asia. In this region, Russia supplies only 3% of its oil. Nevertheless, it is expected that by 2020, these exports may increase to 20%. In this regard, Russia is trying to go beyond attachment to only one user (referring to China), and expand the number of buyers of its fuel by Japan and South Korea.

Thus, Russia has become an energy superpower, so it uses its energy strategy to lift its own national spirit. Its leaders concerned about the preservation of the territorial unity of the country and preventing external threats, including those of a military nature.

To do this, Moscow’s efforts are aimed at being able to use energy exports as a political tool. So hostile country is punished by a refusal to supply them Russian energy, while strong friendly states on the contrary receive full support and allow their companies to invest in the development of Russia’s oil and gas industry.

Many Arab countries are also using energy as an instrument of political pressure, but they are powerless in terms of achieving its objectives and, in particular, can not achieve the destruction of Israel. However, energy plays a negative role in the formation of a superpower. The fact that the dependence on energy usually leads to a slight economic growth and political instability.

However, it should be noted that in this respect, Russia differs from other countries. Until 1991 this country was a military superpower, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it is partially retained its weapons capability, including nuclear arsenal and modern technology. In addition, Russia, as before the Soviet Union continued to supply weapons to other countries. Thus, the potential of this country is based on the vast energy resources and Soviet military equipment, which reinforces the idea of ​​it as an “energy superpower.”

Currently, instead of units of the Red Army to put pressure on Ukraine, the Caucasus and Central Asian republics used energy, natural gas and related companies. Russia is able to change the situation in the Eurasian space only by energy. The country gets its new potential for “soft power” and increasing political and economic influence thanks to its vast oil resources.

Begun in 2000 the increase in price of oil and gas has led to economic growth in Russia and the implementation of important reforms in the country. As a result, the Russian government has revised its foreign and domestic policies. In the current international situation, oil and gas prices have made Russia the present power and rival the United States. Russian energy companies, with the support of national governments are working around the world. Since 2000, the Russian oil and gas giants, such as “Lukoil”, featured prominently in the energy sector is strategically important regions of the Middle East, neighboring countries in Eastern Europe and even the United States.

Russia provides half of gas supplies to Europe. For example, in 2006 Germany 40% sufficient in the supply of Russian gas, Greece – 84%, Austria – 78%, and the Baltic countries and Finland – 100%.

Before Putin came to power, foreign analysts said the weakness and degradation of the Russian economy, and the Government has been accused of corruption and incompetence. Then Russia was defeated country, unable to establish internal order. In the 90s of the last century, no one thought that this country is ever to regain superpower status.

Improving the economic situation began in 2000. It was after this due to the policy of the Russian leadership was launched the idea of ​​”Russia as an energy superpower.” As part of this idea became the country’s might be interpreted as the use of oil and gas as a tool to strengthen its influence on neighboring countries and on the world scene as a whole.

As a result, in the 2000s, with the rise in world prices for fuel energy resources have become the foundation of the Russian economy and a strong instrument of foreign policy and diplomacy. At the summit of the “Big Eight” in 2005, Putin said that Russia, in addition to being a nuclear weapons state and has the greatest potential in the oil and gas industry and is a leader in the global energy market. Indeed, Russia has become a major producer and exporter of oil and natural gas and has the largest reserves in the world oil and uranium.

In short, in 2003, Russia’s energy strategy clearly stated about energy resources as a political tool, and in the doctrine of 2009 emphasized that energy issues is the new direction of the foreign policy of this country.


So, in his article, we briefly discussed the strategy of multi-polarity and energy strategy, which uses Russian in order to restore their situation superpower on a global level.

As noted, it is with Putin came to power in 1999 and the improvement of the situation in the economic, political and military spheres, these two strategies have been at the forefront of Russian foreign policy. In our article, we discussed the strategy of multi-polarity and challenging position of Russia in the United States as a hegemonic power in the international arena.

Having experienced a strong humiliation in the post since 2000, Russian resolve their domestic problems, set out to take revenge on the United States and limit the scope of the interests of this country in a geopolitically important regions such as the Caucasus, Western and Central Asia.

Making a bet in the foreign policy strategy of multipolarity, in recent years, Russia is trying to play an active role in international affairs and policies, it is not dependent on the West and the United States. Since 2000, Russia is trying all possible ways to level the role of the United States in dealing with political issues in different regions of the world and some of them occupies a very principled position, acting against the will of Americans.

Protests concerning the deployment of missile defense systems in Eastern Europe, the United States, the war in Georgia, support Iran’s nuclear program, support for the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, the opposition to the military intervention of Western countries in this country, and finally, the recent events in Ukraine demonstrate clearly the strong position of Russia directed against the United States.

Taking into account all these steps the Russian government, many political scientists and specialists in international relations say about the end of the period of unipolarity and the beginning of a new Cold War between Russia and the United States.

Summarizing, we can predict that the United States will continue to attempt to maintain the current situation and their own leadership and expansionist in the world, and Russia will make efforts to change the existing conditions and the establishment of a multipolar structure in international affairs, while throwing a challenge to the imperialist system.

In this case, there is a whole range of topics related to the security strategy that indicates a serious rivalry between the USA and Russia. Now the bulk of international problems, which manifest competition between Moscow and Washington, concerns the strategic parity, the project of establishing air defense systems, regional crises in Afghanistan, North Korea and Syria, geopolitical rivalry in terms of the expansion of NATO, the current destabilization of the situation in Ukraine, as well as a number of issues such as human rights and political asylum Edward Snowden.

So, now all these problems suggest that the Russian-American relations will improve further away any time soon. In the way of rapprochement between the two countries are always some negative things that hinder their development.

Киев срывает «план Путина» ! / Kiev break “Putin’s plan”!

Киев срывает «план Путина». Украинские власти не хотят и не могут остановить кровопролитие в Донбассе


Украинские власти не хотят и не могут остановить кровопролитие в Донбассе.

Владимир Путин предложил воюющим сторонам на Украине «дорожную карту», как остановить кровопролитие в Донбассе. Правда, мирный план вряд ли будет реализован. Этому помешает отсутствие политической воли у Киева и тот факт, что центральная власть не контролирует все вооруженные формирования, воюющие против народного ополчения Новороссии.

Свою инициативу Владимир Путин озвучил в ходе своего визита в Монголию. План содержит семь пунктов. Первый – прекратить все военные действия. Второй – отвести вооружённые подразделения силовых структур Украины на расстояние, исключающее возможность обстрела населённых пунктов артиллерией и всеми видами систем залпового огня. При этом соблюдение условий должны контролировать международные наблюдатели. Авиация должна отказаться от бомбардировок мирных городов и сел. При этом стороны должны произвести обмен пленными по формуле «всех на всех» без дополнительных условий, открыть коридоры для доставки гуманитарных грузов в Донбасс и обеспечить условия работы ремонтных бригад для восстановления инфраструктуры.

Премьер-министр Донецкой народной республики Александр Захарченко уже заявил, что ополченцы давно предлагали прекратить огонь и поддерживают план Путина. Но Киев должен заставить прекратить огонь не только армию, но и подразделения нацгвардии и частные батальоны.

По всей видимости, именно это условие и не может выполнить украинская власть. Ведь нацгвардия и частные батальоны снабжаются олигархами и подчиняются именно им. А они, в частности Игорь Коломойский, не настроены на мир.

В то же время, не может Киев не учитывать и мнение иностранных государств. Запад же финансировал Майдан, оказывал дипломатическое давление на Януковича и требовал начала военной операции в Донбассе явно не для того, чтобы в один момент пойти на признание народных республик. «Я думаю, суть в том, что россияне не искренне заинтересованы в прекращении огня. Они продолжают дестабилизировать восточную Украину», – уже заявил генсек НАТО Андерс Фог Расмуссен. При этом Северо-Атлантический альянс не ограничился словами, а направил в Черное море свои корабли. В акваторию вечером в среду вошли с управляемыми ракетами на борту французский корвет «Коммандан Биро» и американский эсминец «Росс», на подходе канадский фрегат «Торонто» и испанский фрегат «Альмиранте Хуан де Бурбон».

Внутриполитическая ситуация на Украине тоже далека от той, которая бы позволила заключить мирное соглашение. Хоть сам Порошенко и готов обсуждать предложения Путина, но его окружение требует продолжения войны. «Семь пунктов российского президента якобы для решения кризиса на Украине удивительным образом напоминают план спасения для российских террористов», – категорично заявил премьер-министр Украины Арсений Яценюк.

Тем не менее, сама Украина буквально трещит по швам. По словам назначенного из Киева губернатора Донецкой области Таруты, если украинская армия сдаст окруженный ополченцами Мариуполь, Украина должна будет признать поражение в войне. Дело в том, что в условиях отсутствия поставок российского газа вся надежда украинской энергетики сейчас на уголь. Его много в Донбассе, но Киев не контролирует этот регион. В результате Украина была вынуждена подписать контракт на поставку миллиона тонн из ЮАР. Но единственный порт, способный принимать корабли с углем, находится в Мариуполе. Так что перспектива всей стране зимой замерзнуть вполне реальная.

Но, видимо, в Киеве об этом думать не хотят. Там политики заняты предвыборными баталиями и говорят о скорой военной победе. Так что планы наиболее радикальных командиров ополчения скоро взять столицу Украины звучат вполне реально.

– Осуществимость плана Путина зависит от того, насколько враждующие стороны воспримут его как реальную дорогу к миру, – говорит профессор ВШЭ Леонид Поляков. – Со стороны ополченцев готовность работать по этому плану намного более высокая. Они действительно готовы сесть за стол переговоров и начать обсуждать формат присутствия Новороссии в составе Украины. Что касается Киева, то тут большое количество проблем. Прекратить военную операцию Порошенко будет очень сложно. До сих пор «партия войны» доминирует в украинской политике и в массовом сознании. Большинство населения не довольны снабжением армии, но не самой войной. Для украинского руководства очень трудно переступить через себя и принять план человека, которого считают врагом. Есть и фактор наличия западных советников, которые не очень заинтересованы в движении Украины по маршруту, указанному Россией. Хотя Евросоюз склоняется к мнению, что нужно политическое решение. Но всё зависит от Киева.

«СП»: – Но украинские СМИ могут развернуть парадигму и вести агитацию за мир.

– Украинские СМИ находятся в руках нескольких олигархических групп. Так что всё будет зависеть от игр олигархов. Найдутся люди, готовые сыграть на настроениях усталости и разочарования. Но могут найтись и крайние радикалы, которые используют сложное положение Порошенко для того, чтобы самим прорваться во власть. И если не путем нового Майдана, то хотя бы на выборах в Верховную Раду.

План Путина – это абсолютно продуманный выход из ситуации, ни по одному из семи пунктов никто ничего возразить не может. Это предложение опытного политика. Но план попадает в сложный киевский контекст, где завязано много противоречий. Так что исполнение плана Киевом под большим вопросом. Хотя ополченцы готовы следовать «дорожной карте».

«СП»: – Может ли Запад уговорить Киев прекратить войну под напором обстоятельства успеха ополчения?

– В Евросоюзе нет единства на эту тему. Хотя руководители крупных стран – Франции и Германии – должны оказывать на Порошенко давление в пользу этого плана. Но есть еще и Соединенные Штаты, а их интерес в продолжении конфликта как можно дольше. Чтобы никаких вариантов сближения России и Украины не осталось. Порошенко в очень сложной ситуации. Сам он похож на договороспособного человека, но он не самостоятелен. И наверняка у его американских друзей есть какая-то информация, которая может его сильно дискредитировать.

Президент Центра системного анализа и прогнозирования (Украина) Ростислав Ищенко полагает, что Киев даже при большом желании уже не сможет пойти на мирные переговоры:

– Выполнение плана по урегулированию маловероятно. Сам план совершенно нормальный, но мы имеем дело с неадекватными людьми в Киеве. И речь даже не о самом Порошенко, которому нужна передышка, а об остальной украинской власти. Проблема в том, что президент не может чем-то управлять. Территориальные батальоны полностью вышли из-под контроля: кто хочет – дезертирует, кто хочет – разбегается, кто хочет – воюет, другие грозят свергнуть Порошенко.

К тому же, украинская власть жертвует своей собственной пропагандой. Она пропагандировала войну, теперь очень сложно будет объяснить, почему она хочет заключить мир. Все последние недели, несмотря на поражения украинской армии от ополченцев, киевская пропаганда говорит о тысячах погибших российских военнослужащих и что чуть ли вообще не всю российскую армию перебили. Сложно будет объяснить перемирие, если есть военные успехи. Общественность в Киеве и городах на западе Украины конечно не хочет отправлять своих родственников на войну, но эта же общественность хочет, чтобы кто-то эту войну выиграл. Люди настроены так, что вся проблема в неумелых командующих, а потому надо поменять Порошенко и начальника Генштаба, и тогда война будет выиграна.

«СП»: – Власть в Киеве зависит от внешних сил, они могут уговорить пойти на перемирие.

– Вашингтону совершенно не выгодно, чтобы Порошенко заключал мир. Американцы считать умеют, и не хотят соглашений о фактическом признании Новороссии. Ведь это приведет к дальнейшей дефрагментации Украины. Войска начнут расходиться по домам, а восстания могут произойти в Харькове и других городах.

Вашингтон понимает, что киевская власть обанкротилась, дальше ее содержать нет желания и возможностей. Но чтобы бросить Киев на произвол судьбы, США нужен какой-то повод. Если власть рухнет под напором внутренних проблем и руководство в стране захватят боевики, то Вашингтон сможет сказать, что легитимный президент свергнут неизвестно кем, поэтому дальше поддерживать Украину мы не будем. Но это возможно только в том случае, если будут продолжаться поражения украинской армии. Но что получит Вашингтон сейчас? Договоренности о фактическом признании ДНР и ЛНР? Тогда вопрос: почему же не надо было соглашаться на федерализацию, а сейчас признавать независимость республик?

Давайте посмотрим на позицию Вашингтона. Он пытается перенести противостояние России в плоскость усиления группировок НАТО в Восточной Европе, срыва поставок «Мистралей». Украина воспринимается как отыгранная карта, США оттуда уходят. Посмотрим, что будет дальше.

«СП»: – На Западе говорят о возможном вводе миротворцев, в том числе и российских. Тогда конфликт не перекинется на Харьков.

– Но для этого нужно развести войска, поэтому потребуется контакт Киева с ополчением Новороссии. Надо будет создать буферную зону и ввести туда миротворцев. Но если Киев даст команду войскам отойти и позволит войти российским миротворцам, то это будет последний день украинского режима, его просто свергнут радикалы.

«СП»: – Армия Новороссии наступает, украинская армия разбредается. Чем может закончиться конфликт?

– Всё зависит от того, насколько быстрыми темпами армия Новороссии будет наращивать свой боевой потенциал. Чтобы наступать дальше, необходимо контролировать свои коммуникации, держать гарнизоны в городах. Если через неделю-две количество ополченцев составит более 40 тысяч человек, то Новороссия будет наступать. Военное поражение Киева из фронтовой катастрофы перейдет в разряд уже политической катастрофы.

Но нет никакой гарантии, что ополчение сможет наращивать силы быстрыми темпами. Если сейчас наступит оперативная пауза, то киевский режим сможет укрепиться. По крайней мере, у него появится время. Станут понятны дипломатические контакты. Но сложно будет прогнозировать продвижение ополчения на Запад. Есть вероятность, что начнутся восстания в крупных украинских городах. Но мы не знаем, начнутся ли они и если начнутся, то когда. Тут слишком большое количество неизвестных.

Но, на мой взгляд, при любом варианте развития событий, даже при заключении мира, Киев утратит контроль над Юго-Востоком. Какие бы соглашения не заключались, мы увидим совершенно новую ситуацию.

«СП»: – Насколько вероятно повторение июньского сценария, когда Порошенко объявил о прекращении огня и использовал время для подготовки решительного наступления на Донецк и Луганск?

– Это маловероятно. Сейчас Порошенко уже нечего перегруппировывать, его армия деморализована, мобилизация сорвана. Былого превосходства сил уже нет, если ополчение и уступает армии, то не на порядок, а в полтора-два раза. По утверждению ополчения, в ствольной артиллерии и вовсе достигнут паритет. Даже перегруппировав силы, Порошенко не сможет начать такое же решительное наступление.

Лучшее, что может сделать Порошенко с военной точки зрения, это стабилизировать фронт, уйти в глухую оборону и добиваться политического решения. Но это будет долгое и кровавое решение. Но я очень сомневаюсь, что украинская армия сможет долго удерживать фронт даже в обороне в условиях политической нестабильности и экономического коллапса.

Старший научный сотрудник Российского института стратегических исследований Олег Неменский считает, что у Порошенко нет другого выхода, как планомерно идти к катастрофе:

– Предложение Путина имеет, в первую очередь, информационное значение. В сложившихся обстоятельствах России и Новороссии важно постоянно показывать свой мирный настрой и конструктивную позицию. Выдвижение таких инициатив важно само по себе. Но очень трудно представить, чтобы оно могло быть реализовано.

Ничего принципиально оригинального в плане Путина нет. Проблема состоит в том, что ни одна из сторон конфликта не заинтересована в мире. При этом Российская Федерация не сторона конфликта, хоть симпатии ее понятны. Переговоры о мире должны проходить между двумя народными республиками и Киевом, что, собственно, и подчеркивает Путин.

Сейчас нет запроса на мир. Прежде всего, со стороны Киева. Нет той общественной силы, которая бы вынудила Порошенко начать переговоры и перейти к установлению мира. Даже если украинская армия будет терпеть поражения за пределами Донецкой и Луганской областей, власть не сможет пойти на мирные соглашения. Народ хочет войны и хочет победы. Нынешнее состояние украинского общества можно описать как военный психоз.

Миру мешают и грядущие выборы Верховной Рады в конце октября. До выборов все политические силы будут соревноваться друг с другом в радикальности лозунгов. После выборов начнут отмечать годовщину Майдана, и массовый психоз достигнет своего апогея. Может быть, условия для мирных проектов сложатся к концу зимы или к весне.

«СП»: – Люди не хотят отправки родственников на войну, но требуют победы.

– Человеческое сознание в принципе противоречиво. Так что нет ничего удивительного в том, что люди не хотят гибели родственников, но хотят победы. Особенно в центральных и западных областях страны.

«СП»: – Если человеческое сознание противоречиво, то пропаганда теперь сможет представить Порошенко как миротворца. С потерей Донбасса тоже многие согласятся, ведь даже многие украинские политики сейчас радуются тому, что страна потеряла Крым.Ukrainian authorities do not want and can not stop the bloodshed in the Donbass.

Vladimir Putin offered the belligerents in Ukraine “road map” on how to stop the bloodshed in the Donbass. However, the peace plan is unlikely to be realized. This will prevent the lack of political will on the part of Kiev, and the fact that the central government does not control all armed groups fighting against the People’s Militia of New Russia.

Their initiative Vladimir Putin announced during his visit to Mongolia. The plan contains seven items. The first to cease all hostilities. The second to withdraw the armed units of the security structures of Ukraine at a distance, precluding the possibility of firing artillery settlements and all kinds of rocket launchers. While respecting the environment should be controlled by international observers. Aviation should abandon the bombing of peaceful towns and villages. In this case, the parties must make the exchange of prisoners by the formula all for all” without conditions, open corridors for delivery of humanitarian supplies to the Donbas and to enable maintenance crews work to restore the infrastructure.

Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zaharchenko has already said that the militia has long offered a cease-fire and support Putin’s plan. But Kiev is to get a cease-fire not only the army but also the National Guard units and private battalions.

Apparently, it is this condition and can not fulfill the Ukrainian government. After all, the National Guard and private battalions supplied oligarchs and submit to them. And they, in particular Igor Kolomoisky not tuned to the world.

At the same time, can not be ignored Kiev and the opinion of foreign countries. The West funded Maidan provided diplomatic pressure on Yanukovych and demanded the military operation in the Donbas is clearly not to go at one point in the recognition of people’s republics. “I think the bottom line is that the Russians are not genuinely interested in a ceasefire. They continue to destabilize eastern Ukraine “, – has said NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. In this case, the North Atlantic alliance is not limited to words, and sent to the Black Sea the ships. In the waters on Wednesday evening came with guided missiles on board the French corvette Kommandan Biro” and the USS Ross” on the way Canadian frigate “Toronto” and the Spanish frigate “Almirante Juan de Borbon.”

The internal political situation in Ukraine, too, is far from that which would allow a peace agreement. Though he Poroshenko and ready to discuss Putin’s proposal, but his environment requires continuation of the war. “Seven points of the Russian president, ostensibly to deal with the crisis in Ukraine wonderfully reminiscent of a rescue plan for the Russian terrorists” categorically stated Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk.

Nevertheless, Ukraine itself is literally bursting at the seams. According appointed governor of Kiev, Donetsk region Taruta if the Ukrainian army will hand surrounded by militia Mariupol, Ukraine will have to admit defeat in the war. The fact is that in the absence of Russian gas supplies to all hope of the Ukrainian energy now for coal. His many in the Donbass, but Kiev has no control over this region. As a result, Ukraine was forced to sign a contract for the supply of million tons of South Africa. But the only port capable of receiving ships with coal, is in Mariupol. So the prospect of the whole country in the winter freeze quite real.

But apparently, in Kiev to think about it do not want. There policies busy election campaign and speak about the imminent military victory. So what’s the most radical militia commanders will soon take the capital of Ukraine sound quite real.

Feasibility of Putin’s plan depends on how the warring parties will perceive it as a real road to peace – says Professor Leonid Polyakov HSE. By militias willingness to work on this plan is much higher. They are really ready to sit down at the negotiating table and start discussing the format Novorossia presence within Ukraine. With regard to Kiev, then there is a large number of problems. Poroshenko halt the military operation will be very difficult. Until now, the “party of war” dominates in Ukrainian politics and in the public mind. Most people are not satisfied with the supply of the army, but not the war. For the Ukrainian leadership is very difficult to transcend themselves and take up of man, who is considered an enemy. There is also a factor in the presence of Western advisers, who are not very interested in going the route of Ukraine, Russia said. Even though the EU is inclined to believe that a political solution is necessary. But it all depends on Kiev.

“SP”: But the Ukrainian media can expand the paradigm and to campaign for peace.

Ukrainian media are in the hands of a few oligarchic groups. So everything will depend on the games of the oligarchs. There will be people ready to play on the sentiments of fatigue and frustration. But there may be, and the more radical, which use complex situation Poroshenko to break itself into power. And if not by new Maidan, at least in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada.

Putin’s plan it is absolutely thoughtful way out, none of the seven-point no one can argue. This proposal is an experienced politician. But the plan falls into the complex context of Kiev, which tied a lot of controversy. So that the execution plan of Kiev a big question. Although the militias are willing to follow the “road map.”

“SP”: Can the West to persuade Kiev to stop the war under the pressure of circumstances success militia?

In the European Union there is no consensus on this topic. Although the leaders of major countries France and Germany should have on Poroshenko pressure in favor of this plan. But there is also the United States, and their interest in the continuation of the conflict as long as possible. To any option of rapprochement between Russia and Ukraine left. Poroshenko in a very difficult situation. He looks like a negotiability man, but he is not independent. And certainly his American friends there is any information that can severely damage it.

President of the Center of Systems Analysis and Forecasting (Ukraine) Rostislav Ishchenko believes that Kiev even with a strong desire will not be able to go to the peace talks:

Implementation of the plan for the settlement is unlikely. The plan itself perfectly normal, but we deal with the inadequate people in Kiev. And it is not even about the Poroshenko, who need a break, and the rest of the Ukrainian authorities. The problem is that the president can not manage something. Territorial battalions completely out of control: who wants to – deserts, who wants to – runs up, who wants to – fighting, others threaten to topple Poroshenko.

In addition, the Ukrainian government sacrifices his own propaganda. She promoted the war, now it is very difficult to explain why she wants to make peace. All last week, despite the defeat of the army of the Ukrainian militia, Kiev propaganda speaks of thousands of dead Russian soldiers and that almost never the whole Russian army massacred. It will be difficult to explain the truce if there is military successes. Public in Kiev and cities in western Ukraine certainly does not want to send their relatives to the war, but the same public wants someone to win this war. People are configured so that the problem is incompetent commanders, and therefore we have to change Poroshenko and Chief of Staff, and then the war will be won.

“SP”: Power in Kiev is dependent on external forces, they can persuade to go to a truce.

Washington did not beneficial to Poroshenko made ​​peace. Americans know how to count, and do not want agreements on the actual recognition of New Russia. After all, this will lead to further defragmentation of Ukraine. Troops will begin to go home, and the uprising may occur in Kharkov and other cities.

Washington understands that the Kiev government went bankrupt on it contain no desire and opportunities. But to throw Kiev to fend for themselves, the United States needs some excuse. If the power will collapse under the pressure of internal problems and management in the country capture militants, Washington will be able to say that the legitimate president overthrown by someone unknown, so continue to support Ukraine we will not. But this is only possible if the will continue to defeat the Ukrainian army. But that will get Washington right now? Agreement on the de facto recognition of the DNI and LC? Then the question is: why do not have to settle for federalization, and now recognize the independence of the republics?

Let’s look at Washington’s position. He is trying to move into the plane of Russian opposition groups to strengthen NATO in Eastern Europe, the supply disruption Mistral”. Ukraine is perceived as overcame the United States to leave. Let’s see what will happen next.

“SP”: In the West say about the possible input peacekeepers, including Russian. Then the conflict will not spread to Kharkiv.

But you need to separate the troops, so you need to contact with the host of the New Russia Kiev. I’ll have to create a buffer zone and enter the peacekeepers there. But if Kiev will order troops to withdraw and allow you to enter the Russian peacekeepers, it will be the last day of Ukrainian regime, its just overthrown radicals.

“SP”: – Army Novorossia comes Ukrainian army disperses. What could end the conflict?

It all depends on how fast the army of New Russia will increase its military capabilities. To advance further, it is necessary to control their communication to keep garrisons in the cities. If after a week or two, the number of volunteers will be more than 40 thousand people, the New Russia will attack. Military defeat of Kiev from the front crash be joining the already political disaster.

But there is no guarantee that the militia forces will increase rapidly. If now is the operational pause, the Kiev regime may strengthen. At least he will have the time. Will become apparent diplomatic contacts. But it will be difficult to predict promotion militia in the West. There is a possibility that the start of the uprising in major Ukrainian cities. But we do not know whether they will begin to start and if so, when. Here too many unknowns.

But, in my opinion, in any scenario, even if the conclusion of peace, Kiev loses control of the South-East. Whatever agreements have not been concluded, we will see an entirely new situation.

“SP”: How likely is a repeat of the June scenario where Poroshenko announced a cease-fire and used the time to prepare for a decisive attack on the Donetsk and Lugansk?

It is highly unlikely. Now Poroshenko has nothing to regroup his army is demoralized, mobilization foiled. Former superiority of forces is no longer if the militia and inferior army, it is not an order of magnitude and a half to two times. According to the militia, in cannon artillery and does reach parity. Even regroup, Poroshenko not be able to start the same offensive.

The best thing that can make Poroshenko from a military point of view, it is to stabilize the front, go on the defensive and seek a political solution. But it will be a long and bloody decision. But I very much doubt that the Ukrainian army will be able to hold the front for a long time, even in the defense in the context of political instability and economic collapse.

Senior researcher at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies Oleg Nemensky believes that Poroshenko no choice but to systematically go to disaster:

Putin’s proposal is, first of all, the information value. In these circumstances, Russia and New Russia is important to constantly show their peaceful attitude and constructive attitude. Such initiatives is important in itself. But it is very difficult to imagine that it could be implemented.

Nothing essentially original in Putin’s plan is not. The problem is that none of the parties to the conflict are not interested in peace. The Russian Federation is not party to the conflict, although its sympathies are clear. Peace negotiations should take place between the two People’s Republic and Kiev, which, in fact, emphasizes Putin.

Now there is no demand on the world. First of all, by Kiev. None of the social forces that have forced Poroshenko begin negotiations and to move towards peace. Even if the Ukrainian army will be defeated outside the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, the government will not be able to go to the peace agreements. The people want the war and wants to win. The current state of Ukrainian society can be described as a war psychosis.

Peace and prevent future election to the Verkhovna Rada in late October. Before the elections, all political forces will compete with each other in radical slogans. After the election, will celebrate the anniversary of the Maidan, and mass hysteria reaches its climax. Maybe the conditions for peaceful projects will develop by the end of the winter or the spring.

“SP”: People do not want to send relatives to the war, but require a victory.

The human consciousness is in principle inconsistent. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that people do not want the death of relatives, but they want to win. Especially in the central and western regions of the country.

“SP”: If the human mind is contradictory, the promotion will now be able to submit Poroshenko as a peacemaker. With the loss of Donbass, too many would agree, because even many Ukrainian politicians now rejoice that the country has lost the Crimea.

But then Poroshenko will have to explain to the people that made it so reborn, because he used to say opposite things. If he renounces his former position, then becomes another politician. And it is not clear on what grounds then he heads to Ukraine. Poroshenko for the foreseeable future, this option is not there. He the leader of the war party.”

“SP”: In the country‘s economic and political crisis, the army was defeated, and the war must continue.

It is unlikely that most Poroshenko accept such a situation. But he had no choice. A war could continue in any conditions. Even if people will not have heat, electricity, hot water and other creature comforts, and the front has moved to Kiev. The war will go up as long as the attitude of society will not be replaced with a war for recognition as an equal party militias. If now Poroshenko abandon hostilities, it will lose significant support in the community, and its former adversaries still not be supported.

– Но тогда Порошенко надо будет объяснить народу, что заставило его так переродиться, ведь раньше он говорил противоположные вещи. Если он отрекается от прежних позиций, то становится уже другим политиком. И не ясно, на каких тогда основаниях он возглавляет Украину. Для Порошенко в обозримом будущем такого варианта просто нет. Он – лидер «партии войны».

«СП»: – В стране экономический и политический кризис, армия терпит поражение, а войну надо продолжать.

– Вряд ли самого Порошенко устраивает такая ситуация. Но выбора у него нет. А войну можно продолжать в любых условиях. Даже если у людей не будет тепла, электричества, горячей воды и прочих благ цивилизации, а фронт передвинется к Киеву. Война будет идти до тех пор, пока не сменится настрой общества с войны на признание ополченцев как равной стороны. Если сейчас Порошенко откажется от военных действий, он потеряет значимую поддержку в обществе, а его прежние противники всё равно поддерживать не будут.

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ЖИТЕЛЬ МИНСКА НЕ СПИТ И НЕ СТАРЕЕТ ! / Minsk residents does not sleep, does not age !


Обычный необычный Яков Циперович 1 (380x270, 35Kb)
Обычный электрик Яков Циперович, любящий проехаться в почтовом вагоне и выместить злость кулаками, превратился в настоящего ‘биоробота’. Его первая жена, съедаемая постоянной ревностью, отправила 26-летнего мужа в реанимацию в 1979-м, подсыпав смертельного яда в его вино. Белорус Яков заявил, что в больнице все наблюдал со стороны, как бы воспарив к потолку в виде светового пятна.
Он вылетел из палаты и закрутился в некой огромной спирали, на разных витках которой в него загружался немыслимый поток информации. Циперович видел вокруг себя другие световые субстанции, некие сущности, и непонятным для себя образом осознавал, что энергетические существа обитают здесь десятки тысяч лет. В клинической смерти Яков пробыл час, тогда как обычно клетки мозга в таком состоянии начинают отмирать через 5-10 мин. Он смог вернуться ‘оттуда’ после недельной комы, однако стал абсолютно другим человеком.
Когда Циперович пришел в сознание, он не только почувствовал чужим весь мир, но и не смог узнать самого себя. Его мысли кто-то подменил. Его голова кипела знаниями, полученными ‘ниоткуда’. Фонтаны новых идей, струящиеся в странной стихотворной форме, проходили через сознание Якова, и с этого момента в его голове воцарилась удивительная ясность. Всем своим естеством Циперович понимал – он уже не тот, кем был до отравления.
После пережитого Якову пришлось заново учиться управлять своим телом, которое отнюдь не вышло из строя, не было никаких проблем со здоровьем, но само тело ощущалось совсем по-другому. Мало того, постепенно вернувшись к повседневности, белорус обнаружил, что взявшая его в заложники бессонница не поддается нормальному объяснению. Пытаясь пояснить свое положение, Циперович предложил вспомнить Ванька-встаньку. Когда Яков пытался лечь в кровать, некая сила поднимала его и не давала оставаться в вертикальном положении, словно в нем был балансирующий механизм ‘неваляшки’. Циперович уставал как обычный человек, ему хотелось спать, но как только на него накатывала дрема, в голове раздавался звук, напоминавший щелчок, не дававший погрузиться в сон.
Когда стало совсем невмоготу, изнутри Якова стала исходить огромная сила, начали расти его мышцы и увеличиваться вес. Кто-то отключил в нем физическую усталость навсегда, и для Циперовича пропала потребность во сне. Пытаясь определить пределы своих возможностей, Циперович однажды устроил для себя марафон на износ, но даже 10 тыс. отжиманий не смогли как-то ослабить ‘биоробота’ и подарить сон хотя бы на пять минут. С таким поворотом Яков почувствовал, словно закончилась очередная фаза его преобразования в ‘нового человека’, не требующего перезарядки во сне.
Сегодня Циперович, которому исполнилось 54 года, живет в Минске (Minsk) со своей второй женой Кариной (Karina), практически жизнью затворника. Его домашние, в том числе сын Александр (Alexander), давно привыкли к необычным способностям главы семьи. Яков не спит вот уже 33 года и в своем солидном возрасте выглядит не старше 35. Он стал присматриваться к своим знакомым, которые с годами покрывались морщинами, теряли упругость кожи, седели и лысели, и осознал, что просто ‘законсервировался’, перестал стареть и нашел способ обмануть время. Точнее, сам Циперович уверяет, что вообще перестал чувствовать время, смену дня и ночи и стал жить в одном огромном неделимом дне.
Объяснить ‘вечную молодость’ Циперовича отчасти можно состоянием его организма, впавшего в некое состояние анабиоза. Температура его тела не поднималась выше 34°C и лишь в текущем году увеличилась на 1°C.
Создается ощущение, что Яков должен буквально жить в исследовательской лаборатории и находиться под пристальным наблюдением ученых. Однако медики не проявили к нему практически никакого интереса. По собственной инициативе он сдал анализы, прошел ряд тестов, которые определили его абсолютно здоровым, и был отпущен на все четыре стороны по причине отсутствия аномалий. Циперович побывал у экстрасенсов, наведывался к Джуне (Juna), к психоневрологам, но так и не сдвинулся с мертвой точки.
Поверить в существование ‘биоробота’ не так просто. Еще сложнее разделить вместе с ним его ‘потусторонние знания’ о древних цивилизациях и бесконечных возможностях человеческого тела. Он ‘узнал’, что древние египтяне, строя величественные пирамиды, контактировали с пришлецами. Как говорит Циперович, пирамиды – это результат метафизического действия, мысленного воздействия на объекты, которые телепортировались. Признавая реальность существования атлантов, Циперович говорит, что жители Атлантиды (Atlantis) обладали способностью к левитации.
Сколько же может прожить человек, чей механизм старения был чудесным образом отключен? Яков пока не зарекается о вечности, но уверен, что со своей собственной методикой упражнений дотянет до отметки в 200 лет.


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Normal electrical Tsiperovich Jacob, loving ride in the mail car and vent anger fists, turned into a real biorobot’. His first wife, eats constant jealousy, sent a 26-year-old husband to the emergency room in 1979, spiked with deadly poison in his wine. Belarusian Jacob said that in the hospital all watched from the sidelines as would soar to the ceiling in the form of the light spot.
He flew out of the room and spun around in some huge spiral in different orbits which it was loaded incredible flow of information. Tsiperovich saw around him other light substances, certain entities, and confusing for a way realized that energy beings live here tens of thousands of years. In clinical death Jacob spent an hour, whereas normally the brain cells in this condition begin to die within 5-10 minutes. He was able to return to out’ after a week-long coma, but has become a completely different person.
When Tsiperovich regained consciousness, he not only felt alien world, but could not find himself. His thoughts are someone replaced. His head was in full swing knowledge gained nowhere’. Fountains of new ideas flowing in a strange poetic form, passed through the mind of Jacob, and from this point on in his head reigned amazing clarity. With all my Tsiperovich understood he was not who he was before the poisoning.
After experiencing Jacob had to learn to control his body, which is not out of order, there were no health problems, but the body itself felt quite differently. Moreover, gradually returning to everyday life, Belarusian found that having taken him hostage insomnia defies normal explanation. Trying to explain his position, Tsiperovich proposed remember RolyPoly. When Jacob was trying to get into bed, a power him up and did not allow to remain in an upright position, as if it was a balancing mechanism dolls’. Tsiperovich tired like a normal person, he wanted to sleep, but as soon as it rolls drowsiness, head heard sound like a click, do not let’s dive into a dream.
Minsk residents does not sleep, does not age
When it became unbearable, come inside Jacob became a huge force, began to grow his muscles and increase weight. Someone has disabled it physical fatigue forever, and Tsiperovich lost the need for sleep. Trying to define the limits of their capabilities, Tsiperovich once pitched for a marathon to wear, but even 10 thousand. Pushups could not somehow weaken biorobot’ sleep and give at least five minutes. With this turn of Jacob felt like over the next phase of its transformation into new man’, which does not require recharging in a dream.
Today Tsiperovich, who turned 54 years old, lives in Minsk (Minsk) with his second wife Karina (Karina), almost reclusive life. His home, including a son, Alexander (Alexander), have long been accustomed to the unusual abilities of the family head. Yaakov did not sleep for 33 years and in his advanced age looks no older than 35 he started looking for his friends, who over the years covered by wrinkles, lost elasticity of the skin, saddles and lyseli, and realized that just ‘mothballed’, ceased to age and found a way to cheat time. More precisely, he Tsiperovich assures that has ceased to feel the time, day and night, and went to live in one huge undivided bottom.
Explain the eternal youth’ Tsiperovich be partly state of his body, has fallen into a kind of state of suspended animation. His body temperature did not rise above 34 ° C, and only in the current year increased by 1 ° C.
Minsk residents does not sleep, does not age
A feeling that Jacob should just live in a research lab and be closely monitored by scientists. However, doctors did not express little interest. On his own initiative, he passed the tests, passed a series of tests that determined his perfectly healthy, and was released on all four sides because of the absence of anomalies. Tsiperovich visited psychics, dropped in to Juna (Juna), a neuropsychiatrist, but never got off the ground.
Believe in the existence of biorobotis not so easy. Even more difficult to share with him his otherworldly knowledgeabout ancient civilizations and the infinite possibilities of the human body. He knew’ that the ancient Egyptians, building majestic pyramids, in contact with a stranger. Says Tsiperovich, pyramid – is the result of metaphysical action, mental effects on objects that teleported. Recognizing the reality of the existence of Atlantis, Tsiperovich said that the people of Atlantis (Atlantis) had the ability to levitate.
How many people can live, whose mechanism of aging was miraculously turned off? Yakov until forswear eternity, but I am sure that with his own technique exercises make it to the level of 200 years.


Сверхспособности Мирина Дажо — загадка истории. / Myrina Dazho superpowers – mystery stories.

Марин Дажо посвятил жизнь демонстрации людям сверхспособностей. Он выступал на медицинских конгрессах, в присутствии множества докторов, врачей и журналистов, которые фиксировали показания его организма. Острые спицы и кинжалы проходили сквозь его органы сердце, лёгкие и селезёнку, иногда через несколько органов одновременно без крови. Он говорил что предметы просто дематериализуются внутри его, поэтому не наносят вред. Время от времени лезвия посыпались ядом или вонзались преднамеренно заржавевшие. В одном выступлении в Цюрихе, чтобы доказать публике, что это не обман, Дажо пронзили тремя полыми 8-миллиметровыми трубками, через которые подавалась вода.


Его ассистент отмечал телепатические и целителькие способности Дажо, лечение людей происходило в присутствии врачей. На его выступлениях зрители часто падали в обморок от увиденного. Во время одного из выступлений у особенно впечатлительной зрительницы случился сердечный приступ. 31 мая 1947 года он продемонстрировал свои таланты в Цюрихском кантональном госпитале в присутствии комиссии. Там же были сделаны рентгеновские снимки, показывающие пронзённые шпагой внутренние органы. После изъятия шпаги кровь отсутствовала, а на теле остались лишь маленькие пятнышки. Подобные исследования были проведены также в Базеле и Берне.


Для Мирина Дажо его выступления не были целью получения славы или богатства, он хотел показать миру, что есть нечто большее, чем реальность, и человек может существовать вне материального мира. Люди должны понять, что существует высшая сила, источник, Бог, который даёт эти способности, как ясный знак того, что существует нечто большее за пределами материалистической картины мира. Он утверждал, что доносит послание мира, а материалистический путь человека может привести к нищете и войне.

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Marin Dazho devoted his life to demonstrate to people super-powers. He has spoken at medical congresses, in the presence of many doctors, doctors and journalists who recorded the testimony of his body. Sharp needles and daggers passed through his organs heart, lungs and spleen, sometimes through several bodies at the same time without blood. He said that just dematerialize objects inside it, so no harm. From time to time the blade fell poison or stabbed deliberately rusted. In a speech in Zurich in order to prove to the public that it’s not cheating, Dazho pierced three 8mm hollow tubes through which water is supplied.


His assistant noted telepathic abilities and tselitelkie Dazho treatment of people occurred in the presence of doctors. At his audience often fainted from what he saw. During one of the performances in particularly impressionable spectators had a heart attack. May 31, 1947, he demonstrated his talents at the Zurich cantonal hospital in the presence of the commission. There also have been made ​​by X-rays showing a sword thrust through the internal organs. After removal of blood missing sword and his body were only small specks. Similar studies were also conducted in Basel and Bern.


Myrina Dazho for his performances were not to obtain fame or fortune, he wanted to show the world that there is something greater than the reality, and man can exist beyond the material world. People need to understand that there is a higher power source, the God who gives these abilities as a clear sign that there is something more beyond the materialistic world view. He argued that conveys a message of peace and materialistic way of man can lead to poverty and war.

Ultimatum aliens or final warning? / Ультиматум инопланетян или последнее предупреждение?

Ультиматум инопланетян или последнее предупреждение?


Ультиматум инопланетян или последнее предупреждение?Статья опубликована на  очень серьезном сайте «Ветераны Сегодня» – респектабельное электронное издание бывших сотрудников американского госдепа и разведки.

Alien Agenda IV: Alien Ultimatum or Final Warning ?

Инопланетяне предупредили мировую элиту и суперолигархов, управляющих Землей, что они должны быстро навести «порядок в доме» или получат «финальный суд» /”Космическую перезагрузку”.

(Примечание автора: Эта статья написана для хорошо информированных действующих и отставных военных, сотрудников разведки и ветеранов спецслужб, политиков высокого уровня и членов Конгресса. Если у вас нет знания вопроса о Секретных космических войнах, читать эту статью, вероятно, значит, попусту тратить драгоценное время).

Последнее предупреждение было передано благожелательными инопланетянами. Они предупредили суперэлиту и олигархов, управляющих планетой Земля, что они должны быстро навести «порядок в доме» или получат «финальный суд» /Космическую перезагрузку?

Несколько источников самого высокого уровня, в том числе главный редактор «Ветеранов Сегодня», Гордон Дафф, утверждают, что группе суперэлиты и олигархов было передано очень серьезное сообщение.

Послание было мрачным, в милитаристском стиле, и доставлено во время недавней встречи определенной высшей группы суперолигархов, но не CFR (Совета по Международным Отношениям) или Tрехсторонней Комиссии, но, возможно, группе что-то вроде «Общества Пилигримов».

Можно было бы ожидать, чтобы будет чрезвычайно трудно получить точную информацию о такой  встрече и о том, что происходит за закрытыми дверями при высоком уровне безопасности, но Гордон Дафф предоставил подтверждение того, что имело место на этой встрече.

В качестве не подтвержденного предположения можно сказать, что якобы очень высокого уровня чиновник из ООН представил очень мрачное сообщение для элиты, суперолигархов от имени определенной группы инопланетян.

Суть послания – предупреждение, что если суперэлита не остановит произвол, коррупцию на всех уровнях и распространение Зла на планете, то очень мощная Космическая сущность запустит «финальный суд» или тотальную «Космическую перезагрузку» на планете Земля.

И 90% присутствующих на этой встрече уже через два года не окажутся в подобном зале.

Пока нет ясности, какая именно группа инопланетян направила ультиматум. Вполне вероятно, что угроза исходит от сущностей, которые повинны в распространении Зла на нашей планете в течение многих тысяч лет, и которая известна как главная паразитическая сущность на планете.

Ультиматум инопланетян или последнее предупреждение?

Что, в частности, может представлять собой «финальный суд» или тотальная «Космическая перезагрузка» на планете Земля?

Я не могу предоставить вам точную информацию о том, что собой будет представлять решение о «Судном дне» или что станет фактическим поводом. Можно только сделать обоснованное предположение.

Это может быть предупреждение, что если не избавить общество от коррупции, зла, очень скоро современная цивилизация, какой мы ее знаем, перестанет существовать. Возможно, это будет массовая гибель. Или, возможно, будет спровоцирована Гражданская война, беспорядки в крупных городах, поджоги крупных городских районов с последующим массовым разгоном и массовыми арестами Департаментом внутренней безопасности (DHS); или провоцирование Всемирной ядерной войны; или, возможно, начнется масштабный мировой экономический крах с потерей электричества и разрушением городской инфраструктуры повсеместно.

Или, возможно, произойдет прямое геофизическое нападение на планету Земля группой инопланетян с использованием передовых космических систем вооружения, чтобы вызвать всемирный погодный коллапс или экологических катастрофу. Или, возможно, будет наведен большой метеоритный удар. Или, возможно, прямое вторжение злой, паразитической, людоедской группы инопланетян, известной как Dracos, рептилий “Ордена Змеи”.

Ультиматум инопланетян или последнее предупреждение?

Возможно, это решение, которое подразумевает новый всемирный потоп, который возникнет в результате использования электромагнитного оружия. Возможно, это будет климатическая катастрофа или многочисленные, повторяющиеся бедствия. Или внезапная самопроизвольная детонация всего ядерного потенциала.

Однако существует и такая версия, что одна доброжелательная группа инопланетян, известная как высокие Белые Нордики пытаются предупредить элиту и суперолигархов, что, если они не откажутся от практики зла, убийств и насилия, то они потеряют все, чем они владеют, так как весь мир окажется в руинах в результате ядерной WW3.

Ультиматум инопланетян или последнее предупреждение?

Также существует версия, что цель предупреждения – предотвратить использование группой суперэлиты и инопланетянами Dracos совместно разработанного высокотехнологичного оружия по технологии деформации времени, что представляет угрозу для галактики или за ее пределами.

В статье также сказано, что в ближайшее время произойдет раскрытие инопланетного присутствия на Земле и наличия у землян космических аппаратов, работающих на принципе антигравитации.

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Article published on the website is very serious “Veterans Today” – a respectable electronic edition of the former employees of the U.S. State Department and intelligence agencies.

Alien Agenda IV: Alien Ultimatum or Final Warning?

Aliens warned the world elite and superoligarhov, ruling the Earth, they must quickly bring clean house,” or receive “final judgment” / Space reboot.”

(Author’s note: This article is written for the well-informed of current and retired military personnel, intelligence officers and veterans of the security services, high-level politicians and members of Congress. If you have no knowledge of the issue of the secret space wars, read this article probably means wasting precious time).

The last warning was transferred benevolent aliens. They warned the super elite and the oligarchs that control the planet Earth that they must quickly bring clean house,” or get a final judgment” / Space reboot?

Several sources at the highest level, including the chief editor of Veterans TodayGordon Duff, argue that the super-elite group of oligarchs and was handed a very serious message.

The message was grim in militaristic style and delivered during a recent meeting certain superoligarhov highest group, but not CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) or Trehstoronney Commission, but maybe something like a group of Pilgrim Society“.

Would be expected to be extremely difficult to obtain accurate information about such a meeting and that happens behind closed doors at a high level of security, but Gordon Duff has provided confirmation that took place at this meeting.

As an unsubstantiated assumption we can say that supposedly very high level official of the United Nations presented a very gloomy message for the elite, superoligarhov on behalf of a particular group of aliens.

The message a warning that if the super-elite will not stop tyranny, corruption at all levels and the spread of evil in the world, it is very powerful cosmic entity launch final judgment” or total Cosmic reset” on planet Earth.

And 90% of those present at the meeting in two years will not appear in such a room.

Not yet clear what kind of a group of aliens sent an ultimatum. It is likely that the threat comes from entities that are responsible for the spread of evil on this planet for thousands of years, and which is known as the main parasitic entity on the planet.

Ultimatum aliens or final warning?

That, in particular, may be a “final judgment” or total “Remote reset” on planet Earth?

I can not give you the exact information that will be a decision on the Day of Judgment” or what would be the actual reason. You can only make an educated guess.

This may be a warning that if you do not rid society of corruption, evil, very soon modern civilization as we know it, will cease to exist. Perhaps it will be mass destruction. Or perhaps, will provoke a civil war, riots in major cities, burning large urban areas, followed by a massive crackdown and mass arrests of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS); or provoking World nuclear war; or perhaps begin a large-scale global economic collapse with the loss of electricity and the destruction of urban infrastructure everywhere.

Or perhaps will direct geophysical attack on planet Earth group of extraterrestrials using advanced space weapons systems to cause the collapse of the global weather or environmental catastrophe. Or, perhaps, will be put in a large meteor strike. Or perhaps direct intervention evil, parasitic, cannibalistic group of aliens known as Dracos, reptiles Order of the Snake.”

Ultimatum aliens or final warning?

Perhaps this decision, which implies a new deluge that will arise from the use of electromagnetic weapons. Perhaps it will be climate catastrophe or multiple, recurring disasters. Or sudden spontaneous detonation of all nuclear capacity.

However, there is a version that one friendly group of aliens known as high White Nordics try to warn superoligarhov elite and that if they do not renounce the practice of evil, murder and violence, they will lose everything they own, as the whole world would be in ruins as a result of nuclear WW3.

Ultimatum aliens or final warning?

There is also a version that the purpose of warning – prevent the use of super-elite group of aliens and Dracos jointly developed high-tech weapons technology time warp that is a threat to the galaxy and beyond.

The article also said that in the near future will disclose the alien presence on Earth, and the availability of earthlings spacecraft operating on the principle of antigravity.

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