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“Apache” Donbas “Oliver Perry” for Odessa ! Establish a program of the United States arms deliveries to Ukraine .

«Апачи» для Донбасса, «Оливер Перри» для Одессы. США разрабатывают программу поставок оружия на Украину

Washington and NATO are going to seriously equip Kyiv. On Thursday, October 9, the Deputy Secretary General of NATO Alexander Vershbow said that NATO stands ready to assist in the inspection of the security and defense of Ukraine, and “help rebuild a strong Ukrainian army.”

We will provide an opportunity to the armed forces of Ukraine and NATO countries to work together,” – Vershbow said in a video message to the participants of the international conference “Challenges of the European security architecture: Ukrainian Context” in Kiev.

A day earlier, October 8, the assistant head of the Pentagon Derek Chollet, speaking at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, said that the United States is considering the possibility to supply Ukraine weapon.

As noted by Chollet, on arms asked Ukrainian President Poroshenko. United States initially refused, but now interested in how to develop a program that can eventually lead to this (the supply of arms ” SP “).”

Chollet, moreover, said that the United States is ready to help “independence” to restore the navy and armed forces in general. “We want to see Ukraine and its army strong,” – said the assistant head of the Pentagon.

Recall: September 18, Poroshenko in his address to Congress, the United States asked for his country weapons and military equipment.

What is going to the United States to arm the Ukraine and when?

The United States can solve the problem with the supply as soon as possible, and to provide Ukraine with almost any weapon – says a leading researcher at the Institute of International Security Problems Alexey Fenenko. It all depends on what status will get “independence.”

If Ukraine really get the status of Major Non-NATO Ally (key ally of the United States non-NATO), the Americans, in principle, it can deliver any weapon other than the strategic and nuclear – and small, and armored vehicles, and front-line aircraft.

The second option – Washington may conclude with Kiev special agreement on the supply of arms and armaments to stipulate it to be delivered.

The third option Americans can run a special program of bilateral cooperation, modeled on the US-Georgia to equip and teach“, which operated since 2002.

The fourth option – the conclusion of a special agreement NATO-Ukraine.

As you can see, the choice of the United States is quite large. The only thing that is perhaps a little holding back Washington from forcing the issue with the supply of weapons – the experience of the five-day war in 2008. If Ukraine will lose the new conflict, and American weapons (as it was in the Russian-Georgian conflict) will get a trophy in the hands of the militia, it will be very embarrassing for the United States.

But in general, the decision whether or not to supply weapons to Kiev is entirely dependent on the administration of the United States.

“SP”: This is a complete translation of the Ukrainian army to NATO standards?

Americans have no sense fully rearm Ukraine. The purpose of the United States – to create the illusion of the Ukrainian leadership that Americans support it, to push hard to force Kiev steps. For example, when the need to ignite a new armed conflict.

That’s what Washington once acted with Saakashvili. He also supplied the American weapons is not in order to fully re-equip the Georgian army, and to create the illusion of support and push to heighten tensions in South Ossetia.

“SP”: The Americans could have armed with modern weapons limited Ukrainian contingent, so that this group tried to break through in the Crimea?

In Crimea – is unlikely, then the question is not resolved with the Donbas. American weapons are intended rather for action against the New Russia. United States think sequentially: first, the Donbass, and only then, with a favorable scenario, you can escalate the tensions over the Crimea. While, again, the priority – it Donbass.

“SP”: What exactly do you need from the American arms of the Ukrainian army to act in the Donbass?

I think nothing. Key issues in the Army of Ukraine a low level of training of personnel and inadequate planning system operations, which significantly lagged behind the advanced military practice. Finally, today Ukrainian soldiers almost no motivation to participate in hostilities. It is in these terms the reasons for the defeat in Kiev.

“SP”: But it seems that things are heading towards a peaceful settlement. Why would the United States consider military options for dealing with South-East?

– Military options are always considered. Furthermore, I am convinced that a peaceful settlement of Kiev option takes seriously. He considers exclusively peaceful pause as an opportunity to build the capacity of the Ukrainian army, and then to take revenge in the Donbass.

Besides, Kiev seriously fears that after the Donbas start conflicts around Kharkov and Zaporozhye. Ukrainian authorities are afraid that it will end up in that Kiev will lose more and Odessa last significant Ukrainian port. In my view, the United States does not exclude the escalation of hostilities in and around Mariupol.

“SP”: – What Kiev will pay off with Washington for military assistance?

– Cost of Kiev will be the injection of anti-Russian tension in Europe, inflating military conflict in the South-East, and further driving a wedge in the EU-Russia relationship.

It is unlikely that the United States and forget about the money. Supply arms where there will be military-industrial corporations, and they are in charity, even with political overtones, are not engaged.

Americans tend to start deliveries of weapons from small arms, and then transferred to the heavy weapons, and at the last stage to the supply of combat aircraft, said the analyst, retired Colonel Semen Bagdasarov. The question is how and what Ukraine will pay off with the Americans?

Money from the Ukrainian government does not. This is not Iraq, which in a short time purchased weapons at 43 billion dollars. A significant portion of these weapons bought from the United States Baghdad. However, the Iraqis were paid for delivery of money, the proceeds from the sale of oil, and what is going to pay Ukraine?

In my opinion, the only option available here: providing soft loan to Kiev in the West for military spending. Another question – what will be the size of the loan.

“SP”: which weapons can put Americans?

Rumor has it that Washington, in addition to small arms and communications equipment, ready to put Kiev attack helicopters “Apache” to Ukrainians threw them against the Donbass. However, few deliver the helicopters, you still learn to fly them Ukrainian crews. And it – it is not fast, for retraining could take a year or two.

United States will be able to quickly deliver only small arms, mines and explosive devices, as well as communications and electronic warfare. In principle, the Ukrainian army is arming does not increase. Kalashnikov rifle no worse than the American M-16, the means of communication – a good thing, but they are also fighting capacity will not increase dramatically.

In my opinion, really to equip the Ukrainian army with American weapons would take three or four years, no less

In addition to small arms, armor and military aviation, Ukraine promised to help rebuild the Navy. We tried to figure out exactly what Washington can do for Kiev in this direction.

The fact that today represent the Naval Forces of Ukraine (VMSU), eloquently, in our opinion, wrote the British newspaper The Guardian. Its correspondent Tim Sullivan recently traveled to Odessa, which had taken refuge from the Crimea kicked lumps already ailing ship of the “independence“. And his experience: “Although the Ukrainian Navy is now in Odessa, it is hard to notice. Hidden behind the tanks, in the shadow of huge cargo ships, there are two dozen boats, only some of which are larger than the large yachts, and many badly needed repairs. Government asks for help from his people, to pay the bills. “

If no emotion, in the new main base VMSU found shelter their flagship frigate “Hetman Sahaidachnycorvette Vinnitsa” missile boat Pryłuki” gunboat skadovsk” medium landing ship Kirovograd” and several auxiliary vessels. More different kinds of floating small things, which allowed Russia to escape from the Crimea, hid in Ochakov. Expect that this motley shipping company is able to fulfill at least some serious combat mission for the protection and defense of their own coasts, can not even the greatest optimists admirals in Kiev. Therefore, there is very enthusiastic about the promise of the Pentagon to help in the revival of the Ukrainian Navy.

The only way to do this – to take and give Kiev warships of its own American stocks. And I must say, the work in this direction over the ocean began last April, when it became clear that the sea Ukraine now defenseless neighboring Bulgaria and Romania. And balances the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation can not be used under any circumstances.

Back in the spring the Pentagon ordered the reactivation of standing in the bay Sesun Bay (CA) old ships Coast Guard WLB 307 Planetree WLB 395 and Iris. And he and the other built during the Second World War. Both belong to the category of unarmed lighthouse tenders, and were retired United States Navy in the 90s of the last century. The series was great, so part of the tender has already been transferred as grants Nigeria, Ghana, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Estonia. Now, therefore, in this prestigious series of “Mistress of the Seas” will build and Ukraine.

The public press had reports that Planetree and Iris will soon be towed to Odessa, where emergency and prepare for sea battles. It is expected that this will be used for 30-mm six-barrel automatic gun mount AK-630 around rusting in Nikolaev on board and an unfinished Soviet-era missile cruiser Project 1164 “Ukraine” (formerly “Admiral head-on”). A new name for the gift of tenders in Kiev already thought Hetman Mazepa” and “GetmanBaida Vishnevetsky.”

The representative of the United States Navy Commander Giuseppe Rosetti in the same month, told reporters: “We are now” vacuum cleaner “part of our reserve fleet not only in Sesun Bay, but also in other areas of conservation, trying to determine what we can to give the Ukrainians.” By that time, according to Rosetti in candidates to strengthen VMSU patrol boats were listed types of Cape Point and the construction of 1950-1960, as well as several tank landing ships of LST, standing in conservation since the Second World War.

However, it is possible that Americans are able to offer Kiev and something fresher. For example, the frigates of the “Oliver Perrybuilt 1977-1988 period. They are designed as an ocean escort ships and are outdated though, but enough weapons (anti-ship cruise missiles, “Harpoon”, the 76-mm automatic gun Oto Melara,” the 20-mm six-barrel ZAC Mk-15 “Vulcan PHALANX“, four 12 7mm machine guns, two triple-tube 324-mm torpedo Mk.32 torpedoes Mk.46 Mod.5).

These ships were not considered particularly successful, so the Americans are actively get rid of them. As a result, four of these frigates were already in Australia, six in Spain, eight in Taiwan, eight in Turkey, four in Egypt, two in Poland, one in Pakistan and Bahrain. In 2008, the Pentagon had already discussed the supply of “Oliver Perry” and Ukraine. But it turned out that its modernization will cost Kiev at least $ 100 million. Then there was no money, and the deal fell through.

Whether there will be the necessary finances now? Very doubtful. Is that Washington itself pay and modernization. But then surely arise a new problem: can learn Ukrainian sailors gift horse with rockets Harpoon”? Very doubtful. Because even when the spring is discussed the possibility of transferring Kiev obscenely ancient reserve tenders coastal defense, an unnamed officer of the United States Navy gave reporters a doubt that the Ukrainian Navy, there is a sufficient number of trained personnel to a relatively short period of time to adopt and learn them for such large ships, as Planetree and Iris ». What can we say about the frigate?

The reaction of the Russian Foreign Ministry

On Thursday, the Russian Foreign Ministry‘s reaction to Washington’s intentions. Deliveries of the United States arms Kiev not what you need now Ukraine, it would undermine the agreement to resolve the crisis,” – said RIA “Novosti” the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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