The secret of immortality !

Do gerontologists have a joke “It’s easy to invent an elixir of eternal youth, but it will take forever to check its operation.” Mankind has long searched for a recipe for immortality. The set of healers and alchemists offered drinks recipes and potions that can support a man eternal life. The composition of the elixir of youth were gems and precious metals, rare herbs and poisons. People fought for the opportunity to prolong youth, to preserve the health and beauty as long as possible. But the secret of immortality to anyone and never opened
With rare exceptions, people want to live a long time, and even better – forever. Be an old man in this people usually do not want to and if you do not dream of endless youth, then at least the relative rejuvenation. Old age is the enemy, and the enemy must be fought. Various methods of struggle invented throughout human history, but as deliverance from suffering senile perceived as a miracle, and that means from age looking for the most in the world of magic and alchemy.

According to one legend, the goddess of the dawn Eos fell in love with the grandson of the king of Troy Typhon and kidnapped a young man before the Trojan War. Goddess begged Zeus immortality for her lover, but I forgot to beg for him to eternal youth. Not helped by the divine nectar, which the goddess nursed Typhon. Her favorite old, became weak and eventually dried out.

There are legends that the beautiful Cleopatra is used for their milk baths asses. Even the great physician Avicenna was obsessed to find a means to prolong life. Despite numerous drugs by them, Avicenna died at the age of 57 years. In many recipes included elixir of youth human blood.

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Portrait of Avicenna

So in ancient Rome old broke into the arena where gladiators fought to anoint his body with fresh blood of wounded soldiers. But there were quite terrible cases. Hungarian Countess Bathory Elzbieta to preserve her youth, took baths of blood girls, but it did not help gas chamber a term reserved for her, she died of old age. However, even such criminal methods did not stop those who dream of eternal youth.

Most of our contemporaries are sure that the search philosophical stone medieval alchemists associated with their desire to transform any metal into gold. But in fact, the real goal of the alchemists was the creation of the philosopher’s stone by a so-called “golden drink” that cures all diseases and gives eternal youth.

Alchemist and physician Paracelsus believed that sulfur can extend human life to 600 years. Despite the fact that, according to rumors, Paracelsus was able to invent a “stone of immortality,” the laws of nature he could not cheat he died at 47 years of age.

Searchers elixir of immortality stirs thought that this drug has been known only from the time the recipe was lost: because Adam was able to live to 930 years, and Methuselah lived 969 years – so it is possible to open it again.

Russian scientist and Nobel laureate Ilya Mechnikov argued that the nature of man meted live at least 150 years. The main cause of the aging man he considered a gradual accumulation of products of putrefaction in the intestines. Ilya Mechnikov was the promoter of the use of fermented dairy products, especially yogurt.

The idea of personal rejuvenation was possessed and the ruling elite young Soviet power. Lenin’s personal physician Abram Zalmanov, the invention is applied his method kapillyaroterapii”, the essence of which is that with the patient in the hot steaming bathrooms with a solution of turpentine, stimulate microcirculation. This “Turpentine” method, in consequence, became widespread in the West.

By decision of Stalin in Moscow in the early 30s was established Research Institute, whose staff worked on the problem of individual immortality “father of nations”. And when Bohomolec academician, who led this research institution, died suddenly at the age of 65 years, Stalin was furious that his hopes deceived.

Alexander Bohomolec argued that the natives of the Caucasus live the longest, since he always remembered who stands behind him

In the XX and XXI centuries, began an unprecedented rise in gerontological science. High hopes pinned on scientists stem cells and the enzyme telomerase. In January 1998, the world got the news that American physicians have learned to enter into cells telomerase gene. Publishing many media were full of headlines like “Inventing tablets of old age“, “cure for aging is accessible to everyone,” etc. But experiments diminished level of euphoria among scientists they failed the success achieved in a single cell to transfer the entire human body. It is known that research in this area all the same continue.

Scientists have turned their attention to the properties of stem cells to develop into any cell in the body. But this idea is not new. Back in the 30s, the Swiss physician Paul Nigansom applied the method of cell therapy. He used in his work on the rejuvenation of tissue extracts of newborn animals. Patients Swiss doctors were Winston Churchill, Somerset Maugham, Charles de Gaulle, Pope Pius XII, Marlene Dietrich. It is believed that due to cell therapy Charlie Chaplin became a father at the age of 75 years.

Currently, scientists are developing ways to stem cells to treat a variety of diseases. For example, placed in cardiac muscle after a myocardial stem cells proliferate therein and acquire the properties of the surrounding cells by replacing the damaged tissue. It is a property of stem cells in the body to replace the damaged and used for rejuvenation. Anti-aging treatments are gaining more and more popularity, though not fully aware of the consequences of such operations

Despite the many publicized discoveries in anti-aging, scientists are unanimous in the opinion that in the near future will not be able to invent a pill of immortality.” One can not but agree with the opinion of the French researcher A. Cadastre, who said: “Art prolong life – the art of not cut it.”

But humanity still has a chance to extend its life until at least 200 years. And it confirms the age of many centenarians.

The Soviet Union was known long-lived Azerbaijani Shirali Muslim (1801-1973). He was born during the reign of Emperor Alexander I. lived a long 168 years, from them 150 years he herded sheep. On the day of Shirali held on 15 kilometers. At 136 years old, he married a third time, and from this marriage he had a daughter. Shirali became not only longevity, but also the oldest in the history of his father.

Shirali Muslimov

When medical examination longevity in 1973 revealed that the main indicators of the body matched healthy young man: blood pressure 110/60, heart rate was 74 beats per minute. This man never felt the weight of its years, was always cheerful and considered his life happy. And the care of his life was calm and without pain.

I must admit that we know very little about the real way to rejuvenate the body. It is considered that a person has the chronological age (ages) and biological age (changes in the body due to which death occurs). At birth, the human process of destruction and recovery of the body are in balance. With age, the process of destruction is more effective than the recovery process a person ages.

Chronological age is not subject to adjustment it moves with the inexorability of the clock. Biological age, depending on many factors, can keep a chronological age or overtake it. Scientists believe that it is possible not only to slow down aging, but also reverse the process – to achieve rejuvenation.

Remember the practice of yogis, prolonging active longevity and achieve rejuvenation of the body. Or the ability of a low calorie diet, reduces the number of free radicals, slow the aging process and much more. There are more than 200 theories of aging. Scientists have made ​​a number of factors that affect the rate of aging (accelerate or retard it).

Their conclusions are as follows:
In humans lies system capable of slowing aging;
There are a number of reasons (known and unknown experts) that prevent the body to function properly;
The rate of aging and human health are strictly inverse relationship;
– Control, normalization of immune function, as well as the overall management system of human health can lead to rejuvenation.

The lack of specific methods and recommendations for rejuvenation of the body means that a lot we do not understand or know. Science does not stand still, and, of course, hope that she is on the verge of great discoveries in the field of aging properties and assist people in preserving, as much as possible for a long time, the active phase of life.

“It’s easy to invent an elixir of eternal youth, but it will take forever to check its operation.” So that humanity forward forever to invent and test the elixir of youth.

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