The universe is finite or infinite?

Конечна или бесконечна Вселенная?

There are two options: either the universe is finite and has a size or is infinite and stretches forever. Both options make you think about it. How great is our universe? It all depends on the answer to the above questions. Astronomers tried to figure it out? Certainly tried. You could say they are obsessed with finding answers to these questions, and thanks to them we are building a sensitive search for space telescopes and satellites. Astronomers peering into the cosmic microwave background, the relic radiation left over from the Big Bang. How can I test this idea, just watching the sky?

Scientists have tried to find evidence that the features at one end of the sky associated with features of the other, like how the edges of the wrapper on the bottle connected to each other. So far found no evidence that the edge of the sky can be connected.
Speaking in human terms, this means that over 13.8 billion light-years away in all directions, the universe is not repeated. Light passes back and forth, back through all 13.8 billion light-years away, and only then leaves the universe. Expansion of the universe pushed the boundaries of the light leaving the universe 47.5 billion years old. You could say our universe is 93 billion light-years across. And it is a minimum. Perhaps this is one of the 100 billion light-years, or even trillion. We do not know. May not know. Also, the universe could be infinite.

 Конечна или бесконечна Вселенная?

 If the universe really is infinite, then we get a very interesting result, which will cause you to seriously break down.
So, imagine. One cubic meter of space (just spread your hands a little wider) is a finite number of particles that can exist in this region, and these particles can be a finite number of configurations based on their spin, charge, position, velocity, and so on. D.
Tony Padilla from Numberphile estimated that this number should be ten to the tenth degree in the seventies. This is a number so large that it can not record all the pencils in the universe. Assuming of course, that other life forms have not invented perpetual pencils or not there is an extra dimension, filled entirely with pencils. Still, probably not enough pencils.
In the observable universe there are only 10 ^ 80 particles. And this is much less than the possible configurations of matter in one cubic meter. If the universe is indeed infinite, then removed from the earth you will eventually find a place with an exact duplicate of our cubic meter of space. The more, the more duplicates.
Big deal, you say. One hydrogen cloud looks the same as the other. But you should know that passing through places that will look familiar to more and more, you’ll eventually get to the place where you will find yourself. And find a copy of itself – this is perhaps the strangest thing that can happen in an infinite universe.

 Конечна или бесконечна Вселенная?

 Continuing on, you’ll discover the entire observable universe duplicates with accurate and inaccurate copies you. What next? Perhaps an infinite number of duplicates of the observable universe. Do not even have to drag the multiverse to find them. This repetitive universe within our own infinite universe.

Answer the question, the universe is finite or infinite, it is crucial because any of the answers will be breathtaking. While astronomers do not know the answer. But do not lose hope.

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