The US is preparing to strike at Russia !

 США готовятся к нанесению удара по России

Well-known American expert on modern Russia Stephen Cohen during his entry on American television made a statement on the preparation of the United States to strike at Russia and the possible outbreak of war between them: “… for the first time in my life, since 1960, I think it is very real the possibility of war between Russia and the United States, “- said Cohen.
In his speech, he accused the US administration in this situation, says “a fateful turn of world history” and prepare for the application of the initial American strike against Russia via third countries – Ukraine and the Baltic states, which they soon begin to actively arming and cook. As for the Ukrainian leadership, he said: “This is not a democratic regime. … If the United States will continue to support this format in Kiev, we will very soon see the beginning of the war with Russia.”

Next, Steve Cohen said: “The problem began in the 90s., When the Clinton administration began to consider himself the winner of the USSR. The same position was occupied in the future and in their relations with Russia. Russian Federation considered by the US administration as the losing party. American policy was guided by the motto: “Russia is second, we take and demand further concessions.” The main aspect of this policy is the decision to consider the zone of influence of the United States all over the world to the borders with Russia, including the countries of the former Soviet Union. Even within the CIS and neighboring countries, the United States refused to Russia the right to protect its interests. Ukraine and Georgia, countries that were part of Russia in the days when the United States did not exist, were officially recognized sphere of American influence, where Russia had to be necessarily squeezed.
Speaking of Vladimir Putin, Cohen said: “From November 2013 until the present time, Putin’s policy was not aggressive and reactive, at each stage. There is no need to replace these concepts.” Aggressive in the opinion of the famous political scientist was just US policy.
Stephen Cohen, in his speech also recognized the right of the people of the southeast of Ukraine to choose their own destiny and the state language of communication. He accused the US and Western leaders in supporting Nazi groups in Ukraine and urged the West to stop any cooperation with the forces justify Nazism.

 Steven Cohen in his speech repeatedly stressed that the current corrupt American leadership, which depends on their actions on leading oligarchs United States, has the primary responsibility for the current situation in the world.

At the end of his speech, Cohen called on the US government began a policy of detente with Russia, reports Pravda.Ru.

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