This Putin – is dead. Who runs Russia?

In Russia came turmoil. President disappeared. Who controls the state – is unknown. We must get involved in politics, to understand what is going on and to restore order in their own country. Delay could cost us our lives.In the order of our editorial staff were sensational documents. We can not publish them officially, but I remain silent as a journalist and a citizen does not have the right.In front of me is a letter from a doctor governmental clinics, the name and title of which, for obvious reasons I can not name. Granted to them from the documents that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is dead. The Russian President has died June 6, 2004 at 23.15 Moscow time from atherothrombotic ischemic stroke“By the evening of June 6 the patient began to complain of a severe headache, nausea and vomiting, pain in the eyeballs, confusion, speech, drowsiness and weakness. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure (220/120). As a consequence of recurrent ischemic attacks the patient’s condition rapidly deteriorated, he lost consciousness and was urgently sent to hospitals. In the context of medical facilities has been rendered timely assistance, but to save him failed. Due to extensive cerebral edema occurred impaction in the foramen magnum of the cerebellar tonsils with compression of the lower medulla, which caused the death of the patient. “In a letter to the doctor shows an extract from the map of the patient and of the autopsy report, the results of analyzes.

 And what does it mean? This means that since 2004 the country is ruled by anyone, not just the Putin, whom we voted in 2000.

 But that’s not all. Wished to remain anonymous doctor writes that in the clinic where he works on the strictest confidence cook twins Vladimir Putin. He found out about it by accident, intrigued by his research colleague, who is directly involved in this experiment. To prepare the twins apply the latest advances in medical science – works the whole team of leading plastic surgeons and psychologists. Results that they have achieved impressive – because almost no one notices the change.Clinic itself is not located in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in the suburbs of Sochi. That is why the “Putin” as much time on the Black Sea resort. The interior of his residence completely copies of his Kremlin office in Moscow “president” does not appear for months.In documents submitted to us anonymous expert, a brief description of the procedure for preparing double. Preparation of the physical body goes along with psychological training. Double should absolutely identify with the subject. Therefore, they are subjected to severe hypnosis sessions, treated with various psycho kept without sleep or food in an isolated room in complete darkness or in front of a few days forced to spend in a bright room that the person has ceased to be guided in space and time. This achieves an almost complete destruction of the self-twin.It is inhuman treatment of those who meant to be the double, forcing doctors to publish this information. The fact that they cook it doubles for Putin, he learned very recently, because calling any names prohibited person twins from ordinary workers clinic hidden by masks. After learning the truth, he could not keep silent. Think about it – someone to organize genuine factory twins. Behind them, a country run by a completely different person, who naturally do not care about the welfare of the people of Russia. Who is it? Regime-supervised clinic FSB and FSO. And who manages them – can only guess.

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