Timeless: Jim Sparks – Alien Message human race !

What is the two-Telegram published more than 300 years of land outside Article topics. Today’s timeless” we offer one of these messages, which appeared for the first time on 19 June 2013.
Jim Sparks is a Las Vegas businessman who own words, was abducted by aliens for the first time in 1988. At first it had to be a very nasty experience, but over the years repeatedly by aliens had taken
AlienAbducteeJimSparks Ajatu: Jim Sparks – Tulnukate sõnum inimrassile the man has got used to it by now. He has always been conscious during the robbery, he met with various aliens and have seen the high level of advanced extraterrestrial technology. Jim Sparks wrote of their experiences in the book The Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race” (Bookmarks: Alien Message human race), and went on talking to the US radio program “Coast to Coast AM.


keepers Ajatu: Jim Sparks – Tulnukate sõnum inimrassileIt all started in the summer of 1988, when Jim thought he saw an ever recurring nightmare in which he came to the night creatures, who took him to the guest room, where he walked through the window into the yard. Une at the end of the man walked back through the window and out of your bed. One morning, the man noticed that the footprints going out the window of his yard and he realized that it’s not a dream, which he has repeatedly experienced. Robbery always takes place between 3 and 4 o’clock at night when all the others are sleeping. Jim explains that he had been robbed by force: “I woke up in the night after a great noise, my body was paralyzed, I could not move myself but I was completely conscious. The sound I heard in my head, it seemed to fly the American Railway 1,000 kilometers per hour, and I felt my body sank into the bottomless pit of nowhere. The next moment, I was an alien aircraft carrier. It was a very unpleasant experience, and I did not have someone to share the experience. Nobody wanted to believe me, and everyone thought that I was going to go crazy. The first six years were the most difficult, but over the years it became rather unpleasant experience with a positive experience. “

 JSparks 787x1024 Ajatu: Jim Sparks – Tulnukate sõnum inimrassile

 How do these robberies took place?

 I was taken to a mother ship always with me were seated in a chair, in front of me was a large screen, I got to move your head and right arm. I yelled to who you are and what you want from me. During the first few months, they do not answer my questions at all. They took my semen inside, and did medical research. In addition, they checked my level of intelligence, but they never explained why. For some reason they did not delete my memory, I’ve never been to hypnotherapy us. It was all very difficult for me at the beginning of my marriage and business ties were shattered. I tried to escape from it all. I drove several hundred kilometers away from the hotel, but there was also the night I go. My weight dropped, I could not sleep at night, I went to church, they said to me that they are demons, even though I knew that it was aliens. At one point I decided that I did not talk about it to anyone anymore, and people thought, now that is all right with me.
Over the years, however, I began to realize why the aliens did not land on the White House and do not know that, “we are here”. First, it is very difficult for humans to digest and absorb. Secondly, they are 100% telepathic.

 What were these aliens, who was kidnapped you?

95% of the cases were typical of gray. These were of two types. Some were 1 meter in length, wide-eyed classic gray. I got to know that they are simply workers. This is an artificially created biorobots. The other is the so-called real gray aliens, or those who have created these biorobots by their own image – they are about 1.2 to 1.4 meters in length. These heads are larger, but their eyes are smaller than the small gray.

Will they ever talked about, they made no sound, or there was always all telepathic?

I have not heard from their mouth voice.

Are they ate something?

Never. But they have a mouth. Eyes are such that you do not want them to look at. They‘re watching you all the time.

 Do you have any idea where they come from gentle?
I do not ever have to answer. They provide such information to us only what they want, so that we know we can. Whenever I wanted to know something, and I started to scream, they paralyze my instant. They are able to go into other dimensions, and move through solid matter. All they are doing is thinking power. And they can also move back and forth in time – it is self-evident for those daily activities. Their brain volume is so large that it can seem downright scary. They are able to think about 100 times faster than we think, and 100 different things at the same time, while we are able to think of an idea or a couple or three at a time.

Have you ever even they seemed nice?
At first, not at all. They told me to learn about the different symbols, which I could not understand anything. I went for years to figure out that they also have emotions. These emotions are extremely deep and powerful. I guess they do not die a natural death, they have learned to be more than death. However, I believe that it is possible to kill.

How long are you robberies took place and whether they still find place?
It is now completely in the second level as the previous 20 years. At first robbery took place twice a week. This was the beginning of an extremely nasty, I hated them!

 Sparks120906c Ajatu: Jim Sparks – Tulnukate sõnum inimrassile

 What do you think they want us all?

 They have their own plans and intentions, which they have been implemented by the beginning of time. Their science is so advanced that it seems to us pure wonder. They are able to do absolutely everything so that we do not see or know anything about them. They reveal themselves only when they themselves want. They worry about their own life forms created over the planet Earth, including those of us over. They are of different types and hybridize done experiments. We as humans have a personal privacy, the so-called inner self, a place where no one else can see. People have the front facade, which other people can not see through. However, if these creatures interact with us, then they are not able to see the facade that we think its as if there is. They only communicate that part of us that we really are in the interior. This is extremely frustrating because there is no privacy. It took me many years to feel comfortable in their presence could.
Once this happened in fact, that I was out there again, the ship, I was sitting in a chair, and I was given a receipt book, which was written by one of my friend’s biography. It began in early childhood, and interestingly enough, it went ahead to the future, the time that we had not yet experienced. Throughout the book was in the symbols of what they had allowed me to learn from the past. I was able to read these symbols extremely quickly. I read the entire book through a few tens of seconds. I was puzzled, and then I realized why they had taught me those characters. After that came a hall and took his hands from 50 cents reminiscent of the symbol sent it in front of my eyes and I got a couple of seconds to know your friend’s full biography. It was faster version. Basically, it is possible to put a book or a film, and after that a small disk that is in you all the info after watching this film or the book there. You know all the actors, producers, directors and phrases used in the movie by heart. It was a positive first experience I had with them.

 What do you know about human hybrid programs?

 This is definitely a very big project, which is still in operation. I have been shown the largest of laboratories, where the breeding of people – they take the male sperm and egg cells in females. There were large tubes of human embryos, it was a very disturbing sight. I started yelling: “They are dead! They are dead. ” Then you came to me one of the gray screen and the image is projected in front of me, which one of these fetuses were getting up and saying, ‘We are not dead, everything is fine with us. ” Every time I have been robbed, I’ve discovered that I have been ejaculation.
Gray has notified me that they have watched people around the space for millions of years. They argue that people are always the same pattern – they start from villages and tribes, and finally reach the big cities. There will be a time of powerful technical development, the number of people increases exponentially, and at one point we reach a situation where we can either themselves or be destroyed evolving higher. Developing they mean to us can galactic race and build a new prison for the destruction of the planet, which is prohibited even thinking. Prison Planet has always followed the extinction of one way or another. Humanity will always be a choice between the two, and today’s humanity is right now this same dilemma. Either we’re going down into the darkness and into the light, or ascend to join their brothers and sisters in the galaxy.

 Human hybrid bred as an insurance policy for when we come to the brink of extinction once again. They want to create beings who are a lot smarter than people today, understandable and caring environment in which he lives, telepathic, and also conversational. The new man is scheduled to be slightly smaller and more slender than the average person today. This is the message of the alien human race.
Appease the people I talk annoyed, I would say that the plan is not gray surely taking over the planet. Over the years I have put on more and more of their  to move aro
aircraft carrier und, and I have shown, increasingly, they are dealing with. Their mother ships are very large. Originally, I was so angry with them that I was ready to kill them. I bought a 375 magnum revolver, but when they came to my house, they paralyzed me away, and I could not move myself. They always came through the walls. Once, however, they are not paralyzed me and they let me move on. I took a pistol in his hand and thought, here is my chance. I had a fear of death. I targeted one of the hall and said, “I’ll kill you.” I I placed his finger on the trigger but I could not push.

 alien head med Ajatu: Jim Sparks – Tulnukate sõnum inimrassile 

Have they stopped you?

 No, I could not just make themselves. And then they kidnapped my back. I was once again in their motherships. They gave me one of the container, which was inside the ant, and they informed me telepathically, though I do not kill an ant. I do not agree. Now they knew that I was not able to kill.

Once such an incident happened that I drove my car down the highway and the appearance of a large three-storey house on the height of the diamond-shaped UFO was moving so that half of the UFO from the ground. It moved in front of me, and at one point rose into the air. I stopped the car and went out to look at it, appeared to me telepathically word “keepers (rings), hence the title of my book. Carriers are here to bring people to your home, a better place, was the phrase that followed me telepathically. I got to know that they are gathered together all kinds of seeds – plants, trees, etc. Throughout the mother ship was full of seeds. This ship was moving through solid matter.
 I was always paralyzed when I was stripped away, the mother-ship itself, I was paralyzed. Once, however, I noticed that I did not get paralyzed and move. I was so excited, I started thinking about what I can do now, where I’m going, but I decided to stay there in the same place. Corridor came to me two gray, one of them was in a big black box. I did not flee from them and did not show up in aggressiveness, just sat there and watched them. They came to me completely, put it in the box on the table and pushed toward me. I asked them: “What is this thing?”. Telepathically they said to me that it is a gift to me. I asked what that gift, that’s what I do with it? They said to me: “the way to what you want,” turned around and left. I was confused and could not do anything with it in the box, I walked around the table and I thought that damn box it is. I touched it in a box and saw that it did not make me too. I took it up and started to shake, it did not make any sound. I tried to bend over to open but I could not, the box was not even any openings. It was a perfect square-shaped black box. I thought that it will strike force against the floor smashed lifted up into the air box, and telepathically was reported to me, “You did not try to open it softly.” I put my hand softly onto the box, tried to open it, and it . From tpophere came out of the black ooze Worse, I had ever seen, it smelt horrible nasty. I got mad and yelled, “What the hell is this gift?”. Gray replied to me: “This is a gift to you, we took it out of your lungs.” I was at that time a hard smoker, and I believed them because suddenly I felt much better.
 Once there was a way that I was home watching TV. I went to the kitchen to take a sandwich and then went back to the couch. I felt that once again we will hear it hum, accompanied by robbery. The next moment I found myself re-ship them off, which made a variety of procedures. This could take several hours. But I will always return, so that only a few minutes have passed. However, this time brought me back two minutes before I was kidnapped. They placed me in exactly the same way back to the couch, where I watched TV. And I saw myself in the kitchen, who takes the fridge for your sandwich. I looked at how the second I walked around the room, I was shocked, I did not know what to do. Second, I began to come back to the couch, he did not see me, as I would not even exist in that room. He came straight to the couch and sat down, figuratively speaking in me. What does this tell us? Are the two I will be in the same room at the same time? Yes! Can we stay in the same room as the other, I can not see me? Yes. Does this mean that brought me back to the time of two minutes earlier? Yes! It is time quests.

 Does the government have to keep up with what‘s going on?

 I have realized that there are three kinds of governments. First of all, it is the government which we encounter daily face-to-face together our senators, parliament, etc. presidents. I believe that 99% of these people are completely unaware of what‘s going on – they are like us. Then there is such a tiny part of the government, who hides things from us. They think they know what is going on. This is the part of government, the people who do not communicate at all. They are in the secret techniques, and they are doing everything great secrecy. This is in addition to everything else the so-called elite government, which directly interacts with the aliens. The intermediate part of the secret government who thinks they know everything and have the secret techniques, not the elite of a threat to the government that the difference between the two groups is so powerful.

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