«UFO» sucked the water out of the lake in the US !


The intruders took a picture of a pilot flying alongside aircraft
The pilot, who asked to remain anonymous, shared his observations with the famous ufologist Uaringom Scott (Scott C. Waring). And he too denounced them to the general public.

Photo taken by the pilot. Lined by ufologists.

«Летающая тарелка» высосала воду

The pilot of a small aircraft for local airlines on approach to the aerodrome of Nevada saw a saucer-shaped object hovering over the lake Scotts Flat Lake – an artificial, but very beautiful body of water, created by the dam. From object to the lake stretched a kind of translucent spoke.” Looking closer the pilot realized that spoke” – water. He tried to contact the UFO on the radio, but he did not answer. And soon, just flew away. Spoke” is broken up in the air. It was in mid-May.
Spoke” water becomes visible in the enlarged image.

«Летающая тарелка» высосала воду

UFOlogists believe that the pilot found the aliens steal the water for some of their needs. This is usual for them. But then you have to assume something else: that the aliens do not just suck up the water in the “bowl” and immediately it somewhere teleported. Since the water in the lake was much less even the coast a little bare. So much in the “plate” would not climbed. One word, fantastic. But the picture that had to do the pilot, visible and “Dish” and “spokes” of water.
It looks like a UFO in the enlarged view. Not very clear.

 «Летающая тарелка» высосала воду

 Scotts Flat Lake Lake is located at an altitude of 940 meters in the reserve Tahoe National Forest of Nevada County, California, about 10 kilometers from the city of Nevada (Nevada City). It occupies an area of 340 hectares. These sometimes come locals barbecue and swim.
Scott asked Uaring colleagues say that there are no other witnesses to the incident? It turned out that there is – there is a “bowl” and from the shore and from boats. Someone even photographed. Ufology is now busy investigating.

Prior to the visit of a UFO in the lake water was higher.

 «Летающая тарелка» высосала воду

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