Ukraine will not recover its nuclear status.



Ukraine does not intend to change its non-nuclear status . This was during a plenary session of the Summit on Nuclear Security in The Hague said Acting Ukrainian Foreign Minister Andrei Deshchytsa .

“20 years ago, Ukraine has lost stockpiles of nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees , territorial integrity and independence of the States which have signed the Budapest Memorandum : United States, Great Britain and Russia “, – the press service quoted the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine Deshchytsa .

Despite the emergence of political calls for the restoration of Ukraine ‘s nuclear weapons stockpile , Kiev adhere to their international obligations.

“Ukraine will seek other ways to strengthen their own security and protection of the territorial integrity and independence , particularly in a collective format – said Acting Minister. – Sudden and unprovoked aggression of Russia against Ukraine and its annexation of the Crimea not only jeopardized the future of our sovereign state, but also led many to question the feasibility of a nuclear-free to follow the example of Ukraine . ”

Yesterday, during a summit in The Hague , UN Secretary General Ban Ki -moon said that the security guarantees of nuclear states to countries that do not have nuclear weapons , must be met and these guarantees must be binding and unambiguous . At the same time he accused Russia , the U.S. and the UK in violation of the respective obligations to Ukraine.


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