US draw Russia into war in the Baltics !

США втягивают Россию в войну на территории ПрибалтикиAfter the failure of plans to draw Russia into direct military conflict with the West on the territory of Ukraine, the US and its European allies are considering an alternative. In the Western press, one after another out articles and expert commentary that Russia is about to attack the Baltic. The flow of publications on this topic has all the hallmarks of a planned information campaign. The purpose of this information campaign and other actions of the US and NATO in the region – to convince Russia that the Baltic States really is an easy target, and it can attack with impunity.

 In political science, there is a theory “Overton Window.” The essence of this theory is that the most crazy, unbelievable ideas, concepts, assumptions can be made a social norm, if introduced in phases to impose their public opinion. Of these crazy ideas will only radical, then acceptable, then accepted. The main thing that they hit the “window” of opportunity – that is obviously unacceptable from steel such that others can debate.
For example, a year ago, even after the Crimean events in Western political and expert community consider to be impossible that Russia could attack the member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. However, a year of hard work, the media, politicians and experts of Western countries belonging to the radical “hawk”, has led to the fact that the assumption that the Russian president Putin can not be frightened of Article 5 of the NATO Charter of the collective reflection of the aggressor and attack Poland or Baltic states, was only radical, but not impossible.

 The idea of Russian aggression against a country or group of countries, NATO hit the Overton Window – and that this is possible, it is acceptable and can be convinced it is Russia.

 “After Russia annexed the Crimea and destabilize the situation in the east of Ukraine, military confrontation between Moscow and the West over the Baltic countries became quite possible – wrote in a recent article in The Finansial Times political analyst Yoel Sano. – Alternatively, Russia could seize the Baltic countries during rapid operation possible, taking into account the small size of the armed forces of these countries. However, the “sudden” seizure is unlikely because Russia would in no matter what was to seek justification for their actions. Less severe variant of this scenario would be a transfer of Russian troops on the territory of Estonia and Latvia, located close to the Russian border, is home to a significant part of the ethnic Russian. Or capture of critical infrastructure – ports, airports and railways. “
“Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite has once again acted in Brussels with the criticism of the Kremlin. She demanded to toughen sanctions against Russia. To negotiate with the “aggressor country,” the president said, “pointless” – writes the Austrian newspaper Kurier, – According to the paper, are particularly concerned about the Lithuanian leadership missiles “Iskander”, placed in Kaliningrad. In Lithuanian schools distribute brochures with instructions on how to behave in the case of the bombing, conduct classes on defense. On the streets of Vilnius has never been so much military as they are now. “

 Kurier emphasizes that the first three days of the Russian aggression Lithuania will have to survive on their own. The same was said of anti-Russian Patriarch geopolitical thought Zbigniew Brzezinski: “In my opinion, the Poles should be ready for some time to fight alone. In the event of an attack on any NATO country further NATO action can paralyze one of the alliance members, namely protest against involvement of the 5th paragraph, use the veto. In today’s environment, in all probability, this country could be Greece. In this case, the Poles for some time will have to fight alone. “

 That is the Western “hawks” openly hinted that Article 5 of the NATO Charter in the case of the Baltic States and / or Poland may not work. Hint including Russia: Forward I do not want!

 Financial Times while she comes up with an excuse for Putin for the attack. “Ethnic Russian make up a quarter of the population of the Baltic States. Many thousands of ethnic Russian was denied citizenship. Therefore, in the Baltic countries, there are serious concerns about the possible military intervention on the part of Russia … It is quite possible that Russia could try to repeat such actions (“Ukrainian scenario” – approx. and in the Baltic States and after a few months clashes request to resolve the conflict with the help of a settlement agreement, which would provide more ethnic Russian authority in matters of domestic and foreign policy of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. ” Characteristically, the British edition did not deny that the situation of ethnic Russian in the Baltic States have problems. But also to solve these problems to defuse tensions it to the authorities of Latvia and Estonia does not offer. On the contrary, Yoel Sano though suggests how Russia could solve these problems: to organize political destabilization and even direct military intervention in the Baltic states.

 In parallel with this intensely continued militarization of the Baltic States (the answer to that is just the placement of “Iskander in the Kaliningrad region).

 Experts also both Russian and foreign recognize that the real threat to the Baltic from Russia there, and Article 5 of the same protects all members of the Alliance. “I think that Russia’s attack on the Baltic countries is very unlikely. There are Article 5 of the NATO Charter on collective defense – said the portal RuBaltic.Ru American journalist Michael BPO. – There is a very popular version, according to which an insidious strategy of Russia – is to check the strength of the 5th article. That is to undermine precisely this guarantee of collective defense, put the US in an awkward position to allies – to show the world that the US guarantee does not cost anything, and it can have far-reaching consequences. Such a theory is. Russia’s task was to join the Crimea in the first place, of course, but at the same time Russia had a good side benefit – to undermine US security guarantees Ukraine. After all, the United States played (along with Russia, among other things) a guarantor of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, when Washington and Moscow signed a memorandum of Budapest in 1994. As a result of a breach of this memorandum – and thus undermining US security guarantees Kiev – other US allies such as Japan and South Korea began to wonder: “What are the American security guarantee for us?”. But it was a memorandum, not a contract. A North Atlantic Treaty, under which NATO was created in 1949, and then expanded to 28 members today – this sacred task. This is the backbone, the foundation of European security and the entire transatlantic alliance. Therefore, this theory is an attempt by Russia to undermine the fundamental guarantee of NATO is unlikely. Putin’s not a fool. Perhaps, in some way, and it is tempting to try to undermine the foundation of NATO, but it’s too risky and unrealistic. So I think that the real threat to the Baltic States is not. Putin is unlikely to attempt to undermine the 5th article of NATO. “
 The only real source of threat to the Baltic countries – this is just a provocation on the part of NATO. “The activity of the US and NATO in the Baltic States is growing – this trend is quite obvious, and clear it is the epitome of the arrival of 150 armored vehicles to Latvia for exercises. In addition, on a permanent basis in the Baltic States placed units of special operations forces of the United States, the task of which is either the military or the pre-war actions. This is very serious. Obviously, there will be new, large air bases in Lithuania and Estonia, will be placed elements of the electronic surveillance of NATO to the Baltic states in the vicinity of the Russian border. A tactical aircraft and naval forces, NATO will use airports and seaports of the Baltic countries to practice combat missions, “- said Russian military expert, chief editor of” National Defense “Igor Korotchenko. “During the recent NATO exercise fulfills two objectives: the occupation of the Kaliningrad region and the blocking and destroying forces of the Baltic Fleet. Finally, we can not rule out in the future that those NATO Air Force planes, which are rotational while, and then, apparently, on a permanent basis in the territory of the Baltic countries, can be used as carriers of US tactical nuclear weapons, which is in Europe. So everything that’s said that the gun is not just hanging on the wall – it can shoot at any time “, – said Igor Korotchenko portal RuBaltic.Ru.
 Thus, the Baltic states confidently converted into a military base for an attack on Russia. At the same time as the Russian push for an attack on the Baltic States, making it clear to her that it is not beyond the bounds of the possible – a section on collective reflection aggressor may not work, there is a guaranteed occasion as discrimination of Russian-speaking population from which the Western Allies did not even need to give that Putin had no reason to. Finally, you can manage until the formation of a military springboard is not yet complete.

 After Russia get out of almost a stalemate in the Donbas, retaining support self-proclaimed republics, but not entering their troops on the territory of Ukraine, the Western “hawks” calculate new strategy: to provoke Russian military aggression in the Baltics and still draw it directly in a full-scale military conflict.

 The Russian leadership between succumb to the lure of these is going. The statements of the Russian Security Council over the past year has repeatedly stressed that Russia is trying to draw into a military conflict, but Moscow do not allow it. And if so, to all to draw Russia into war, we need a provocation. On the role of provocateurs ideal leaders ever Baltic countries, which are planned to make the object of Russian aggression. However, in the fight then began the first of these provocateurs will also be destroyed. But this is nothing new: it is the fate of all the agents provocateurs.

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