US Expert: US preparing its nuclear forces to a surprise attack on Russia !

СЯС самое время. Американский эксперт: США готовят свои ядерные силы к внезапному удару по России

US nuclear forces are preparing for a conflict with Russia. Characterizes Washington’s plans, American expert on international security issues, MIT professor Theodore Postol in the weekly Nation.

According to the professor, a plan of the trillion-dollar calculated for several decades, aims to prepare the US nuclear weapons to a direct military confrontation with Russia. According to Postol, theorists in Washington are convinced that the United States will be able to win in such a conflict. To do this in the coming years to improve the accuracy States plans warhead intercontinental ballistic missiles and increase the power of their charges.

Anyone who has studied history knows that a serious political crisis can not be avoided, they periodically arise due to unforeseen and unexpected events – warns Postol.

Expert opinion has not gone unnoticed in the power circles in the US. For example, US Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Rose Gottemoeller December 17, during his speech at a seminar at the Brookings Institution in Washington was “deeply disagreedwith abstracts Postol. According to her, Russia and the United States in the past has moved along this road existed in the cycle of action-reaction”, meaning the arms race.

The last thing we need is to repeat the mistakes of the Cold War, to pour resources and unimaginable human capital in such programs, – said Gottemoeller, noting that the practice of non-use of nuclear weapons should be extended forever. While at the same time, Washington believes modernization of strategic offensive arms, undertaken and Russia, and the United States, reasonable.

It should be noted that on 3 October 2014 the State Department released data that has been provided to Washington Moscow in the Russian-US Treaty on Strategic Offensive Arms (START-3). According to them, Russia for the first time since the beginning of the XXI century overtook the United States as the number of carriers of nuclear weapons as part of the strategic nuclear forces (SNF) and the number of warheads on deployed delivery vehicles.

Theodore Postol always had a catchy statements. For example, he is one of the main critics of US missile defense system – the director of the Center for Strategic conditions Ivan Konovalov. – Now in a difficult geopolitical situation vivid statements on the subject of strategic nuclear forces become part of the information. In 1962, during the Cuban missile crisis, the two countries were on the verge of a possible pressing the “nuclear button“. Now there is a kind of game. In this sense, lobbyists in the United States use a window of opportunity to strengthen its strategic nuclear forces.

The fact that the US administration last decade made a bet in favor of conventional forces, as the number of armed conflicts in which the States involved, required the development of conventional weapons. Naturally, this shifted direction and financing. Unlike Russia, which even under difficult conditions collapse of the Union, default, reform of the army still found the strength and resources to maintain its strategic nuclear forces in the normal state. Because only they were a shield and a guarantor of the country’s integrity. Now our country has reached a fairly good level of combat readiness.

I should also note that the United States a lot of time has been paid to the implementation of the concept of “prompt global strike” – defeat the enemy for several hours non-nuclear forces cruise missiles and ICBMs with conventional warheads. Application of the latter is believed to enable guaranteed to destroy the objects of affection without radioactive contamination. This factor also had an impact on slowing the development of strategic nuclear forces the United States.

With regard to the comparison of US and Russian strategic nuclear forces, when it comes to such powers, unprincipled one 100 or 150 more warheads, considering how much damage will be to hit the target at least a small part of these ballistic missiles. It is clear that nuclear parity must be maintained. But until recently, the Russian Federation and the United States have expressed the desire to reduce their strategic nuclear forces to the maximum that you will agree, is correct.

Everyone knows what a disaster way to end a nuclear conflict. Therefore, it is hardly possible, says a leading researcher of the sector in regional security RISS Candidate of Military Sciences Vladimir Karjakin. Another thing is that lack of knowledge about what means and methods of warfare has the enemy, what are his real possibilities, introduces a potential aggressor in a state of uncertainty, since it can not be completely sure of the success of their actions, and therefore can not start attack. This is a deterrent.

“SP”: It is believed that after Ronald Reagan in 1983, announced the “Strategic Defense Initiativein the USSR, all land and sea missiles were created with the maximum number of elements to overcome missile defense, so our carriers can easily overcome the US missile defense. That is the vaunted US missile defense – is a myth.

US missile defense system is, as they say, at the stage of laboratory tests. Well, the Americans shot down a satellite at an altitude of 200 kilometers. But who today would be just one missile attack? Test their systems were, so to speak, in a lightweight environment without jamming was known beforehand trajectory purposes, their parameters. So, the US missile defense system is not such a formidable force, as is sometimes write.

Another thing that matters Geography placement of missile defense: the further sensors, the wider the operative field. In addition, we are concerned that the US missile can be used not only for defense, but also for a preemptive strike against ground targets First of all – the positions of our Strategic Missile Forces.

Director of the Center for Public Policy Research Vladimir Yevseyev says: in Russia believe that the US strategic nuclear forces this is not the main problem.

– We believe that the threat is increasing the capacity of US precision weapons in nonnuclear (which is why there is talk about how to bring an updated military doctrine of the Russian position on the non-nuclear deterrence, which did not exist). We are talking about a sea-based cruise missiles type BGM-109 Tomahawk. It is assumed that if these missiles will be a lot, then it will inflict a disarming strike on US strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation. But, in my opinion, these estimates are somewhat exaggerated.

The fact is that until 2025-2030, the United States does not have the capacity disarming strike with precision weapons in nonnuclear. That is, in such capacity until the US simply does not have because to implement their concept of “prompt global strike” alone sea-based cruise missiles is not enough. Need to withdraw strike systems in space, develop hypersonic vehicles.

Now we do not know whether the United States will go to the deployment of ground-based cruise missiles in Europe, will withdraw from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF). Of course, this the worst case scenario. Realized he? I think not. How Come? Because all this will require huge costs and the militarization of space, which is dangerous, as both Russia will not sit idly by.

With regard to the strategic nuclear forces, the nuclear triad of Russia and the US are fundamentally different things. In the US, its main element – a marine component. Namely – the ballistic missile submarines (SLBM). Americans have the advantage in the number of ballistic missiles, besides potentially every SSBNs “Ohio” can carry 24 SLBM.

Marine component complements the air component of the United States, which significantly exceeds the potential of the Russian long-range aviation.

As for Russia is responsible? Historically, we have the basic element of the strategic nuclear forces ground component. But in view of the fact that it is difficult to work within the retaliatory strike and, even more so – a deep response, Russia deploys mobile missile systems, which the United States is not at all. It’s not just about moving underground complexes such as RS-24 yars”, but also the completion of development and even construction BDZHRK (railway rolling combat missile system), a new type. Also on the basis of Yarsa.”

Such a response to the impressive marine components SNF US is quite adequate and sufficient. But to within the triad was resistance, the Russian Federation to replace the submarine project 667BDRM creates a new group SSBN type “Northwind” of eight boats, which will be placed on the type of “4 + 4″ – the Northern Fleet and the Pacific Fleet. This, in principle, sufficient. And there are no opportunities to create borders defense to keep fighting back these weapons, the US does not.

For example, States are Alaska strategic interceptors GBI. However, firstly, there are few. And secondly, they intercept in space at altitudes of about 1.5 thousand kilometers, where it is difficult to identify the target, because it does not fly alone. That is to intercept a warhead need to hit all the “cloud” that would require starting the whole building, located in Alaska. Again, the possibility of the US to intercept without the deployment of space-tier limited.

Thus, the actual SNF until upgrades only Russian. They are also building up China. But the United States on any item not lead modernization. They no longer maintain the health of the funds, which have long been. And work on tactical nuclear weapons. But Russia and this is your answer.


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