We live in what we call reality. But what is reality and how it occurs?

“Any unusual knowledge of this world must pass through three stages. At first, it is considered to be absolutely ridiculous. In the second stage, it seeks to challenge angrily. In the third stage, it will be embraced by all, like any other self-evident fact. ”
Arthur Schopenhauer.

We are in the thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of years taught that reality is something that is objective, and we, the people, are living in the objectivity of the subjects, who must adapt to the objective reality. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different, and people are beginning to rediscover that there is neither objective nor subjective but all are designed and created, and there is no difference between the created and the creator – all in one.
 Treatments of the world’s Orthodox Christians have always taught us to see the world in such a way that, as if there were something that is the ultimate of us (whether natural or the God over us), and a person is just a tiny insect, who must obey the natural / Loomis laws that our being is above the set. Yes, in a sense, these “providers of the law” right, that there is a universal regularities, but unfortunately we have been taught since prehistoric times, false and misleading laws that do not meet the vast majority of the truth or not natural or comfortable to administer our fictions. We have been systematically kept out of knowledge, which give us an understanding of who we really are and what we are capable of.
 Here, I will present the ultra short list of these systems, which keep us away from the knowledge of who we are, what constitutes reality as such, and what are we, the people, the actual role of the reality of cancer. These systems have in our educational system, an orthodox academic research, so to speak tõendi- and science-based medicine, the current economic system, and all kinds of manmade religions (including any “new era” of the New Age movements).
 Over the past century science on the borderline players discovered (actually rediscovered) an endless array of academic science until the real reasons for the phenomena considered anomalies. Over the past few decades, we have seen more and more that the anomalies do not exist as such but there are an infinite number of phenomena, which are petrified of academic science beliefs (not the truth but what is true) is not able to fit into the existing failure and arbitrarily defined maailmakäsitlusse. Key re-discoveries concerning the nature of matter and consciousness, for example, and how the two phenomena are interrelated. This relationship can be summed up in a simple sentence: Consciousness is the matter, and all matter ON ALL perhaps conscious of consciousness, and consciousness outside of the matter does not exist.

 Creative approach to the world of reality, and is based on the teachings of scientific disciplines, called physics.
Quantum physics is a branch of physics today that explores and explains why attempts to predict the quantum-mechanical processes. We are not yet a formal research system is supplied by the clear teaching of quantum physics is something so complex that the so-called ordinary people can not understand anything about it. Academic research defines a quantum mehanical with something that works only in the micro world, ie elementary level, and this has nothing to do with what happen with something that is larger atoms. Strangely enough, not considering the fact that the whole world consists of macro and micro-world of quantum processes are taking place everywhere and in everything boson galaxies, and there is also a human being, ie midway between you, me, him (dog, cat, and not to mention the pink semolina).

 The reality is something we create our own self-consciousness of the concept of the most fundamental level. Man is, according to everyone’s own standpoint, the creator of reality. A person involved in your consciousness physically perceive the reality of creation.
That last sentence implies such a profound and simple truth is that the sheer simplicity let us first do not comprehend the nature of this
moment, because we have been taught for thousands of years, that nothing can be so easy. Today, we are recognizing that everything is even easier than it seems to us, and allowed to see the show.
Here I go out of this with the utmost simplicity, which can confuse your brain is burning nicely: you who are reading these lines, you are in your reality only one who creates this reality, and there is no one else like you in this form they perceive; there are only present in the form of a wave of energy, ie the information that you alone own the observer and the observation of the change of the information you are physically tangible reality.



 You understand?

 Of course not. In order to chew through quantum physics and mathematical models must be a mathematical genius and all his time and attention to the tangle equations cluster. But I reassure you that not all of the equations of quantum physicists themselves all too obviously do not understand, and they have no hope of ever equations equilibrate because all quantum phenomena mathematically inexpressible is one of the variables, which will never be counted, and this variable is consciousness.

 Quantum mechanics, the Copenhagen interpretation.

 Here I recommend you examine the quantum physics of the Copenhagen interpretation, which is in accordance with the experimental evidence for quantum physicists to become among the most widely accepted interpretation. Download this article as a PDF download
Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics in simple layman terms:
“Each box is empty in there to have been viewed.”


 Here you can easily find one fundamentaalseima, but obviously underestimated the discovery of quantum physics, which is proven by the classic double slit experiment.

Creative Reality explains the effect is precisely the same as the supreme observer effect, ie looking at the information affects the consciousness of the physical reality.

 Two slots TEST
Thomas Young made his famous double slit experiment demonstrating that light is a wave. This experiment was a meaningful legacy that affects the majority of physicists of the 19th century, the quest to find the so-called ether, or transmission of the light environment. Although this experiment was to study the characteristics of significance in relation to the light, you can actually perform a similar experiment with all kinds of waves, including water waves. This time, however, we focus on the behavior of light.

Which of the two-slit experiment it was?

 Thomas Young was organized by his experiment of the 19th century. in the early years (1801 to 1805 depending on the source). He let the light through the barrier, and the slit of light spread in the gap expands as it were independent, having been based on the wave front of a light source (Huygens-Fresnel principle basis). This, in turn, the light passed through the two slots in the second barrier (carefully placed in the correct distance from the primary barrier). Either turn tifrakteeris slit of light as if it were independent light sources. The light from both slits hit observation and left the tap on the wave interferentsimustri. (See. Next to the picture.)

Young’s experiment, the effects

 A century later, Einstein worked on the photoelectric effect, and in connection with his work began to dominate the spread of the theory of light particles, ie the photon theory.

Topeltpilu test Extension

In addition to spreading the photon theory of light out of attendance, which said that light travels discrete quantized, the air was still the question of how particles can behave like a wave. For years, physicists studied the light “weird” attribute to behave as particles and waves as a stream, but one answer is not found.

The 20th century. the beginning was still on the agenda the question of how light – recognized as the quantum energy of particles called photons – at the same time be able to demonstrate the behavioral characteristics of the wave. It was believed that this phenomenon may be the same as the water atoms (particles) present in conjunction with the movement of the wave.

 One of the photon at a time.

 Got it possible to construct a light source, which is emitted photons one at a time. This would allow such a microscopic ball spinning through the gaps. By putting in place of observation tap a sufficiently sensitive detector that is sensitive enough to identify a single photon hit, it should be made clear whether there is or there is no interference pattern.

Over the screen using a highly sensitive photographic film, and the film was developed after a certain time to see the light to indicate the nature of the pattern. The result was a wave interference pattern.

Strangely, however, it turned out that, since the photons of the barrier was shot through the two slots one at a time, it would not in any case, the interference pattern could occur because of one photon can pass only one slot at a time, but not two. How was this possible? It had to explain a number of intriguing interpretations of quantum physics in Copenhagen interpretations of several world-interpretation.

 Things get even more curious !

Now, the experiment was small change. One slot to put the detector, which should show whether the photon passes through the slot or not observable. If we know that a photon passes through one slit, then he can not go through the other side of the barrier and the second interfere with itself.

However, it turned out that, after the installation of one slit to the detector is not generated over the interference pattern on the screen! Having passed the same experiment as before, but this amendment was included in the experiment measuring device, the result of a dramatic change in the experiment.

The mere act of measurement, to determine which slit the photon passes through the lost property of the wave completely. It was the moment when the measurement device, the photons behaved exactly as it was expected that the particles behave. If the measurement of the single slot is removed, then the wave due to the interference pattern of light and rehabilitation particles (photons) acted as the waves again.

 More particles.

 Over the years, this experiment is repeated in many different ways. Claus Jansson was organized in 1961 and was the result of this experiment, the electron wave Young’s behavior, the observation that the expression of the interference pattern appeared on the screen. Jansson version of this experiment was voted by the readers of Physics World magazine in 2002, “the most beautiful experiment”.

By 1974, the technology had advanced to such an extent that it became possible to carry out the shooting of two slit experiment in the direction of the barrier electrons one by one. Again, the interference occurred. However, if one was installed in the slot in the detector, the interference pattern disappeared again. In 1989, repeated attempts by Japanese scientists, who were in possession of a very subtle instrumentation. The result was inevitably the same phenomenon – the detector slit at either or both of the slots at once overthrew the total wave function of the observation screen is not generated interference pattern.

 The experiments are repeated photons, electrons, and even atoms and molecules (molecule fulleren was visible in the Figure), and every time it appears one particular phenomenon: there is a slot for a particle measurement eliminates the wave behavior.There are many theories as to why this is the case, but so far everything is just speculation, but the vast majority of the scientific theories are rooted in assumptions that the passage of time has been confirmed, and which we take for granted today we read.……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
The above version of the two-slit experiment Multiplied is an illustration of one explanation of quantum physics and the so-called problem of the “problem” of consciousness of the human impact on the experiments carried out. Kvantfüüsikud not deny anymore for a long time that has been repeatedly confirmed by the facts that in many experimental results of quantum physics experiments (eg. The two-slit experiment) determines the experimenter’s presence on your monitor. Consequently, the research does not deny the effects of human consciousness characteristic properties of matter.Faculty of Physics, however, recognizes the physics theories, unfortunately, but if this object can be expressed mathematically, and that is the academic science biggest stumbling block: if the attempt to “translate” the consciousness of participation effects in experiments carried out in mathematics language, you should be conscious to be mathematically defined and determined, but it is not academically accepted Science has not yet capable of doing.

 However, if different kvantteooriatelt peel off and math equations, it becomes all the easy and logical. It is suspected that the universe is still the universal language of mathematics ?!



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