Word – ancient viruses on the planet !

Слово – древнейший вирус на планете

In this essay, I would like to share with you the concept of the universe. Perhaps it sounds too ambitious, but it’s just my speculation, my understanding of the process under the nickname of “life.” I’ve been trying to understand the puzzle of what is happening and too sure what our eyes see – nothing more than an illusion. To this conclusion I have brought the description of the facts in the previous articles, for example, the impermanence of the universe.

Start like to many well-known term “In the beginning was the word.” To draw an analogy of the term with the launch of the program on any PC, the fact of creation of the world can be reduced to writing and running the program. This program is incredibly versatile, complex and thought-out – it is impossible to understand the idea and appreciate all sides, we have a chance to snatch only a grain of truth in the plan.

We are the particles of the program, which has lived and developed by our thoughts and energy. We are like batteries that feed the structure of the universe and do not allow the sun to fade. Initially, human life on this planet was ideal, disease, warrior, inflation and all that we are now seeing the window. The world has changed significantly, when the program started to introduce the virus. Like the original “word”, which gave rise to all, the malicious code is in the form of the same words, but with a negative message.

Perhaps you’ve noticed how you can influence a person with words. When the child’s upbringing by various methods appear completely different product. Immediately I want to recall the experiences of Japanese scientists on the water, under the influence of abusive and negative words in general, the structure of the water begins to break down and distorted. Do not forget about how we are trying to stultify the use of information on television and radio waves. Under the influence of a variety of information in the human body can create positive or negative background for life. Sometimes it is much easier to endure physical injury than those that gets people perceiving words / information from such wounds can not buy medicines at the pharmacy.

The energy structure of each person has a certain matter, which in the course of life grows and creates the personality of what it fills itself. In order to more clearly present the process, I would call the human hive, and the bees – the matter that is created by words. Initially, the “bees” – an ideal product that has a set of very useful programs. But once a person is born, his hive begins to be subjected to constant attacks from other “bees” that carry malicious code in the form of various temptations, negativity, anger of others, jealousy and a host of other things that are trying to penetrate into the essence of the person and make it a byproduct of the system . Over time, the original clean source of human vitality are increasingly infected with the negative impact of the environment and other people “hives.”

Originally, this planet was not exposed to any kind of evil is somewhere in the sky or under the earth – it does not matter, there was not a war. As we have too many clean energy, which is not indifferent to the different creatures in the universe. And apparently, some of them could find a way to use our unconscious body to steal this energy had to do was right to infect the entire system.

Thus, the word and thought – two cornerstones that are the founders of our lives. You can afford to go too far and imagine that there is no reality, and all around – nothing more than the thoughts of people realized that every day send requests to the source of everything, and he in turn – sends the finished code.

I quite difficult to present all aspects of the process by means of a Word, because not all of that, I think, is the place to be – it is ready to put on the word.

Author: Andersen

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