You’ll know when to begin ! ?


Terror in Paris. Our bomber shot down by Turkey. Crimea without electricity as a result of sabotage … Finally, two things are clear.

First. The world is ruled badly.

Control worthless. Seven, Twenty, UN AZES, EEC, BRICS, the World Council of Churches, UNESCO … All not remember.

Dozens of important organizations, dozens of important presidents, thousands of important ministers, millions of spies, analysts, police, the FBI, the Federal Security Service, MI-6 and so on. And so on. An incredible financial, industrial, intellectual power.

They really rule the world. But the run really bad, obviously. Again, as a hundred or two hundred years ago, the battle begins for the Bosporus and the Dardanelles.

Famine, war, rampant terrorism – is similar to the planet Earth, where power belongs to the sentient beings?

Can foolish people choose smart leaders? They can come to power intelligent and good? Hardly. For smart and good are not ready to walk over corpses, voices produce intimidation and dirty money.

Second. Until now, no one has sold a nuclear bomb to terrorists.

When they shoot in Paris, we know that someone has sold their Kalashnikovs.

When illiterate savages missile surface to air churning modern bomber or helicopter – it means someone sold savages MANPADS and learned where to click.

Once someone will sell them the atomic bomb, we will have time to understand it. All will have time to understand, but those who would be too close …

… America trained and armed thousands of “do not understand someone” – and almost all of them went to the insurgents (the devil knows what to call them and theirs groups). America thought that the arms of friends, allies. The error came.

There are cases much worse. In the first Chechen war (yes, probably in the second), the Chechens fought the Russian Russian weapons. Crew Artyom Borovik (“Top Secret”) managed to take the sale of weapons to the enemy: a) the bargaining between the Russian officer and field commander: how much and what weapons the Chechens get for the specified amount; and b) the requirement of a Russian officer: “Our site is not used!” This officer took care of himself and his soldiers. The fact that the neighboring property will perish fellow soldiers, he, as we see, is not worried.

We certainly hope that the nuclear powers will not use nuclear weapons. The greatest hope we have those who are here on earth, loves girls, boys, skiing, Courchevel … But, alas, there is no hope for those who are here on Earth, does not like anything; to those in the sky joyfully await Allah and houris.

Even the leader of North Korea likes to earthly pleasures. Probably, it should keep him out of the use of the atomic bomb. He knows that will fly back. Yes, and red French wine and white blonde Europe, too, is run out, alas.

– They do not have the means of delivery! – Says durachё.

There is! They have an incredible amount of these funds. The delivery is called a “suicide bomber”. If he detonates explosive belt on himself, then he does not care what sort of amazing elements: nails, screws, or uranium, plutonium …

(Some of the means of delivery, we know even by name. Those, for example, who brought to London a little polonium infected restaurants, hotels, airplanes, the world was stunned.)

… Once the atomic and hydrogen bombs were only in the Soviet Union and the United States; blissful times. Although these powers were responsible in millimeters from nuclear war (Cuban Missile Crisis).

Now there are nuclear weapons in several countries about which we know for sure; and still have a few about whom we guess; and yet some stubbornly working to develop, and it is difficult to say how long they will be tormented more …

But we, unfortunately, do not know what to do, even the most civilized. One minute before Turkey was hit by our bomber, no one had not occurred, that this could happen. Neither we nor the Turks, neither the Americans nor the Europeans. But it happened. And until now, no one knows – why? Why Erdogan left their hotel without our tourists, our country without our customers just what horrible (gold, carpets, coats).

… The most civilized place on earth two thousand years ago was considered Rome. We do not know, as I have done to Nero, if he had an atomic bomb. His own he burned Rome primitive means.

The world looks with horror as savages crowbar and pickaxe shattered priceless masterpieces, unique monuments of culture. But this is a misconception. In fact, these people consume scrap sinful delusion.

Only 90 years ago, here in Russia, we blew up the church, cut icons. They were not thinking: who the architect? painter who? They did not destroy the masterpieces of culture, they struggled with confusion.

Inquisition burned people alive; Well it was not sadistic, it’s to be done for the salvation of the souls of sinners.

That will save us, do not have time to gasp.

* * *

… I do not know whether there had been Taliban fighters ISIL-s and other errors with a nuclear bomb. We do not know whether they have a national anthem. We can give them the best, most appropriate. First, the great poet Alexander Blok wrote:

We are on the mountain all bourgeois
World in Flames blow up,
World fire in the blood –
God bless!

This “God bless!” – Just fine. With this prayer is best to blow up churches and priests … Then hang the Bloc a little corrected and put on a soldier’s music. As it happened:

We are on the mountain all bourgeois
World in Flames blow up!
World fire burning!
The bourgeoisie is trembling!

Whether to .into Arabic, or let the fighters will learn from the errors in Russian. Russian there is now enough

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